Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Creative Photo #15 week 4: A bridge too far

This is the latest installment in Roger's Idaho gem, Creative Photo. As per usual, my entry requires one to use their imagination, or at least suspend disbelief for a few seconds. I see in the top photo that we are on the deck of a ship that is rolling and pitching on a rough sea of whitecaps underneath. Dramamine, anyone?

In the original, we are traveling east on the Sagamore Bridge, carrying US 6 over Cape Cod Canal. A prosaic shot taken about mid-way along the main span. That is, us and half of Eastern Massachusetts on their way to this seriously sunny and spectacular seaside sandbar with sand, shells, sea breezes and seafood (Lobster, Cape Codders and Clam Chowdah)...Check out all the photographers with style and flare at Roger's site!


Sanni @ Life... said...

WOAH!!! I'm seasick... totally seasick - and I love it! The editing sweeps me off my feet! I had to look at least twice to be sure it's the same photo.


Catherine said...

I "suspended disbelief" during a few second until I read what one can find on the real seaside. That's too much temptation, I leave my imagination in a corner of my brain, and prefer to stay deeply pragmatic.
Excuse me for your work on the entry, Ralph.
(What do you mean by dramamine?)

Ralph said...

Dramamine is an non-prescription medicine to help prevent motion sickness (seasick, for instance).

I like to see what I can do with photo editing software...to totally change the mood and effect of a picture. Imaginative fun, I would say.

Roger said...

That photo is tripping me out! And hey do you want to hear my three excuses why I didn't catch a fish today, HA! ;D

Linda said...

I've been over that bridge a couple of times but I've never seen it from that angle but that's generally because I've been driving and had I seen it like that, it may have been hard to stay in my lane!

April said...

I like the play of the shadows! Beautiful!