Friday, November 21, 2008

The Swinging Sixties

Actually is Grandpa in his Sixties in the Sixties! I like how the era of the inexpensive scanner has allow us to capture the past, graininess and scratches notwithstanding. I have written extensively about my grandpa, Ralph I. Villers of Steubenville, OH. Always bigger than life, he didn't mind being the center of attention...on film that is! I had always heard of the conventions he went to, always for Motorola I think. I don't know if he was a speaker, but he looks a natural at the podium. Early 1960's I think.
And Easter, 1968 he visited us in East Hartford. In the first of two shots, in our front yard, he looks splendid in his suit, but check out his hat. I think that men's hats were falling out of favor then, but he looks great in his. There seems to be a time when the style of a man might be in how his hat was blocked. And his is stylish, to me in 2008 anyway, not in seventh grade.

And the proverbial pair of aces that beats a full house. My dad and grandpa on Easter, Ralphs all! Looking fine in their Easter best (no doubt I wore a jacket and tie for Easter Sunday. I still like to). What I like is the views of the neighborhood those days. The houses were built in 1962-63, and the yards still a work in progress.

Check out the VW's my parents drove. The red one is a '68 VW Microbus, the green a '64 Bug. My dad was a bit of an iconoclast - the VW Microbus is really the original minivan much earlier than the genre began in 1984. Interesting memories I have, these photos are instigating more and more memories...


Queen-Size funny bone said...

You have all these great photo's of days gone by but remember fondly.

Catherine said...

How I love these pictures!
I know what you call a Microbus VW. Here, we call it a 'Combi'. The first Combi had windscreen that could be opened, right?

Your grandfather had class, like many men or women of that period.
Fashion and clothes had a lot to do with it. Watching him reminds me movies. So, you were, Ralph 1 2and 3. You lost the tradition with Cameron ?

Linda said...

I think it should be called The Simpler Sixties or The Satisfied Sixties as I think that things were both simpler and more satisfying back then.

Your pictures remind me of my own grandfather, a man I will always miss no matter how many years he's been gone.

Ralph said...

Queen - Absolutely, the days have gone by - but the best memories linger.

Catherine - many thanks for your kind words. i have seen the old Combi's as you describe, but only at old car shows here. As for Cameron, this is the post I had that explains his name:

Linda - Simpler, of course. Grandpa's seem th be remembered fondly!