Friday, July 31, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Sky Blue

For this week's installment of Looking at the Sky, I was looking for a nice view upstairs. How about a sky with no clouds, no storms, no sunbursts nor downpours. Just a beautiful sky that wears well in a more subtle hue. So I offer a simple late February sky with the bright sun-accented heavens over the vintage 1924 headquarters of Charters Hose Company in Ansonia. No special effects here, the winter blue making a great sky we often miss in the usual summer humidity...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Snorin'

Sepia Scenes returns again, with pleasure. With cats, there should be no end to the fun captures we get. Even with his eyes seemingly open here, Rigby is oblivious...

He seems to make a fine photo subject as he rests on the top of our kitchen cabinets. He give us fun poses as he seems the epitome of the cute kitty. And he does not even try to look winsome. Really. He just does, and since if he actually had to study to look as he does - that would be real work, which cats do not like. Being cute, though, is not real work.

Sepia tones down the view here, and allows us to try to fathom what he is up to. As if mere humans could make sense of the royal feline thought processes!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Lavender is a ruby (sort of...)

Ruby Tuesday is here, and our computer situation is not sorted out yet. We are using a unit from the computer room that Cameron has to return to the U-of-H soon. Therefore, I use my work MacBook and look for rubies stored therein. Well, subtlety in my choice of ruby is at work here. The wildflowers sitting in the cape grasses are lavender in hue. My mind says that purple is blue and RED, and lavender is slightly lighter than that. So despite the view being the mostly Nantucket Sound blue, I offer a bit of ruby (of sorts). Happy RT!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Goldenrod Hue

I hate to miss Tisha'a Looking at the Sky. However, our large main computer, after seven faithful years, has quit. Luckily we have two kids here for the summer, so Patti has the means to do her work.Thankfully we aren't so cheap that we skipped paying the $49 for the Carbonite backup, so nothing is lost. But I hope to be faithful to this fine meme, so I am using my work MacBook today and using the IPhoto edit software for the first time on an old scanned print. Here we are flying back from our honeymoon in 1986 on an Eastern Airlines Tri-Star, and the sun is setting on our side of the plane. The sun appears to set under the leading edge of the wing. The graininess is forgotten by the burst of goldenrod at eye level...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sepia Scenes - The eye of the Edsel...

Sepia Scenes is fun, and ideas for this meme are the sort that you cannot necessarily think up. They often jump at you unexpectedly. On this week's
Ruby Tuesday, I went with red vehicles and the many interesting styling details from decades past. The 1959 Edsel in red offered an interesting fender motif. But the more I looked at this picture, I see some interesting views thrown off by the confluence of shadows and reflections along its flank. I thought I was seeing stripes - like a tiger? However, the red didn't seem natural for a big cat. So I sampled the view in sepia, and it worked better. The bright red was so arresting, the stripes did not stand out. But the soft sepia deletes the loud ruby and lets the shadow and reflective stripes stand out a little more. I hadn't scripted this entry, but sepia allowed my imagination work overtime...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - High Performance Rubies

Of course, Ruby Tuesday and old cars go together quite well (if you are me, anyway :>) The old car show was postponed from a less than ideal Father's Day, at least weather wise. I do enjoy old iron from the 1950 and 60s. Styling was king in Detroit then. I love this maroon '64 Grand Prix, the best looking Pontiac ever. G.M. killed the wrong division,
and this stylish brute with its 421
tri-power V8 seems to admit this.
Those of a certain age remember when you could have the interior match the exterior instead of the only mocha and gray insides now...

A beauty of a 1968 Barracuda, and I remember the Plymouth ads that used the heart with an arrow

The '62 Impala has a 409, the basis of the Beach Boys first hit song (She's real fine my 4-0-9)

The details are cool. like the 'gunsight' fender detail on the 1959 Edsel, the car that cost Ford a $200 million loss - in 1960!

American cars derived their image from style, and no detail was spared, like the fleeting gazelle jumping from flag to flag, and hood ornaments made from chrome plated jets leaping into space

A source of amazement to history major Allegra, as she looks amusingly at period magazine ads for the 1950 Ford. The copy and airbrushed vehicles gracing these pages.

The postwar boom was on, and we are advised that we
could become a two Ford family. The car is a beauty
sitting still, which is fine...until you actually tried to stop this monster.

Finally. the pride the owners of these machines is evident in the props they used to show the pride in their work, like this gentleman did for his Charger. Patti says I could have easily called my blog Carhead 55. Probably true!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Threatening Skies

I enjoy Looking at the Sky, Tish's invite that allows us to write about something we do a lot. We talk about the weather plenty, but of course can't do much about. Naturally, we shouldn't make our vacation plans on what might happen with the weather.

