Friday, June 26, 2009

They never grow up (entirely)

I know the kids are big these days, but you do have a heightened sense about them. college or no. Yesterday, Cameron went to Six Flags in NJ, with a number of his college friends and Allegra was on her way from Hartford (BDL) to a church conference in Michigan. Flying is a truly safe mode of transit, but you do consider things differently as a parent. Allegra and I found an interesting flight tracker from Flightaware that tracks things. Continental Express (#BTA 2345) that skirted stormy clouds by taking the big arc over upstate NY to sunnier skies along lake Erie.

I followed
the second flight (BTA 2341) on Google Earth, and snapped this one at 1600 Ft. prior to landing. Cameron called when he arrived in NJ and Allegra called from Cleveland and Grand Rapids (GRR). Reassured we parental units are....

I suppose that parents never stop caring about the kids....

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Linda said...

Truth be told, it was probably more dangerous for Cameron to be driving with friends down to New Jersey but I guess there was no way to track him!

And nope, we never stop worrying - my son and his wife will be flying out to San Francisco the end of next week and I'll be worrying about them, too!