Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Shorebound Skies

Looking at the Sky is a nice meme where we can chronicle the expansive beauty of our atmosphere. Of course we need the air from the sky to live - but the moods of the sky capture our awe. This is a nice view of the New Haven Connecticut harbor taken from the deck of Anthony's Ocean View. This is a nice place for banquets/receptions, not only for the food but also for the variety of skies one can view from the veranda. The 25 degree slope is a function of my taking a photo taking in a wheelchair without a tripod. I have to balance the camera in that position where I am safely positioned in the chair while steadying the camera and snapping all at once. Multitasking in a wheelchair has its charms...This looks as if we are snapping the shutter out the port side window as our Boeing is taking off. The pastel sunset layers are subtle and soft. Just the place to linger after desert. See Tish's meme where the sky's the limit!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Rigby in action

I have utilized cats before in Sepia Scenes before, and those two of Linus and Sir Humphrey were of the dignified gentlemen sitting pretty for thphoto. 

But for Rigby, we don't have the classic feline pose where they sit upright and proud with their tails draping over their front feet. But our white fellow is far too loopy to handle that scene. Instead, he just operates in his quirky style, daring us to capture his oddities whatever or wherever we can. He is sleeping here above an old British movie about the Titanic while it was still afloat. Or when he lazily saunters on the range hood.

No worries, no insistence that we photograph his better side, no demanding a release for our use of his image. It is almost as if tempts us to fire away. So we do. And he remains photogenic no matter where he may be. Rigby au naturel is a fine subject in sepia

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Parade

Who doesn't enjoy a parade? The small town of Ansonia (19,000) has it's Memorial Day parade on Sunday, and the storms stayed away until after the parade. Ruby Tuesday beckons with plenty of rubies. Fire trucks, old and new, are. Flags, of course, are quite visible this day. The pipers have more subtle reds, expand and see. The ubiquitous street vendor offers the red wares today, topped off by the not-very-accurate Spiderman that will float up to the heavens if not tightly secured around the toddler's wrist. The marching bands have a lot or little red. The reds abound, even if our town colors are blue and white. Lest we never forget why there is a Memorial Day, the parade is nice, bur nicer still is that those who fought in the past allow us the freedom to congregate in a free land!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Stormy Stratosphere

For this Looking at the Sky, we are just looking across the street at the sky. I do not remember what I see here - the advance sky to an approaching weather front over the Uplands? The buildup of clouds looks as if there could be danger aloft. But the overall effect is actually quite serene with the sunny stratosphere enveloping us on this warm June day. Changing skies in the summer is the norm. So just look up and enjoy...See Tisha's skytastic meme!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Scions

Sepia Scenes is the monochrome meme. This subtle tone allows us to make newer old pictures like old pictures - and old pictures too! There a pair of scions here, my father (Ralph II) and myself (Ralph III). 

These pictures were taken nearly twenty years apart in 1961 and before my grandfather passed in 1981. The picture has been enlivened in sepia. Brigantine NJ was Grandpa's kind of vacation spot and in my opinion with the finest white sand on the East coast. That is open to interpretation, of course...

In the second, the sepia adds to the past. Grandpa looks as if he could be living in this early 1900s house, and dressed in the three piece suit. II and III are in modern attire - yet the scene allows the modern to appear old. See more sepia at Mary's 
excellent meme!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Comfortably Numb

Ruby Tuesday is a celebration of reds in all their ruby glory. A lot, a little, in large splashes or small flashes. Red is the operative. So you wonder what to make of things here...I showcase our late feline, Sir Humphrey, perched on his favorite mattress pad. For him, sleep was at its pinnacle on the quilted lining of my ruby plaid flannel shirt. He could sleep for hours on this shirt, and if it was on our bed, took no time at all for sleep to take hold. In fact, we think he knew the word 'shirt'. The routine was in this order: check out the lining with his front paw; curl around the quilting after going round and round; institute the seriously loud purr; and finally go to sleep. Contentment ensued. Our current guys Linus and Rigby could care less about a silly shirt. But for Sir Humphrey, it rarely got better than this! See Mary for all the possible iterations of red.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Looking at the Sky - sea, sand and sky

