Saturday, November 22, 2008

And B-O-R-I-S was his name

Boris was the first pet the seven of us kids had. My father brought him home one day in 1966, an unexpected furry puppy treat for the kids. My mom probably asked the obvious question: “Just who is going to take care of this dog?” Not to worry, she loved him too.

A Collie- Shepherd mix, he was so handsome in his predominant chestnut brown. And so friendly! When anyone came home, he would wag his tail furiously and offer you a gift – anything he could pick up at the spur of the moment as an offering. And he loved to ride in my father’s VW Microbus. You could not say the word, but had to spell C-A-R in any conversation within earshot. He also knew the term for Animal Doctor. You had to say V-E-T.
He could get lost easily, so in 1967, we had a 5 Ft fence installed. Dad always mentioned that our free dog cost $750 (over $4,000 today per the CPI). But the fence was needed when we got a pool later. He got out one day, and my mother told Maggie (a later free dog) to “Go get Boris”. And about a half hour later, the two dogs returned. Cool.

Boris passed in 1980 of old age. A nice, furry friend. I don’t have many pictures, so I am using two that I could find, and you can see his good looks. The first one in 1968, including myself, brother Chris and sister Vicki. The other around Christmas 1975 or 76. If he looks like he was smiling…no doubt he was!
The first Boris was when we were babies in Brigantine, NJ. A Chesapeake Retriever I was told, seen with my dad in 1954. When we moved to NYC, they gave him to people who had a farm, I think. A dog’s life, for sure!


Leora said...

This is so sweet, Ralph.

Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to blog about my cat. I cried and cried when the cat was "put to sleep". We got that cat when I was about 3 years old.

I think spelling in front of a dog is hilarious!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

we had so many animals growing up i can't even count.

Catherine said...

I love the way you write your title. B-O-R-I-S certainly loves your tribute, if he listens.

So lucky you are to get all these pictures, and lucky we are you share them with us.