Monday, June 29, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Fun in the Sun

Ruby Tuesday gives us a certain flexibility in the amount of red to be presented. A lot, or a little, any red is just right! So here at Craigville Beach in Barnstable, rubies are the more the exception than the can look a little harder. I am seated in the beach wheelchair with the brilliantly ruby beach towel to keep the sun from frying my knees. Okay, this is the obvious one. However, note the other two reds in play: my face with the sun induced reds, and for the always lovely Patti seated to my left, her hair...not red by design, but the natural light brings out the subtle red highlights in her hair. A lot or a little...See the other fine red captures at Mary's meme!

Friday, June 26, 2009

They never grow up (entirely)

I know the kids are big these days, but you do have a heightened sense about them. college or no. Yesterday, Cameron went to Six Flags in NJ, with a number of his college friends and Allegra was on her way from Hartford (BDL) to a church conference in Michigan. Flying is a truly safe mode of transit, but you do consider things differently as a parent. Allegra and I found an interesting flight tracker from Flightaware that tracks things. Continental Express (#BTA 2345) that skirted stormy clouds by taking the big arc over upstate NY to sunnier skies along lake Erie.

I followed
the second flight (BTA 2341) on Google Earth, and snapped this one at 1600 Ft. prior to landing. Cameron called when he arrived in NJ and Allegra called from Cleveland and Grand Rapids (GRR). Reassured we parental units are....

I suppose that parents never stop caring about the kids....

Looking at the Sky - Keystone Skies

Looking at the Sky, hosted by Tisha, allows our creative juices to flow. Or not. We can follow complex storm scenes, brilliant sunrises/sunsets or whatever. Of course, the simple sky blue and painted white fair-weather streaks, simple as they are, work fine, too. We are entering the Keystone state on US 202 from Delaware in 2000. Nothing splashy upstairs today, but we were going on vacation that day - even a rainy sky couldn't detract from that!

PS: Patti used the other' Welcome to PA' sign in an earlier LATSOF...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Illusions

For Sepia Scenes, I am trying to use sepia to create a different illusion. Like I did recently, I am using the horizon to alter the other parts of this photo on the Nantucket Sound side of Kalmus Beach in Hyannis. That is, with the sepia skies appearing as clouds, the water and sand reflective of a sunny day. On a cloudy day, the salty surf would be that dark, unattractive green-gray hue. The beach sand wouldn't copy the bright sun, and look more gray than tan. The sky was bright actually, but I wouldn't mind if the colors below the horizon appeared as bright as possible when the skies appeared like this monochrome murk. Gotta get back to the Cape one of these years...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Introductions

Since yesterday was Father's Day, I will continue the theme for Ruby Tuesday. I return to 1992 and Cameron who was introduced to Tiger, my sister's cat, his first feline meeting. Tiger tolerates the eighteen-month here quite well. The reds are modest, the shoes and shirt and if you look closely, a narrow band of ruby in Tiger's collar. Not to be outdone, three year-old Allegra, at the same affair, has subtle reds all over. She looks to enjoy the birthday cake and ice cream...the little kids in natural poses made photo taking sooooo easy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day - Always a pleasure

Father's Day is upon us for another year. To many, this may be one of those 'artificial' holidays. Maybe, but I have always enjoyed the role of the dad, and see the pleasure in the role throughout the years.
From these blessed events on December 29, 1988 (left) and November 23, 1990, until today, it has been nice. We start with the blank canvas as parents, but really have no experience in our roles as parents, but hope to get the child to learn, to listen and to instill values that will allow them to grow and thrive as they grow. The pleasure today is to see them at 20 and 18 years - parents need to give them the room to experience and grow. So I enjoy today and see this loyal pair as a joy then and now. Happy Father's day to all dads!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Sky Cotton

Tish's fun meme, Looking at the Sky, ranges from the profound (stormy skies, say) to the prosaic, which we see above. True, it is merely a look out our front door in the Ansonia Uplands. Nothing too special here, but a fair-weather collection of clouds in early October. The fluffy contrasts nicely with the early Autumn sky blue canvas, a pleasant view of a perfect sky before the Winter chill and clouds. A sky to savor. The heavens compel us to stare, and even the man-made distractions such as the utility wires aren't a bother. We often complain about the weather (like the amount of rain we are getting in Southern New England this month). However, in a four season climate, a nice day like this, the variety of nice days can be amazing!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Customary

For this installment of Sepia Scenes, I return to the Borough of Queens in the early 1960s. From Bayside to Jamaica, and more specifically to the large airfield known as Idlewild (today's JFK). My father, a travel writer for the UPI news service, has arrived back in the USA after a trip overseas. This was one of the jobs that offered the dichotomy of many endeavours: lousy pay, however with one huge benefit - free travel to write about your experiences. It was the old International Arrivals Building, and my mother would take the kids in the 1958 Ford Ranch Wagon to pick him up. There was a window upstairs above the arrivals awaiting Customs. My father (in the beret) seems as resigned as the rest to wait his turn for their Customs declarations. Notice how everybody dressed up to fly then! See Marys fun meme!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Flag Day