Looking at the Sky is a great meme - no two skies in the same place are ever the same. There is an attraction in the myriad changes upstairs. Today, it is three years ago at Kalmus Beach, one of the six beaches in Barnstable on Cape Cod. This sandy beach sits on Hyannis Harbor, and I like the look of all the sailboats and other pleasure craft moored at their anchorages. You also see here the ferries hat traverse Nantucket sound to the islands. The sky is as you expect near the ocean...the clouds that float over the nearest landscape. Mixes with several shades of blue and gray. I don't mind the cloud deck at the beach, the sky being a function of the ocean breezes. One thing I like about the Barnstable beaches, wheelchair users are not denied - if you look closely at the boardwalk, you can see the beach wheelchair just waiting for someone who needs and wants to feel the sand between their toes...visit Tisha's excellent heavenly meme!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Scanning the Son

Monochrome sepia alters the style and mood of the scene a bit. So, for this installment of Sepia Scenes, I present a smiling Cameron - He is standing and smiling while standing overlooking Hyannis Harbor (2003). Cam almost blends into a monochrome mist...we will always do a vacation sightsee no matter if the sky is sunny or sepia. Follow any or all monochrome moods at Mary's meme!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Cool Cam

It seems that Patti and I share sentiments...often. As Ruby Tuesday approaches, my first post for this week is a cute view of a two-year old Allegra. That picture was so disarming, I posted a post. Of course, Patti posted that picture for RT in February. Our tastes are disarmingly must be love!

That said, I offer a ruby. It is Cameron, thi
s time, aged two. Red suits the little guy in that classic red shirt under the Oshkosh overalls. This is a scan of an old Polaroid, but cute he was. So I have two rubies this week, and I am certain this picture has not graced the blogosphere...yet!

Ruby Tuesday - Running of the Roses

Ruby Tuesday arrives again and the results may vary - it may be artistic or sentimental. Or both, or neither. Well, red roses offer a natural style and beauty. Of course two year old Allegra (1991) adds a bit of natural ruby (cheeks) and a pink top, which pushes the ruby envelope somewhat, but pink is sort of related to red. A nice view, although the roses and railing are not seen around the patio anymore. See Mary's meme for dozens of red views!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Ever After - Part 23

It never gets old.

Being married to the beautiful and ageless Patti.

Twenty-three years in a flash. Yet much has occurred, and there have been setbacks. Much like lost income, wheelchairs and the like. But together any bumps have ultimately been smoothed. But those are externals...being together meant that we could be a team and get through it.

Saturday May 10, 1986 was the beginning of something special. It was the day before Mother's Day, so we get to celebrate twice today. Happy Anniversary to us and Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Parallels

Looking at the Sky is back. This week gives us a view of the relationship of mountains and sky. This is a scan of a print from 1984, and is look of the Rockies near Colorado Springs. It seems that there is a symmetry of the mountains and the clouds. Not truly parallel...But each natural feature seems to mimic each other not perfectly, but a close call. As huge as the alps known as the Rockies are, the Front Range seems insignificant compared to the immense sky and clouds draping themselves over the mount. See the sky in all its glory at Tisha's most excellent meme!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Snowless in St. Paul

Sepia Scenes is back! Of course, I find that the sepia tone really adds to our perceptions of the past. Like in January 1959 when we lived in St Paul Minnesota. Sister Michele is almost a big kid age five, and at a local ice rink. I don't think that her future was in the NHL. But she seems a natural here, fearless and tough. I haven't found any pictures of me on skates at age 3-1/2, so Michele is the grand old kid of the four (at the time) kids. I 'm not so sure that she was all that adept on skates as she is being held up by Dad.

Grandpa, Grandma
and Aunt
Terry (Dad's sister) were in town. I do not think that figure skating was their forte, but they seem to enjoy their glide along the rink. Of course, Grandpa figures in this photo shoot. And does he ever look resplendent in that seriously warm overcoat, no doubt purchased at the Twin Cities premier department store, Dayton-Hudson. The Russian style hat is devoid of style - but totally up to the Minnesota freeze in January. Oddly, there is no snow on the ground on this day in January. Sepia-fy your life with a visit to Mary's monochrome meme!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Back to the Future...

Fresh tomatoes - the taste, texture, and excellent summer salads from the ripe ruby fruit is worth the wait. For this installment of Ruby Tuesday, I turn to last year and the first red orbs captured in the summer. An old friend is visiting next week to help in potting this year's crop. This is a tasty reminder of Summer be replicated this Summer. The 100s variety we see here, but also Roma, Jetstar and Beefsteak will be grown. The payoff is in August with a cool salad of tomatoes, fresh basil (in the garden, too) and Buffalo Mozzarella make the salad worth salivating for when we are out of the growing season. I know that winter tomatoes can be used all year, but the sensuousness in January is not the same. Viva fresh tomatoes! See Mary's fun ruby meme for all kinds of reds, edible or otherwise!