Friday, November 28, 2008

The warmth of the sun

As I get older, winter just doesn't have the same draw as when I was younger. The snow didn't matter or the wind nor the gray skies. These days, I'm not really partial to that weather, and using the wheelchair I can't move around to keep warm, so the chill is not my friend. Since we live in a four-season climate, and home is here, I deal with it. The most redeeming thing about winter is that it is the gateway to Spring...

Should I want to ima
gine that it is warm when it is not, a longing view of Nantucket Sound in August might cure the cold that ails you. There is even a hint of Caribbean style turquoise in the water today. And the beach grasses and plants add color to the seascape. A nice reminder.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'll take the 2nd photo thank you.

Patti said...

The first photo is cute because it reminds me of my childhood but I prefer the second, like Queenie.

Catherine said...

Do we have to choose one?
I take the first, contradiction mind. No, in fact, we never have snow here, my children would appreciate. But just for a couple of days.
Stay comfy at home, blogging, dreaming of memories of warmer days...until Spring. Hope you get enough pictures for us ; )