Monday, March 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Stained glass rubies

For this installment of Mary's fun Ruby Tuesday, I am returning to the past and a fabulous trip to (then) West Germany. I have scanned a stained glass windows in the ever famous Cologne (Köln) cathedral. The twin spires are 577 ft high and the length of this masterpiece ia almost 475 ft (144 M) . This is a huge structure, and I didn't have a lens that could capture the towers in one frame. I was looking for dramatic color even back then. This window offers many colors, including reds. If it look as if it were taken by me from the wheelchair, the perspective malady that alters my photos occasionally. But not here! The sheer size of these windows works that way when I was standing up. The reds are more apparent upon picture magnification. A visit to this cathedral is worth it (and the McDonald's across the street offered German pilsner as well as Coca-Cola...). See the Teach for red, red and lots more red.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking at The Sky - Web Based

I am looking at the heavens in the Ansonia Uplands for Looking at the Sky. What did the bard say a long time ago: "O what a tangled web we weave..." Although this tangle in the sky is not the delicate lace of a web made by a spider, but the man-made web of the electric utility called United Illuminating. But...however disjointed the maze of wires may seem, these do not detract from the stunning clouds adorning the sky. Taken from our driveway in 2003, the pink, blue and lavender patterns catches your eyes. The abstract utility lines cannot compete with the sky...see the sky in so many stylish ways at Tish's great meme!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sepia Scenes - King of the Jungle

Sepia Scenes allows us to add character to many things A mild bronze hue is added this week to one of our current cats, Linus. Not that this picture doesn't have its charms in the original color image, with the bigger-of-the-two knuckleheads sitting pretty and looking intent. However, the sepia adds something more to this. As if he seems more regal, more thoughtful, more impressive. Yet this mere change in tone seems to change the subject although the subject does not. But our perceptions are altered. Why I cannot say, but he seems to have the perfect statuelike pose. Although I think here his animal instincts are taking over as he patiently awaits dinner to be served to him by Patti. The ambiance may change in sepia...but not the hungry feline. Check out Mary's great meme!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - A capitol view

For Mary's Ruby Tuesday I am using interior shots from inside the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford.

I used exterior pictures for Looking at the Sky recently, and brought the Canon point-and-shoot for the inside. Although the predominant colors of this state are blue and white, reds do abound. Such as the glass cabinet of state and US flags show that have flown over the building since 1879. And in trim, there is a pinkish color in use - but the exact color I can't say, not mauve, not rose.

color is seen on the large surround wall behind the bronze sculpture titled Genius of Connecticut (1986) on the left. The same color is applied to the columns to the right, appearing brighter due to my proximity and camera flash. Finally, the color forms the background of the statue of native Nathan Hale, he from Andover in the eastern part of the state. Aside from from the red trim, the marble, tile and woodwork is all beautiful, and not replicated much if at all today. A work of art this building is! See Mary's meme for all the red you want...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Creative Photo - sealed with a ...

I am back for Roger's Creative Photo. And am returning to a many year ago visit to the excellent Mystic Aquarium in CT. I have always been fond of he various man-made habitat for aquatic life such as for the penguins or, like here, the seals. The original view below is cute, to say the least. You might think they are kissing, but perhaps Mrs. Seal is checking hubby to see just where he hes been. Okay, maybe a bit suspicious on my part...The left top view is the adjustment for th e pencil dreawing. I like this as it does appear that a portrait artist in this medium spent time near Seal Island and captured the romantic pose (wedding card?). To the right, the oil painting mode has the look of an Impressionist's work. Real from a distance, blurry up close. The original is fun, because who knows exactly what goes through their minds. Follow the photo artists at Roger's excelent meme!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Looking at the Sky - A touch of gray

I am Looking at the Sky, Tish's heavenly spotting meme. The wide variety of skies, no two ever the same, gives us views that can be mundane or spectacular. This picture fits between the two extremes. It was taken decades ago along the no-speed-limit Autobahn in then West Germany (no, I was not driving at 150 km h and taking pictures at the same time...) The guard rail gives us a horizontal reference, the barely rolling hills nearly parallel as well. However, the sky is the more interesting view here, the mixture of clouds adding a bit of depth and texture to the picture, and a reminder that not all gray in the sky is the same shade of gray. And a typical sky doesn't exist anywhere. Visit Tish's sky photo feast!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Jersey Shore

It is Sepia Scenes again. I like this meme, as sepia adds much to many photos, especially B&W. We often went to Brigantine NJ on vacation, and that meant trips to nearby Atlantic City. This was in the pre-casino days (that is, prior to 1978), a seaside resort that was family friendly including kiddie rides and diving horses.
And Taylor Pork Roll, something that I never have seen in the New Haven area. I remember, sliced thin and cooked on a griddle, served on a Pepperidge Farm Parker house roll. With ketchup (Ah yes, Jersey shore memories). Bike riding in the early morning on the AC Boardwalk. How great! These are from the summer of 1965, and you did notice that six of the seven kids are wearing matching clothes, courtesy of my mom See if you can see the match! For the players, the lineup, with their ages, on the top pic is: Claudia (8), myself (10), Dad (38), Suzanne (3), Vicki (6), Sharon (7), and Michele (11). On the bottom is Chris (10 months), Mom (38) and Sue again. Ah, Sepia Scenes compels me to look at the past yet again. With a smile, for sure!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Wearin o'the green?

