Monday, March 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - subtle rubies

For Ruby Tuesday, I am going back to the Cape but a different view from our vacation in 2004. This is a small park in Hyannis that hosts a memorial of the Korean War and the reds here are subtle. The American flag on the pole
and the smaller flags flanking the path, the landscaping including ruby flowers, the great brick walkway and of course, Allegra (in red), walking alongside me on our way to inspect the monument. We like seeing the different when visiting an area where we don't live. We can't spend all day at the beach, there usually isn't enough red to photograph...See Mary's great rubyesque meme for reds galore!


Felisol said...

Dear Ralph,
The pair of you on the red brick pathway to the monument is just so moving.You are like in devout.
The rubies of course matches perfect.
Flowers, flags, even T shirt.
Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.
From Felisol

Carletta said...

Did Patti take this? Very well composed shot.
I'm with Felisol, it is a very moving image not only for the monument but for you and Allegra as well.

Leora said...

Yes, my first question is "who took the shot?" I like all the reds of this picture; they go nicely with the blues and greens and the American flags. It has a monumental look, with the only diagonal being that of the soldier and his gun.

Tink *~*~* said...

Cunningham Park! Yeah, I used to live on Franny Lew - lived there from 1963 till 1976, down more toward Jamaica Avenue. My Girl Scout troop used to hike up to Cunningham Park all the time. I think the pond up there was formed by a glacier; I might be remembering that wrong, though. It was a long time ago.

You sure maximized the red in this week's photo!

Tink *~*~*
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Jeri said...

Great, great shot.

ROSIDAH said...

A monumental shot for Ruby Tuesday. Best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Nice capture. I like how we seem to see the people walking towards the memorial.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Nice. I like how we viewers are drawn towards the memorial. It's almost like we are following you down the path to get a closer look too.

Robin said...

Super composition on this one. Good stuff Ralph.

Mar said...

Love it too!!

Nukke said...

Very beautiful pic ! We should remember and honour our history.
Greetings from Finland !

Kay said...

Wait.. you can't spend all day at the beach?



Bond said...

What a great shot!

ces said...

subtle on vibrant red! nice shot!:)

Taj_maan said...

Lovely shot!

Mirage said...

The little red details are really noticeable, even the flowers by the side! Great post!

Anonymous said...

A nice shot with the views of red around, from the pathway to the flag and Allegra's shirt :)

Catherine said...

The bond between a daughter and her father.
I just feel the same, in a new place, I must visit the whole area. Even in Paris, where I'm born, I haven't still finish the tour ... Beach is when we're tired to visit.

SmallReflections said...

Nifty photo capturing this moment ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mojo said...

Yeah, a guy can only spend so long on the beach before it starts to get stale.

Unfortunately I've never had enough money to discover exactly how long that takes.

Looks like quite the fitting memorial to those that served. No matter one's political or ideological leanings, it's important to acknowledge the sacrifice of those who gave it all.

Shinade said...

Oh my this is especially close to my heart. My son-in-law is Army. He did Desert Storm, Iraq last year, and no that he's in the guard it looks like he's headed to Afghanistan.

This is a wonderful shot..very moving!!


P.s. By accident I deleted 12 comments on my WW post with the ducks. If yours got lost I am so sorry.

I was trying to delete an inappropriate personal insult directed toward me and lost 12 other comments.

Happy evening and God bless!