Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Skimming the Fjord

For Looking at the Sky this week, the sky figures prominently. But included in the scene are a couple of other favorite props. The most impressive of these is the large and imposing yet delicate and curvaceous George Washington Bridge (GWB). The bright Summer morning day leaves a bit of a washed out look (early AM sun) but the blue is a soft azure or teal. This is taken from the North on the Henry Hudson Parkway, the better (than I-95) approach to the span. The other thing is the stuffed bear enjoying the view of the sun and salt water fjord known as the Hudson (salt water almost all the way to Albany). Can you spot her/him/it? The people in the Ford van were taking it all in, too. See the many iterations of the heavens in Tish's wonderful meme!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Safer Seas

For Sepia Scenes this week I look to a classic scene that is enhanced by this now-famous monochrome hue. Our subject is the famous Chatham Lighthouse on Cape Cod. This is the classic lighthouse style found up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The tower was built upon a large bluff, and combined with the 48 foot height should be visible enough to allow ships to see, lest they run aground if ignored. The light was opened in 1877 and is still an active Coast Guard aid to navigation. What I like about this was not planned, but when converted from the original image, it looks as if the light is illuminating the sky. Illumine your mind with sepia beauty at Mary's meme!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Pre-school

For Ruby Tuesday, I revert to the past for the variety of red and its derivatives. So scans from 1993 and Allegra's 'graduation' from pre-school. A sort of milestone, although she had attended here for only one 'semester'. However the school had a party for the graduates. There were diplomas, food, punch, games, and fun for all (if you were little). As well, proud parents, grandparents and siblings were witness to the event: Patti, Gooma, Cameron and myself were witness. Allegra has lots of reds in her dress, barrette and cheeks. Of course, her brother was wearing red in his shirt and those sunglasses...I haven't seen a pair of Mickey's since I don't know when. I know they are quite big kids now, but this commencement is no less special than the others: Cam's pre-school, both their middle and high schools, and next year U-of-H for Allegra. And we have the pictures of the first one to prove it! See Mary's great ruby meme for the huge spectrum of reds!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Sagamore Silver

Looking at the Sky just lets us show what we already do without prompting. The variety of blues, grays and pastels are always amazing and the patterns can be similar - but never replicated. This is a trip to the Cape in 2003. It rained and looked dank most of the way up: I-95, I-195. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts. And here, on the Sagamore Bridge just entering the last dozen miles or so to our hotel. But would these oceanic silver sky formations mean a blah vacation? The clouds would soon dissapate...but would never dampen our spirits if not. See Tisha's excellent meme!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Sleeping Sibling

This week's Sepia Scenes showcases a sleeping son and silly sibling Allegra sitting on the seat as we set forth. The year is 2003, and we are going home from Cape Cod. I have no clue as to what Allegra is pointing out while Cameron dozes. Ah, the end of a fine was a shame that we were heading home. But a fine time was had by all, with sand, sun, surf, sightseeing and serving sizes of the world's best chowdah. I suppose we had to get back to Ansonia to relax after the holiday! See Mary's magnificent monochrome meme!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Flying Fortresses

Ruby Tuesday is upon us again. For this week, I am looking through my scanned archives and true to my Nom du Blog 'Airhead', it is flying machines. It was in 2001, two restored and WWII machines were on static display at the New Haven airport.

This top bird is the B-17 Flying Fortress, a bomber that flew over Europe. Over 10,000 were built with less than 100 remaining, not many flyable today.

This next is the B-24 Liberator, with over 18,000 built from 1940-1945. This is one of two in flying condition these days. A bit of red on the tail. These old machines are dripping oil from their radial piston engines...

We weren't jettisoned out the bomb bay doors, despite appearances. I believe Allegra took this picture from the bomb rack of the B-24. A bit of red, Cameron's Seussical shirt, red indeed.
Visit Mary's fun meme!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Almost Heaven...

Looking at the Sky is a compelling meme that Tisha hosts...for those who gaze skyward, which is just about everybody. Since yesterday's Sepia Scenes, I continue to reminisce about the vacation Patti and I took to Steubenville in 1999. I did say vacation (you were thinking of, say, Paris as a vacation destination. Au contraire this time...). But my heritage goes back there, so a visit was in order. Entering the panhandle at Weirton, the view upstairs has lots of hot, humid and hazy skies with moisture laden billowy clouds. The temps were stifling, but the skies complex. Almost Heaven some say about W.Va., as the skies might say this day. The six-mile trek in the Mountaineer State conclused a mere five minutes later. As we crossed the US 22 bridge over the Ohio, the billowy look subsided. But not the haevenly complexity and certainly not the heat and humidity, either. Not to complain about the weather alone, like many do. But the alumni weekend ak Franciscan University was fun, and we had a fine time. Although Paris still beckons...See the sky at Tisha's fun meme!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Steubenville Steeple

Sepia Scenes is back, and we look to subjects, scenes and sights in the light bronze monochrome. About a decade ago, I was last in Steubenville with the lovely Patti. We visited part of my heritage, and that being my alma mater Franciscan University among other sites in the Ohio River valley. The school itself had grown in the preceding decades since I graduated (1977), but the constant in both eras was the chapel. A dramatic style which supposes that the place of worship on campus was (rightly) the focal point. And a sweeping look that draws our attention toward the modern steeple and cross above. A sweeping arc clad in stucco, a beautiful building whose simple lines are enhanced by sepia. Check out Mary's majestic monochrome meme.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Good Eats

