Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creative Photo #15 - Kreative Kitty

This week I am offering a feline festival for Idaho favorite Roger, and his Creative Photo contest. The year is 1984, the place an apartment in Denver, the subject is my late sister's cat Jasmine. A big kitten here, the silhouette suggests a black cat. But really the deepest brown fur that looks black is the color (or absence of color, anyway). A cat looking regal, just sitting and surveying his kingdom, which here is only a patio of maybe 100 square feet. King of the jungle or even a concrete slab.

But how can you
customize the simple lines of Jasmine the cat? Using, there is an adjustment called 'Curves'. I can't describe how it works, but a stunning change in style and character. This looks like the stylish art you might see on a magazine cover, such as The New Yorker. This is really unique, a cat transformed by an artist.

Finally, the picture of a nearly black cat insists for the opposite effect, the inverted colors look of a negative. The total opposite of black. Actually, this view has an uncanny resemblance to the pair of resident felines in our abode, the loopy brothers Linus and Rigby. Less their bovine style black and tan markings, of course.

Please check out all the entries in this weeks Creative Photo. Photographic artists all!


Catherine said...

What cat is not the king of his territory? Isn't Jasmine a preordained Princess name?
You're right and every cat lover knows that.
In the "Curves" adjustment Jasmine looks like our Cannelle, who's our 'Queen-cat'. (well, she thinks she is, we don't break her dream . . . )

Bond said...

Love the second shot...very artistic

Linda said...

Hmmm, quite creative there this week, Ralph! Those cats sure have provided you and Patti with lots of blog material!

April said...

These are very creative photos beginning with the original one! Wonderful composition - I like the cat in the foreground and all the various shapes.

Roger said...

Next time a black cat crosses my path I will picture it inverted and no bad luck right? Ha! Those are all awesome Ralph, nice job!

onangelwings said...

I like the ghost cat photo. Too cool.