Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking at the Sky - The Winter Glow

For Tish's Looking at the Sky this week, it is a winter sunset out the back window. The the bold pastels are vivid, leaving a lasting impression to the waning daylight. It seems that the cold weather really brings out the colors in the sky, moreso than the summer skies. We look at the more colorful skies in the winter, often from inside, the opposite of the summer where we enjoy the outdoors while never giving a second glance to the sky. It seems... View the sky by visiting the other skywatchers on this great meme!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Creative Photography - Spanning the Globe...

...or the Hudson River, at least. This is a shot originally taken about 10 minutes earlier than a previous Creative Photo picture, and this is the tower on the New York side of the Hudson. We are looking at one of the towers on the always beautiful George Washington Bridge (GWB). The view is from my van heading South on the Henry Hudson Parkway. I used an adjustment on the edit software called Curves, and fiddled with it until I ended up with this. There is a bit if neon appearing on the Jersey Barriers on the right. The towers and cables are more pronounced, and the pastel skies are striking. Visit Roger, the gem of the Gem State, to see photography as art!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Edible Reds

Ruby Tuesday is upon us, and thoughts are of the winter weather. It is cold, and I am tired of snow (more on Wed.), so a seasonal diversion is in order. Perhaps summer should be in view. Like the perfect orb of a tomato varietal called Jetstar, grown in pots along the sunny side of the garage. Fresh and tasty orbs.

We can imagine summer food being presented on the
patio. Salads, perhaps. To the right is the simplest of these, the aforementioned tomatoes dressed simply with salt, pepper, olive oil and our garden fresh basil on top.

Or a simple pasta salad with grape tomatoes added for a fresh ruby, and carrots in orange. A derivative ruby, I guess. And finally to the right is a steak salad. The meat was red prior to grilling,

red lettuce (mostly purple) looks nice and tastes better, and the ubiquitous tomatoes are included for a salad does well with these. I'll imagine with a glass of wine and enjoying the late afternoon top-of-the-hill breezes wafting off of Long Island Sound.

Red is red, imagined or real. Check out Mary's site for more and more reds!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking at the Sky - A N'ice Day

For Tish's Looking at the Sky, I offer a beautiful winter sunny morn. This being a view up our street on a day after a nightly dash of frozen precipitation. The sunburst offers a mirror-like sheen from the golden orb up above. Even though I live in a four-season climate, I don't really care for the cold temps. But winter always give us much beauty to admire (and photograph!). Check out the many views of the skies at this great meme!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Creative Photo - Aerial Antics

For this weeks Creative Photo, I turn to the skies from 1985 as pair of aerobatic pilots are performing in unison. Teamwork matters as a false move in these planes do not tolerate mistakes well. So precision counts for plenty here on this crisp October day with the bluest skies.

To make it interesting, I used the photo edit software to create an ink drawing. This would be a trick for any artist using ink and paper as a medium to try to catch these aerobatic beauties at 200+ MPH. I like this rendering, but cannot say why. I suppose that real art cannot be easily categorized, but art appeals to us nevertheless. Please visit Roger's site to see wonderful art of the photographer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Flat Out

For Ruby Tuesday this time, I am true to my Airhead moniker by looking at any aviation scans I may have. And I found this one. The time is 1983, the place is on a runway at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport, the subject is a Boeing 737-200 with the stylish 1980s United Airlines scheme with the ruby here being the red paint surrounding the windows.

The story is more interesting if you follow the ruby-red arrows pointing at the issue at hand. Upon landing and roll out, the plan
e experienced a bunch of flat tires. No danger, but an inconvenience for sure. The runway was closed, a couple of buses were dispatched for the ride to the terminal. However, this is as close to a plane on a runway that I had been near, and I was able to get this beauty on film on the K1000. An interesting trip. Check out Mary's site for reds galore!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Teach is interviewing her readership, and I am intrigued and like these sort of things. She noted the process as follows: If you'd like to be interviewed just let me know in the comments. Just say "Interview me!" and I'll send you out interview questions in your e-mail. The following is the Q&A I received:
1.You say in your Blogger profile that you are a transition coordinator. Can you tell us what that is? The coordinator is the point person in transitioning qualified persons from nursing facility into the community. That is, to create a team to work the issues and with the help of state issued waivers allow for the transition to the community. (All of this is part of a pilot demonstration between the Feds and 31 states, to help reduce the high cost of Medicaid)
2. You say that you want to learn at least one new thing each day. So what do you learn today? It was 43°F in Fairbanks, Alaska yesterday and the USAirways captain who landed in the Hudson is a glider pilot also which helped on his safe water landing.
3. Aside from Sabrina all your favorite films have to do with restaurants and food. Am I reading too much into things or am I on to something? Not really, but it seems that many interesting plot lines revolve around people and food. Big Night had great food scenes, but these were a backdrop to the conflict between the brothers and their restaurant. In Diner, the restaurant was the gathering place for a great group of friends...Some of the best conversations we experience are experienced over food.

