Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm feeling stuffed

And it is not even Thanksgiving day yet. The ingredients for a favorite of ours, stuffing, is shown above. The commercial bread stuffing is augmented with the following: Onion and celery for aromatic flavors, apple (Granny Smith) for a hint of sweetness, sausage (pork in our case, but a good turkey sausage can be subbed), and butter. The apple cider is added to the mixture before baking for moistness. That's it! We don't stuff the bird with this, we add to the inside an apple, onion and celery for flavor before roasting. I love the smell of onions and celery cooking in butter on Thanksgiving morn.

I ought to lose weight, but not tomorrow...


Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds yummy, I never had stuffing with pork.

Catherine said...

I see I wasn't mistaken, you're a family of cooks, chef (I should say)!
I have a recipe from my mother, how do you think it work? here, it's the same, from moms to daughter or son. She get it from ...a radio interview. This recipe is from Bernard Loiseau, he was a famous great Chef in France.
He prepared his stuff with chisken livers browned with onions. Then you add breadcrumbs dipped in milk + petit suisse to sweeten( white cream cheese eaten as dessert) + spinash + and Cognac. It's excellent.
Yours seems excellent too.
Oh! and I was forgetting you need a feast day, and family or friends.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Leora said...

I can smell the aroma from here. Happy Thanksgiving.