Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

This has been a typical New Year's Eve in Ansonia. Not unlike my favorite comic bird Shoe to our left, it has been more food than anything...

Like what we did last year, a platter of Chili nachos. I always enjoy making chili, as my mother did, since 1979. It is a simple and tasty recipe, and today I used ground turkey. And it worked well with those dip-able tortilla chips. Topped with shredded cheese, and broiled a bit on low, it is foolproof. Far from Haute Cuisine, but it works. This is of course not nearly as extravagant as Bond has prepared in his multi course extravaganza for this evening. But he is having guests, ant this New Year's Eve we are not...And it snowed today, so we wouldn't have gone out anyway.

I even had a chili dog - as long as I have been eating and making chili, I had not until today. But a perfectly grilled dog topped with chili an cheese was fine. Today was not exciting due to this day nor for the food and (non) partying. But all four of us were home, and that is what works for me. A family together for the day. Happy New Year to all, and hopes for a peaceful and wonderful 2009!


Patti said...

Yawn. That was an exciting New Year's Eve, wasn't it?

At least we had one dance..

Gattina said...

That looks all very yummy !!
Wish you a happy New Year !

Linda said...

Sounds like a perfect New Year's Eve to me and the non-haute cuisine looks absolutely delicious!

Now I'm craving some nachos and a chili dog!

A very happy 2009 to you, Ralph. Hopefully the New Year will allow a chance or two for us to all get together again!

The Cunning Runt said...

Happy New Year, from another Ralph! :)

As a Fellow Chili Lover (who uses SargentO shredded cheese, by the way,) I'm way digging this post, and will have to break out the beans in the veeerrry near future, thanks to you!