Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter art, of a sort

Winter is still around, as it will snow Sunday despite being 58° today. But winter can be the source of beauty, as profound or offbeat as you prefer.

To the right is a picture from Christmas day 2002. The lighted thing is one of those faux LED trees that we attempted to place in the ground via the (cheap) plastic spikes. It was as flimsy as it sounds, and with the stakes broken, it could not be displayed as designed, it wouldn't stay upright.

Voila! We attached it to the corner of the railing for the wheelchair ramp at the front door. Granted, it was inverted, but full of color. And the snowflakes look like floating orbs when the camera flash bounced light of each falling icy crystal. No, it is not art. But the winter gave us a nice entry welcome to our abode...

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

a tornado of color, how nice.