Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Teach is interviewing her readership, and I am intrigued and like these sort of things. She noted the process as follows: If you'd like to be interviewed just let me know in the comments. Just say "Interview me!" and I'll send you out interview questions in your e-mail. The following is the Q&A I received:
1.You say in your Blogger profile that you are a transition coordinator. Can you tell us what that is? The coordinator is the point person in transitioning qualified persons from nursing facility into the community. That is, to create a team to work the issues and with the help of state issued waivers allow for the transition to the community. (All of this is part of a pilot demonstration between the Feds and 31 states, to help reduce the high cost of Medicaid)
2. You say that you want to learn at least one new thing each day. So what do you learn today? It was 43°F in Fairbanks, Alaska yesterday and the USAirways captain who landed in the Hudson is a glider pilot also which helped on his safe water landing.
3. Aside from Sabrina all your favorite films have to do with restaurants and food. Am I reading too much into things or am I on to something? Not really, but it seems that many interesting plot lines revolve around people and food. Big Night had great food scenes, but these were a backdrop to the conflict between the brothers and their restaurant. In Diner, the restaurant was the gathering place for a great group of friends...Some of the best conversations we experience are experienced over food.

4. Why the handle (name) "Airhead 55?"
I enjoy watching airplanes, flying and all things aviation. When I decided to create a blog, it was Patti who suggested the moniker Airhead for the aviation part and 55 for my birth year. Simple, right?
5. Would you mind telling us a little but about you and Patti. Where and when did you meet? And how long have you been married? Patti and I met through an arranged meeting. The date was January 30, 1985 and the meeting place was the faux Tudor style Steak and Sword in Milford, CT. We met for drinks and conversation, and things went on from there. We really found so much in common right away:
- She was/is a writer, as was my father
- I was a Buyer, and her father was also.
- We both enjoyed driving our VW Rabbits (a '79 auto, and an '82 4-speed)
- We both shot pictures with a Pentax K1000
- We both like red wine. And right away, we clicked - we think alike, we like the same art, houses, landscaping, and other things
to this day!
We were married on may 10, 1986 at the First Baptist Church in Ansonia ant the reception at the Harrison Inn and Conference Center in Southbury. It was one of those perfect early May days, temp around 71, blue skies, and absolutely no humidity. It will be 23 most excellent years on May 10.
I enjoyed this challenge and response Q&A from Mary!


Gattina said...

I don't like to give interviews, but I love to read them ! Now I know a little more about you.
That's a very nice picture of you both !

maryt/theteach said...

Ralph, thank you very much for participating! Like Gattina, I loved reading about you and learning more about you and, of course, Patti. Thanks for the info about the pilot of the plane that went down in the Hudson - he's a glider pilot as well. That picture of you and Patti is excellent! I will now link to you from my interviews post. Thanks again Ralph! I'm glad we've become friends. :)

maryt/theteach said...

The link to your answers is up here

Catherine said...

Very fairplay to play the game, Ralph.
I've noticed as well, that "food thing" interest!
Airhead55, I had guessed.
And so many common points with Patti were not a chance, it was "predestination", no ?

Bond said...

EXCELLENT answers...thanks for sharing...

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