It is Ruby Tuesday this week, and it was Flag Day on Sunday. Patti, Allegra and I were at the Connecticut Open House day on Saturday. Of course, we went to the local historical site, the David Humphreys House. I enjoy my visits to this local piece of history and the Derby Historical Society has a ramp that allows access to the first floor. I like the wide plank flooring but have to wonder how tough living here would be without central heating and untold draftiness (through the uncaulked windows) might have been...
The best part of the day was a tour of the Elm Street Cemetery (the
Old Episcopal Graveyard) across the street. A nice feature is that the gravestones of all the veterans here get a flag planted beside for Flag Day. The top picture is for of Anson Chaffee, who volunteerd for the Connecticut Volunteers in the Civil War in 1862 at the age of 59 (!) years, and the bottom view is of his son James. who enlisted as well. How often do we see father and son veterans buried in the same row of the same cemetery?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Barriers

Looking at the Sky is a visual treat. I scan the heavens to see variable skies, with an eye (sometimes) toward a suitable view for LATOF. Sometimes a picture/theme jumps at me, and I hope to have the camera nearby. Last week,I was looking for airliner pictures around the Hartford airport, but there was no action as Runway 6-24 was closed, so no landing Boeing or Airbus birds to follow. But along this runway's perimeter road, this picture jumped at me. The theme here is barriers, both man-made (the fence) and the natural (the large and billowy clouds). I see this as an interesting tug-of-war as to which is the more imposing barrier here, chain-link or sky? I suppose it depends if you are moving on the ground or through the air - ff you look closely, there is a bird (not aluminum) floating through the air...See Tisa's great meme for more of the wild blue yonder...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Causeway

Sepia Scenes is back. This time, I am trying to use a sepia monochrome to enhance the effects on a color scene. To make it easier for a novice, I chose a picture with a very defined line to compare said effects. The place is the Westbound I-10 twin causeway over Lake Pontchartrain east of New Orleans. I chose to sepia-fy the sky only, leaving the blue water as it was. The different hues sharply define the horizon.
In the next shot, I reversed the sepia, changing the hues for the sepia from the horizon down. It seems to make the water appear to be more brackish while the sky keeps the blue. Do I like one over the other? I can't say, although a sepia sky over blue water seems to highlight this estuary to the Gulf. The sky is nice also. ...although the more expansive blue sky is a pleasant view. A fun experiment! See Mary's monochrome meme!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Subtle Salad

Ruby Tuesday is a tasty meme that we hunger for. Okay, the food metaphors may be slightly over the top, but this week's entry (entre?) offers a bit of red. A barley salad was prepared, and I felt that the red pepper added some ruby color to the colorless grain and chickpeas. Since it was December, the green peas and red place mat added a holiday flair that enhanced the simplicity of the salad. A little or a lot of ruby adds a sporty flair to nearly any subject. See Mary's fun site!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Local Luminosity

Tisha's fun meme, Looking at the Sky, allows us to move on beyond the mundane and the usual. Like the mild pink and lavender pastels wafting over our house. I don't know for sure, but based on the other pictures in the series that day, I believe that this is after a late afternoon thunderstorm has passed. It could be that the trailing edge of the front has almost but not completely passed. With the bits of moisture in our atmosphere remaining, the beautiful sunset is working with the prisms in each droplet. And what remains is the pretty and quiet sky, the perfect antidote to the violence of the storm, which thankfully has passed...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Contrasts

Sepia Scenes arrives with my latest scans. I was out of the scanning business for a couple of months, but I found a few gems last week that seem to take the sepia well. Of course, Ralph I (aka: Grandpa) figured here, but an interesting contrast in sepia. on the left, I'll guess somewhere around 1920, although I cannot say when or where (Steubenville??) with any certainty. On the right I will say about 1967, age 65, I believe in Toronto, a city he liked to visit - check out the Union Jack. The pictures span 50 years, the youth on the left contrasting with the myriad experiences from a half-century on the right. But he could smile, and I know that he enjoyed a good beer. Such a character! Check out amazing monochromes at Mary's fun meme...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Brigantine Brood

Ruby Tuesday, Mary's great photo meme, returns for another installment. A lot or a little red is all that we need, and I offer subtle rubies indeed. And the progeny of Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Agnes, Dad and Aunt Terry and their respective families circa 1969. Seven kids with us and four (ultimately six) for Terry.

There is also the look of the late 1960s. Those of a certain age re
member some of this era's look especially the hair styles and preponderance of turtlenecks. And check me out in the gold blazer - where is the gaudy chain males wore in this getup? Ah, the sand and surf of New Jersey, the best ever vacations when we were kids!