Ruby Tuesday allows us to showcase ruby reds of all varieties. The rubies can be great and profound or scattered and subtle. This week I have chosen the latter. The building is painted red for one. The large American flag is full of red as is the custom. And the smaller red on the awning is the symbol of New Haven's best meat packer, the incomparable Hummel Brothers (for dogs and other wursts). The place is the famous (in these parts) Al's Hot Dogs in Naugatuck, CT with the old-fashioned outdoor eating ambience in the warmth (and inside dining in the cold). This eatery serves the artery adjusting fast food, but it tastes so good here. A foot-long dog with a slight dollop of mustard and sauteed onions works for me. Summer reds are in vogue here, but see other rubies and visit Mary's fun photo meme!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Cape Cloud

Looking at the Sky is here, and Tisha's meme compels a look into the heavens. And capture the varieties of skies, all different yet familiar. Today, the view is interior Cape Cod. You can see this with the scrubby flora that is typical of vegetation that grows well on the sandbar that the Cape is. The clouds are fair weather as you near the ocean. A simple beauty of blue skies interspersed with oceanic mists above with the rough undergrowth and delicate Queen Anne's Lace on the turf. The beach isn't the only place with great sights on the Cape. Visit Tisha's site and look into the stylish skies.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Memories, etc

Sepia Scenes is upon us, and monochrome memories are the order oh the day. Of course, our urchins are in college. We know that they are growing andpreparing for the grown-up life. They were preparing for higher learning for a while...and have taken to it quite nicely. Yet they were younger, once and the sepia adds the timelessness to color photos of recent (or perhaps older) vintage. But like B&W, this is a look for the ages.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - cheap, cheap...

Ruby Tuesday, as usual, brings me back to the past, and that leads to the present tense. Such as maintaining a food budget in the current recessionary environment is doable, providing you learn the art of…cheap. I grew up with this cost-per-meal strategy, and growing up in a family of nine it is an iron-clad strategy my parents employed. I remember back then - and it works fine these days as well.

Family shopping forays on Saturdays in the mid-1960s meant my parents had checked out every newspaper ad and choose the most cost effective meals, stopping at lots of supermarkets on any given Saturday in East Hartford, all defunct now: First National, Andy's, Top Notch, Popular and Meatown. As the family vehicle was a VW Microbus, there was with room for nine and groceries.

s, Their strategy might include an expensive bone-in ham for Easter. The total payoffvalue was great, despite the price because the number of meals you got over the course of a week: a nice dinner, 6-8 sandwich, ham and potato
casserole (two days) and ham and navy bean soup (two days). So the cost per meal when calculated was modest. And the soup was the payoff for me - delicious! Value v. Price figures a ham costing $30+ in this era.
Today it could be chicken and pasta. The boneless chicken breasts, purchased BOGO (no, the second one costs less per unit…it is Not Free!). So two packages at $9.65 make at least four meals for this price. The meat for four meals is $2.65 per meal. Not too bad.

The pasta and tomatoes were sale priced at $1.00 each, the bell pepper was $.050 and we had chicken broth, onion and garlic on hand. The whole pot cost about $5.50, and there should be a main meal for four and at least two lunches. Excellent food although not haute cuisine. So each portion’s food costs are around $1. Value priced these days.Being that there are only four of us at home at the most, larger families will have higher costs (like when I was a kid). However, the strategy is still sound. Mom and Dad would have approved! See Mary's very ruby meme...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Cotton Puffs

For this Friday, Looking at the Sky compels me to look not at the spectacular, but instead the prosaic, the more commonplace sky. Nothing out of the ordinary, but good looking skies. The photo to the left is my Delta Connection 50 seat jet going from Hartford to Cincinnati. It was one of these beautiful Spring skies where the fair weather clouds are scattered and a low-humidity 60°F days. From the ground, it looked like a smooth two hour flight. But would it be? The view on the right shows what I suspected on the turf: gliding along on a velvety jetstream at 31,000 Ft, as smooth as a flight could be. I sat in the usual preferential wheelchair passenger seat, aisle at the bulkhead. And on this trip, the Delta personnel were great with transferring me in-and-out of my wheelchair to the boarding wheelchair and lifting me into the seat. And the very nice FA gave me two bags of peanuts and a whole can of club soda! Visit Tisha's excellent meme and see skies from the modest to the magnificent...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Dodging things

Sepia Scenes is upon us, and where does sepia work best? I can't say that one genre of photo is best for sepia, but those in the know know I like to reach back into old B-and-W prints.

There is the quite subtle bronze monochrome that makes the old look not new, but a classic take on earliest photographs. Granted, photography made great strides from the earliest to 1959, but sepia brings the classic early style out.

Like my big sister Michele standing behind Grandpa's car in a sun dress. The vehicle is a 1955 Dodge Royal Lancer with the fins. The place is in St. Paul, Minnesota, a place we associate with winter cold, but warm in the Summer. The age of the photo is the charm, and sepia enhances the memories. See Mary's great meme!