4. Why the handle (name) "Airhead 55?"
I enjoy watching airplanes, flying and all things aviation. When I decided to create a blog, it was Patti who suggested the moniker Airhead for the aviation part and 55 for my birth year. Simple, right?
5. Would you mind telling us a little but about you and Patti. Where and when did you meet? And how long have you been married? Patti and I met through an arranged meeting. The date was January 30, 1985 and the meeting place was the faux Tudor style Steak and Sword in Milford, CT. We met for drinks and conversation, and things went on from there. We really found so much in common right away:
- She was/is a writer, as was my father
- I was a Buyer, and her father was also.
- We both enjoyed driving our VW Rabbits (a '79 auto, and an '82 4-speed)
- We both shot pictures with a Pentax K1000
- We both like red wine. And right away, we clicked - we think alike, we like the same art, houses, landscaping, and other things
to this day!
We were married on may 10, 1986 at the First Baptist Church in Ansonia ant the reception at the Harrison Inn and Conference Center in Southbury. It was one of those perfect early May days, temp around 71, blue skies, and absolutely no humidity. It will be 23 most excellent years on May 10.
I enjoyed this challenge and response Q&A from Mary!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Double Vision

For Tish's fantastic Looking at the Sky, I offer this unique view of two...that's right, two rainbows. I haven't seen before or after this, taken around 1998 and was over our yard in Ansonia. This was after a thunderstorm, and the pastels of the rainbow complement perfectly the charcoal skies that are the aftermath of the storm.

That might mean that the storm might be harsh, but there is the calm after the storm...or something positive like that! (Philosophy is not my strong suit :>)

See the varied views of the skies above at Tish's most excellent meme.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Butter your bread

Today's Ruby Tuesday is a bit offbeat, to say the least. Our intrepid 'waiter' is standing guard at the entrance la Petite France Bakery on Cape Cod. This gentleman's shirt has the style akin to the classic checkerboard tablecloth. I do not know if the ruby pink on the door is an apron, but it qualifies in having a red motif as well. What impressed us is that we could order a simple breakfast of a strong coffee and an authentic baguette en beurre before the tourists arrived (I know, we were tourists as well!). We sat at the tables outside and relaxed while the warm bread melted the butter. Another ruby on the Cape!

not red, the outside sign is so attractive it is also included. Find your reds at Mary's site that is sans ├ęgal!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Creative Photo - Bridging the Fjord

For Roger's great Creative Photo, I offer this time the view on the westernmost tower of the splendid George Washington Bridge. Bridging the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, this grand and stylish edifice was opened in 1931. The maze of highways leading to/from the span (I-95, I-80, Routes 1, 4, 9, 17, 46, various Parkways and the NJ Turnpike) make it the focal point for drivers. Much like the saying All Roads Lead to Rome, all roads seem to lead to the GWB!

True, it has a functional style, but in its normal state it is austere in its steel covered with gray paint (see ----->). For creative purposes, I made adjustments that add a warm bronze hue to the massive tower, as well as the high rise buildings of Fort Lee. The bronze also softens the view, taking the NYC edge off a bit. As for the title, the Hudson River is a fjord, and is salt water almost all the way to Albany, a distance of over 150 miles. Like the City, this bridge and river are bigger than life. Check out the other creative minded individuals at Roger's site!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Skylook: The Sound and the Fury

This week, I am Looking at the Sky over Nantucket Sound on the Cape. A very nice day it was then. The unblemished blue sky is draped over a kids sailing class, I believe. We are not a nautical family, but this day we were just hanging at the beach and watching the tiny sailing craft bobbing amid the calm sound. But this is what I like about the place, and that is the sky when it is a nice day. I prefer the oceanic breezes to the sun, and can relax in a beach wheelchair under an umbrella under a gorgeous sky...the essence of a vacation on Cape Cod. To me, anyway!

Follow other skyscapes at Tish's great site!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life Spins at 33-1/3 RPM

I saw this on Bond’s Big Leather Couch the other day. Given Vinny’s love of music, and his splendid series Tuneage Tutelage, which showcases excellent performers and he writes as a very literate fan, I am interested!

