Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life Spins at 33-1/3 RPM

I saw this on Bond’s Big Leather Couch the other day. Given Vinny’s love of music, and his splendid series Tuneage Tutelage, which showcases excellent performers and he writes as a very literate fan, I am interested!

It's called The Bloggers Album Project, started by Robert Rouse, says in part: “I started the Blogger Album Project to discover how diverse - or collective - the Blogosphere is when it comes to taste in music. So far, the choices are interesting - to say the least! "

All but Sinatra were original purchased as LP Albums (12”, 33-1/3 RPM, black) decades ago. But all still sound fine, by my ears at least. In no particular order, my seven favorite albums:

Gaucho – Steely Dan
- Their lyrics, when listened to closely, represent an bleak world. These lyrics are offset, however, by their joyful sounding jazzy, pop hooks.
Glamour Profession shows this dichotomy...

The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band
- I am partial to the early, urban Boss, and his second 1973 release. I love the title song,
Kitty’s Back with its jazzy feel and brass and the joyousness of Rosalita all play so well.

Talking Heads – Little Creatures
- Delightful breezy songs, David Byrne with pop sensibilities.

The Stranger - Billy Joel
- Critics always slammed him, but for my money is a great lyricist, with plenty of irony. The pacing of this tale from
Movin’ Out to Scenes From an Italian Restaurant is superb.

Stampede - The Doobie Brothers
- Double Dealin’ Four Flusher rocks! They evolved from rockers exclusively to being more jazzy here.

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
- This still plays as well as it did in 1973. A tour de force!

Reprise (The Very Good Years) – Frank Sinatra
- An excellent retrospective, my introduction to the Chairman’s works. The classic songs, like
The Way You Look Tonight, Luck Be a Lady, Fly Me to the Moon, etc. Yeah, baby!

Thanks Vin!

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Bond said...

Excellent list Ralph...and thanks for the kind words...