Saturday, November 15, 2008

I should be dancing (yeah!)

(note to readers: I originally posted this in September 2007. Because it is Saturday night, and I am cooking to Disco on 107.9, I start to sway in the wheelchair...)

Okay, I think that it is a function of you can't always get what you want. Of course, since I am unable to walk, I of course do not dance. Yet it is something I'd love to do. Perhaps I think more about this when we have our typical Saturday Night Feast (get it?), when two of the boom box FM stations are programmed for Disco (97.5 and 107.9), one to Big Band/Swing (90.1), and one for oldies (102.9). All of these have songs that are so danceable...

Disco would be the best for this. I never really appreciated the genre in its day, as when I was in college I fancied myself as more of a rocker, so avoided most of those songs. Today, though, I really like this style, so it is no longer a guilty pleasure. It is that dance beat that makes me want to move right now. Even if this is not your style, I would defy anyone (with legs, anyway) to not dance to Boogie Wonderland by Earth Wind and Fire:

"I find romance
When I start to dance
In boogie won-der-land.
Dance, boogie won-der-land, etc"

John Travolta danced great in Saturday Night Fever. However, I would like to dance to other styles as well. I really enjoy all those old movies with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire that involve those wildly choreographed dance sequences. The music is different, but any catchy tunes from the Big Band or Swing era can be danced to without much provocation. Astaire sings and moves and taps so effortlessly:

"Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong 'cause I'm in right
Ask me when will the day be
The big day may be tonight"

I would love to move like this! I like lots of old songs. One of my favorites is a rollicking number called Well Git It (made famous by Bob Crosby, Bing's brother).This song moves so fast, I love it as a dance tune. Alas, I do not think you can add an audio link to Blogger. In fact, when he kids were little and had their birthday parties at home, we used this song (or Modern Love by David Bowie) as the musical chairs song...what a riot. The little kids had to move fast for that game with that song. We banned Pop-Goes-the Weasel from birthday parties - too slow.

Early Motown had a great dance beat in so many songs ("Sugar pie honey bunch...I can't help myself"). Being able to dance does not affect my quality of life per se, but it would be nice. When I hear something like Disco Inferno ("Burn baby burn") I at least move and sway in my seat...If I were suddenly able to dance, I would probably be a dancing fool, maybe an obnoxious dancing jerk. Heck, I'd even like to learn the nuance of Polkas or the Chicken Dance).

However, I will leave now with the sage advice of the Brothers Gibb:
"You should be dancing, yeah
you should be dancing, yeah"

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh yeah! and i always say don't worry about what you look like dancing either, just have fun!

smiles, bee