So we decided to go to the Cape one year, and on the road the skies had the look of rain on our vacation the whole trip up. the capitol city of Rhode island is about 60% of the way to Hyannis, and it looks like rain. Our exit off Route 25 is about 12 miles from our motel, and it too looked like rain. It didn't rain all week though, and we all had fun including lots of salt water, sand and clam chowdah...

So when did it actually rain? On I-195 west between New Bedford and Fall River - on the way home! It was a wonderful time, as all family vacations are. The proverbial happy ending.

See Tish's Friday fun meme!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Barriers to Freedom

(Note: This Sepia Scenes is an edit of a post from last year. The sepia reduces the stark effects of the subject - if only a bit. RV)
This is a grim reminder that freedom does not exist for some. The year i
s 1962, and in the background is the Berlin seen from West Berlin. My father is on the left, and is seen with West German guards. This is bleak: the gray sky, the fog/mist, and the looks on all here. About a year had passed since the Soviet puppets in East Berlin built the infamous wall that separated West from East Berlin. The DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) was not ever democratic and free as the other side was. The DDR built this in 1961 to keep their subjects freedom of movement between free states, as we are accustomed. My father was a writer for United Press International (UPI) in New York. He could travel freely to and in a free West Germany. From the east? No way. Cherish your freedoms now (at least east and west reunited in 1990). We are compelled to think...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - His and Herrs

Ruby Tuesday, what a meme. We find ourselves searching for ruby items all over the place. We went on a vacation to Lancaster PA in 2000, and checked all the family friendly places to visit. Like the Herr's Potato Chip factory in nearby Nottingham. An interesting tour, totally accessible. Naturally, taking pictures of the place was in order, so here we arrive.

This is a very tall sign, and with judicious editing, the accent is on...well,
HER! The lovely Patti that is. The right focus says I.

See the pursuit of rubies at the Teach's excellent meme.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Cruisin'

Looking at the Sky
, Tish's excellent meme, returns and I turn to daughter Alleg
ra for this week's post. She went to a church function in Grand Rapids Michigan two weeks ago and the resident plane spotter (me...of course!) requested sky pics while aloft. And she did so with style. We parents tracked the flights for reassurance, but Continental Express delivered her fine style. Here she is from Hartford to Cleveland. This is the smooth skies after a bout of turbulence as they avoided stormy skies.

In the second, she is en route home between Cleveland to Hartford. What I like to see upstairs is the dark blue sky that is at the entrance to space and the fine cloud formations that the pilots avoid to give the paying passengers the smooth ride they like. Is this an Alp - or a billowy cloud? Sharp viewers might see the artist at work in the reflection...

Finally,a few minutes later, the view near the heavens has to end after a fun five days. The blue was gone as her Embrarer 145 jet crosses the threshold of Runway 24 at Bradley Field. Storms were all about Connecticut, so gray skies covered the land. However, the rainy clouds have their own beauty, although we are really tired after one of the rainiest Junes in these parts in many years. We are happy of her return, and Allegra loves being up there as much as her dad...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Ice Flows

Sepia Scenes
returns with a seasonal view. I know it is not winter now, but searching through archives, I was looking for a subject that could use the softening and sometimes soothing sepia. I found this icy sculpture emanating from the downspout-less gutter.

Yes, we are minus a downspout, and will have one installed. But the hard points are all over the giant icicle are muted, so this frozen, cascading and pointed precip does not look lethal. In fact, these are merely sepia cascades falling from the gutter. Winter overall is much less harsh looking in sepia.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Foodies Delight

Ruby Tuesday brings the red out of nearly anything. Food around here gives us a more organic ruby feast, not just for the eyes, but the palette as well. A smattering of color here in many guises. There is carrot soup, say, easy to make and it is almost a Crayola orange-red.

Mexican lasagna, well, is probably not authentic. But it offers red for an appropriate Tuesday hue

Chili nachos were a New Year's Eve treat, and the chili has a tomato soup base and with red Kidney Beans, you know the coloration is perfect.

Not to be outdone, the kids had often experimented with melted chocolate chips and...oyster crackers. They used croutons once, and oddly enough, that combination wasn't bad. The red is represented by the store brand on the bag

Finally, I show last year's hot peppers. These chilies are what we hope for from the harvest of our garden this year. Yep, edible reds are a fine apertif - Bon App├ętit and happy RT!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Bayside Babes

Bayside beckons! Sepia Scenes is the monochrome meme for me where the past may predominate. It is Michele, me and Claudia in the back of the brick apartment at 204-07 35th Avenue, say about late 1957. The past seems to work well with the Kodak B&W print (Tri-X film?) with the always subtle sepia tones added. Everybody is wearing hats, mine slightly askew. As always, a fun blast from the past...