Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Kidding

It snowed yesterday, not uncommon in the North, and it doesn't snow all that much if you live near Long Island Sound like we do. But the show is always impressive, especially with the blowing snow and reduced visibility. I was scheduled to be home yesterday, and glad to be. The wheelchair is not a fan of frozen precip...

These photos were taken about three hours apart, and taken by me from my 54" height from the front door. Snow has frosted my hulking Ford van and Patti's Hyundai. Patti was able to file her story from home, so all were all inside and warm.

The snow in the final view looks like fluffy orbs descending upon the entrance to our home. I used the night setting on our point-and-shoot with the flash. I didn't want to washout the flurry of fresh snow, and it seems to work. We have the feel of the snow from above and the aftermath on the ground and objects below. Snow can be a hindrance to me, yet when it is fresh it looks great.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Looks like your going to have to put chains on your wheel chair since another storm is on the way.

Catherine said...

Never have as much here! Three snowflakes and nothing more.
My children would love it. Me, well, not so, I guess. We aren't used to it enough.

Linda said...

Ah yes, a lot of that same stuff fell on Norwich and left my car under about 9 inches of it. Cleaning it off wasn't a whole lot of fun and I found myself wishing fervently that Santa would bring me a garage!

I love that last picture; snow really is pretty while it's falling - it would just be nice if it didn't fall on the roads!

Patti said...

Nice photos, my dear.

Snow kidding!

Dianne said...

I love snow photos!

then I wish the snow would melt :)