It's called The Bloggers Album Project, started by Robert Rouse, says in part: “I started the Blogger Album Project to discover how diverse - or collective - the Blogosphere is when it comes to taste in music. So far, the choices are interesting - to say the least! "

All but Sinatra were original purchased as LP Albums (12”, 33-1/3 RPM, black) decades ago. But all still sound fine, by my ears at least. In no particular order, my seven favorite albums:

Gaucho – Steely Dan
- Their lyrics, when listened to closely, represent an bleak world. These lyrics are offset, however, by their joyful sounding jazzy, pop hooks.
Glamour Profession shows this dichotomy...

The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
- I am partial to the early, urban Boss, and his second 1973 release. I love the title song,
Kitty’s Back with its jazzy feel and brass and the joyousness of Rosalita all play so well.

Talking Heads – Little Creatures
- Delightful breezy songs, David Byrne with pop sensibilities.

The Stranger - Billy Joel
- Critics always slammed him, but for my money is a great lyricist, with plenty of irony. The pacing of this tale from
Movin’ Out to Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is superb.

Stampede - The Doobie Brothers
- Double Dealin’ Four Flusher rocks! They evolved from rockers exclusively to being more jazzy here.

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
- This still plays as well as it did in 1973. A tour de force!

Reprise (The Very Good Years) – Frank Sinatra
- An excellent retrospective, my introduction to the Chairman’s works. The classic songs, like
The Way You Look Tonight, Luck Be a Lady, Fly Me to the Moon, etc. Yeah, baby!

Thanks Vin!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Signed, sealed and delivered

This week's Ruby Tuesday theme is signs. And we see more than a few in our daily travels. I am staying local, and it begins with the sign for our neighbor, Derby, CT. The colors of their city is red and white (the HS the Red Raiders). The decorative red signs are seen here when entering from neighboring Orange, A simple slightly ornate wood sign. The next sign was taken from inside the David Humphreys House yesterday when the Derby Historical Society had an open house for Twelfth Night, with Christmas carols sung by the Society kids in period costumes. And food and mulled cider and the fireplaces roaring, the fires the only heat in this 17th century dwelling. The more clear sign next to the road is next...

Alas, I ran out of local reds, but I offer a view of one of the best ice cream places anywhere, the great Four Seas in Centreville on Cape Cod. Zero ambiance, but on a warm August day, you want your ice cream cold, and now, and this place delivers. Of course, the neon sign gives you a clue as to the age. Memories are made of these, a wise person said, Hear, hear says I. For more reds that you can imagine, visit Mary's weekly meme!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Playin' by ear

Roger, the Gem State's finest has bestowed upon The Van Gogh's Ear Award. This from the purveyor of The Idaho Daily Photo is both gracious and thoughtful and is thankfully received. .

As Roger notes, "this prize is given to people that make a difference in the world" (and blogosphere). As we know, Van Gogh was certifiable. But a mad genius just might be a trait shared by said artists, although cutting off your ear lobe as a payment to a woman of ill repute is much crazier than most. He was a fabulous but-didn’t-believe-it artist, creator of wonderful canvas works like The Church at Auvers.

Roger notes that “We are all artists in our own way be it art, photography, writing, philosophy, comedy, blogging and we all go a little crazy sometimes”. To be awarded this is great, and from Roger, an excellent photo artist in his own right. As Ringo sang
“Lend me an ear
and I’ll sing out of tune”

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creative Photo - The Gull of My Dreams?

I have been remiss with my Creative Photo submissions, what with snow and holidays to attend to. I am back, and this time with a warmer season view of some gulls. I think these were taken somewhere in CT, as there is actually a date code in the lower left corner with the number 86. I guess on a harbor near the Sound. There are just some gulls gathered on a dock.

The guy above the others appears in the approach patt
ern with his wing flaps lowered and his landing gear extended, cleared to land. The sepia view shows the avian gulls in their usual waiting for the inevitable hand out, as if they expect a fisherman to offer them anything from his bucket of chum bait.
Aha, though, in the ink drawing motif, the feathered flock appears to be posing for this portrait, and holding their pose for the artist. The change in the gull's demeanor changes to an almost winsome look. I must be gullable.
Check our Roger's most excellent photo meme!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Harbor Skies

I have been looking at the sky from my unique seated position. Therefore, for Tish's great Looking at the Sky, this week, I am providing a shot not just of a nice sky but of the classy and stylish Patti as well.

The time is June 2007 at a wedding reception at a facility on New Haven Harbor. The day was humid with scattered thunderstorms around th
e harbor and Long Island Sound. But when the darkest skies passed, the lavender and pink hues occurred when just the right amount of sun blended with the misty droplets. The setup was to get a picture of her on the deck, and she looks great in this near silhouette with the Southerly breezes in her hair. The sky wasn't staged, but the overall result is nice. To see other beautiful skyscapes, check out the other sky photographers at Tish's site!