For this week's Ruby Tuesday, Mary has allowed us some liberties. Because this RT falls on St. Patrick's Day, green is allowed. even as we have grown used to finding red for Tuesdays. So we can also entertain the predominant green of this holiday.

I am reverting to previous holidays to capture a bit of both. To the left, it is Christmas Eve 1994, with Allegra nearly six and Cameron four. Red meets green and green meets red. So the intent of RT is met here. Yet, I am giving March 17 its due also. Like school decorations that accent the green of Eire's patron saint. I think this is 1997 and first and third grade. Holiday colors are in vogue today! Visit the Teach for your red and green scenes!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Capitol Gains

In this week's Looking at the Sky, Tish's great meme, I am picturing a beautiful sky against a historic and imposing structure that has many delicate details inside and out. The edifice is the Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford. The gold dome of the building, opened in 1879, is what seems to catch people's attention from afar, myself included. These pictures were captured today morning as I was to attend a disability/legislative workshop.
I brought the camera to capture this morning's sky, the day after a cold front passed. The winds are cold and strong - check the flags, fluttering furiously.

Each picture was taken from the walkway betewwn the C
apitol and the Legislative Office Building, the top picture was taken at about 9:00 AM, the bottom one at about 1:40 this afternoon. The dome stands out well in the second, as the sun is reflecting more of the gold and detail. A beautiful building with the skies complementing the classic archetecture. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sepia Scenes - His Royal Highness

Sepia seems to add a different dimension to some pictures. For Mary' s excellent Wednesday meme, Sepia Scenes, I am returning to the near past for my subject. This handsome fellow here is Sir Humphrey of Uplands, our late furry feline. He had substantial Maine Coon fluff, long up top, soft and nubby underneath. Mostly gray, he had hints of silver and an almost sepia brown appearing here and there on his fluff. Much like black & white photography, there is a change in mood or ambiance from color. Here, Sir Hump looks almost regal in sepia, as if the tone adds a royal countenance. A crown (or tiara) would have been a perfect complement to H.R.H. Humphrey, but we staff treated him with the proper respect demanded of his stature! Visit Mary for serious sepia surrounding shots.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Only the wine wasn't red

It is Ruby Tuesday again, and Mary's meme is perfect for the varieties of rubies we spot here and there. Oddly, the idea that started the idea for this week's post was not even red. I received a gift of a bottle of Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc, the white wine I prefer.

But what to serve this tart versatile wine with?

I decided on my iteration of a Portuguese seafood soup using two frozen whiting filletsfor the seafood, forgetting the shellfish you might see in such a dish, since we didn't have any :(

The base was chorizo (Wiki shows Chouriço as another spelling), the spicy Iberian sausage. We used the hot variety, and it was! It was made with a light chicken, garlic and tomato broth - at a simmer with the sausage cooked, just placing the fillets into the pot and covered it. The final result was a stout tasting soup.

With the Yankee Candle lit and the wine in my grandmother's antique glass, the food great, the ambience and conversation even better.

Did the pairing of wine and food work? I liked it, but that's what matters most... This meal was interesting - white wine being the basis for Ruby Tuesday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Anchors Away

Sort of, anyway. For Looking at the Sky this week, an early-October view of the opposite shore and most pleasant skies. The place is Yale University's Gilder Boathouse on the Housatonic River in Derby CT. It is the home their crew team and the 2000 Meter race course. I don't know much about rowing, other than it must be a true workout...The sky is clear with only the wispiest of fair-weather clouds. The foliage is not ablaze yet, so the subtleties of the sky, earth and water work well with each other, no one of the three overpowering any of the others. Clear and composed we are right now, just waiting for the competitive rowers to make some waves. Visit Tish and her wonderful meme for more changing skies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sepia Scenes - sprightly sepia

Sepia is becoming a favorite of mine when applied to old (or shall we say classic) B&W photos. For Sepia Scenes, I have chosen a photo from September 1956.The place is 105 South 23rd Street in Brigantine, NJ. Sister Michele (28 months) and myself (17 months) are playing as kids might – if there is a fence to be climbed, climb it! Okay, I think that Grandpa was awaiting us on the other side of the fence, and Mom or somebody is off camera and watching us at play. There is calmness to the picture that enhances our sprightly selves. Try Mary’s excellent sepia site for the subtle softness of sepia.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - subtle rubies

For Ruby Tuesday, I am going back to the Cape but a different view from our vacation in 2004. This is a small park in Hyannis that hosts a memorial of the Korean War and the reds here are subtle. The American flag on the pole
and the smaller flags flanking the path, the landscaping including ruby flowers, the great brick walkway and of course, Allegra (in red), walking alongside me on our way to inspect the monument. We like seeing the different when visiting an area where we don't live. We can't spend all day at the beach, there usually isn't enough red to photograph...See Mary's great rubyesque meme for reds galore!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

NaBloPoMo - February

I did it, I posted 28 times, one per day in February. I like to blog most days, but not always successful. So you might think, why place an artificial deadline on blogging? Writing is a bit of an avocation, described as: An activity taken up in addition to one's regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment (American Heritage Dictionary). No, it's not my livelihood, a I am not a writer by profession, Patti is. My father was. But I ought to write every day, and having the daily blog written due to NaBloPoMo encouragement (not compulsion) is okay, too. I'll try to maintain a daily post, and if I stumble a bit...I'll sign up again some other month. Really...