Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thirty in Thirty

This is my first foray into the NaBloPoMo. I would like to keep up with blog posts as I did when blogging began for me in 2007. Writing can be therapeutic, and although Patti is the professional writer, I am happy writing something, anything. This is a challenge that I can master.

I noted previously that I want to scan old fading prints to at least keep the image alive. Memories keep pretty well, but as I age, I like the photos for reference. Today, I refer to my long hair in the 70s.

I posted this CT Majority Card from 1973. I argued about the length of my hair with my dad in those days, he said it was too long. I won that battle, but lost the war. My hair looked
terrible. All my friends those years wore it long, though, and who didn't want to be in style? I went to a prom in 1975, and not only is my hair an issue, but I was wearing a tangerine colored ruffled shirt with my tux and long hair. The 70s was the nadir of ugly styles. Which seem to be encroaching into today. Alas.


Linda said...

Ah, the 70's ... I still remember my oldest brother's powder blue tuxedo and ruffled shirt that he wore to his prom. Ew! And yet, we thought we all looked so cool, didn't we??

Best wishes as you set off on NaBloPoMo! I did it last year but figure I post pretty much everyday anyway so why take the challenge? Maybe I need a challenge to only post once a week instead?!?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Aren't you the handsome devil. what a great idea to scan stuff to keep it for ever.

Gattina said...

I think the long hairs suit you very well ! All boys had long hairs at that time. My son (born in 73) had them far longer he looked like Jesus Christ. He had his hairs until over his shoulders ! With his 6.6 ft he looked awful !

childrens nursery said...

Looks perfect and nice! ;)