Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creative Photo - The Gull of My Dreams?

I have been remiss with my Creative Photo submissions, what with snow and holidays to attend to. I am back, and this time with a warmer season view of some gulls. I think these were taken somewhere in CT, as there is actually a date code in the lower left corner with the number 86. I guess on a harbor near the Sound. There are just some gulls gathered on a dock.

The guy above the others appears in the approach patt
ern with his wing flaps lowered and his landing gear extended, cleared to land. The sepia view shows the avian gulls in their usual waiting for the inevitable hand out, as if they expect a fisherman to offer them anything from his bucket of chum bait.
Aha, though, in the ink drawing motif, the feathered flock appears to be posing for this portrait, and holding their pose for the artist. The change in the gull's demeanor changes to an almost winsome look. I must be gullable.
Check our Roger's most excellent photo meme!


Terry said...

Dear Ralph.
I have always loved seagulls!
We have so many of them Southern Ontario because we live near Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.
They are a noisy lot sometimes.
When I was younger, I read, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and I even bought the record of it. It was so good!...very expressive and he had the character of seagulls right down to the tee!
I am sure that the author of this book, Richard Bach would just LOVE these fine pictures that you have taken Ralph!!
Love Terry

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh I'm sorry but I always viewed the seagull as a bird that was out to get me. they either crapped on my car or head and dive bombed me at the beach.

Dianne said...

I love the ink drawing effect! it really changes the feel of the shot

Leora said...

These are both great! The ink motif has an almost comical element to it (maybe I see cartoon and I start to laugh?).

Roger said...

Good to have ya back Ralph! Both of those photos Rock! I like what you did with the ink drawing motif. How did you do that? Seagulls there a crowd pleaser as long as you don't look up! ;D

Linda said...

Great pictures both and I do like the way the ink effect has changed the whole tone of the picture.

I've mixed emotions on seagulls as I know they're garbage eaters but by the same token, it's so peaceful to watch them when they're riding the wind currents around the coast.

maryt/theteach said...

Yeah, Ralph, how did you do that ink drawing one? It's beautiful. I love it! And you know I love the sepia ones. Are they original, right out of the camera? Why don't you join us at Sepia Scenes?

Ralph said...

We use for the editing. Cameron is a fan of open source and freeware, and he found this and this what we use. Given that it is free, you probably won't get every feature of something that you purchase, but works for us.
The 'Adjustments' tab includes Sepia and B&W...
The 'Effects' tab 'Artistic' selection includes ink and pencil drawing renderings. We like it!