Sunday, December 7, 2008

What disability?

It is easy to whine about having to live with a disability. The wheelchair can be a hindrance, so complaints are expected. I had better not, though, Patti and went to a Christmas party today for a local support group of parents of children with Autism. Even Santa was there. We are friends of the president Cathy, herself a mom of an autistic son, and a tireless advocate for the rights of the disabled. I look at the children and their parents an say something like I don't know how I could do that.

However, what you see with the parents of these children, you see that they are not different than other parents we see: They are loving and doting parents that would do anything for their children, special needs or not. Challenges are met with not merely a sense of duty, but a sense of purpose that as parents they will do whatever they need to do for their offspring. Which is a wonderful blessing, tough work at times but never a burden.


Leora said...

Nicely said.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have to admit I am the whiner in the house because I just cannot comes to grip with my husbands disability.

Gattina said...

I admire my friend Chantal with whom I have spent my holidays in Egypt. She had polio as a child and has to walk with crutches. Her husband had an horrible car accident 6 years ago and is now mentally disabled i.e. he has some autistic behaviour and is like a 6 year old child. Really. He only dresses when his clothes are numbered and dated (with the name of the day ! ) etc. But he can take care of himself and is very friendly (fortunately) and this girl is so nice and happy it's just unbelievable !

Linda said...

My best friend in California has three children and her youngest is severely autistic. She is an amazing woman and mother and is a true hero in my book as well as Mother of the Year as far as I'm concerned.

Very well said!

Felisol said...

Dear Ralph.
Indian Amrita had a post about being disabled.
She called it being differently abled.
Aren't we all?
From Felisol

ramblingwoods said...

Lovely post a person with a disability and as a former special education teacher and as a parent of a child with health issues...whew.. I agree. I don't think anyone would ever regard their child as a burden. You learn very fast to become the best medical and educational advocate that you can...

Terry said...

Dear Ralph, One of Bernie's and my heroes is David Ring. I have all of his video tapes. He was born with cerebral palsy and was told that he would never amount to anything
He would never marry and he would never be able to have chidren.
Well he fooled everybody. He became a Chrsitan at a young age, he DID marry a beautiful girl and he had four of the cutest little kids you ever did see!
He is not only a preacher but he is a motivational speaker. Look him up on google if you have the time Ralph.
His favorite saying to "belly achers" is, "I have cerebal palsy. What's YOUR problem?"
A real good guy he is....Love Terry