Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Snowy Sepia

Sepia Scenes adds a warming tone to many subjects. Why not an addition of sepia to a winter precipitation, the warmth enhancing the wet snow. This was the day before Thanksgiving in the Uplands that year, but not too much snow - only too early. There is a beauty in snow, it seems cloud like when draped over the hedge. The rim of snow on the vase is a detail as is the frozen water adhering to the limbs of our Mulberry tree and mighty oak across the street. I don't particularly like the cold, but truly enjoy the snowy view...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Fading Memories

Ruby Tuesday, Mary's gem of a meme, lets us showcase the red ruby. A lot or a little, brilliant or...faded? Of my memories, so many of my photographic views are B&W. The few in color seem to be losing their color fast. Here I believe the period is the Spring of 1962 and I am in first grade. The place is our apartment building at 203-11 42nd Avenue in Bayside Queens NYC. The cast from L-R is sisters Claudia (aged 6), Vicki (3), Sharon (4) and myself (7). The red can be found in Claudia's dress and Sharon's sweater. Even the washed out brick on this 1940s building (my guess) even has a hint of embedded red. The print is a reminder of the past, and happily my memories have not yet faded...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Snowfall

This week's submittal to Shadow Shot Sunday is simple. This is merely an evening photo out the front door after a few hours of snow on the Ansonia Uplands. The shadows of the branches appear as a web on the freshly fallen winter precip.

Not only do the shadows give definition to the snow, there are always the after-the-snow niceties: The air is crisper and cleaner than ever, and the mini Alps along the curb left by the snowplow have not yet been tainted by road sand. The best part of winter are those times just after the snow falls. Enjoy the shadowy creativity at Hey Harriet's fabulous site!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Commuter Views

Looking at the Sky is for us that see the sky among the clutter below. The commuter on Amtrak/Metro North Railroads at Union station in New Haven Connecticut may be more interested in departing/arriving at their destination, not necessarily in the sights. It was a nice day when I dropped daughter Allegra off at the station for a train to New York. Having a camera, I was looking beyond the train cars to see many interesting things, like geometric shaped power towers and their shadows surrounding the destination sign. And, of course, the sky above. For those arriving on this day, they were welcomed with the soft southerly breeze off Long Island Sound under a nice fair-weather clouds. Welcome to the Elm City! See the sky in its glory at Tisha's meme!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sepia Scenes - More Steubenville

Sepia Scenes showcases sepia steeltown Steubenville Ohio again!

Of course, Grandpa Ralph, my namesake, lived here at 1645 Oregon Avenue from 1926-1981. He sometimes captured on film the essence of the mill town. So this old steel mecca on the Ohio River still jumps at me, especially is sepia. This photo is a washed out view of the early 1950s on my guess Fourth street. The third vehicle on the left is a Packard of the era. Like towns back then, downtown was a hub of activity and street parking was at a premium.

Despite the glare and blur, the sepia gives it an authentic antique style.

Below, it is Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Agnes. Again, the flash tends to washout the shot. Of course, Grandpa had a fine Exa II camera, (built in East Germany in the late 1950s). But he obviously set the SLR for one of the waitstaff to capture the couple, and the old flash bulbs did not diffuse the light well (check the orb on the background mirror). I am guessing early-mid 1960s. The sepia gives yet another layer of class to the earlier era.

I have an affinity for old mill towns these days - Ansonia is one itself. Must have started in these previous times

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Cameron Rubies

Ruby Tuesday allows me to revisit history. Especially for the thousand or so print scans I made months ago (probably another 1,500 more to go)...

That said, you want ruby - you got ruby! Today it is the now 6'3" (191 cm) college sophomore Cameron. Of course, he was little once.

Like at the family birthday party for his second birthday in 1992. Ruby abounds in the red argyle in his sweater, pants, shoes and cheeks. As well as the print on Patti's top.

Not red is Cameron's gift from Aunt Michele - a VHS titled Mickey and the Gang featuring Donald Duck, his favorite cartoon character back then, perhaps he is pointing out the Disney Duck on the sleeve. Memories are made of these...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - Spanning the Globe

This is my first entry into Hey Harriet's stylish photo meme Shadow Shot Sunday. I became aware of this feature recently, and while I was at the Connecticut State Capitol and Legislative Office Building (LOB) on Tuesday, I saw this and thought that these shadows were the best. This is under the rotunda of the LOB near the door to the walkway to the Capitol. I see a globe with a clear demarkation of longitude and latitude, akin to this Atlas carrying the globe on his shoulders. On this day, I had the family camera, fresh batteries and nearly empty memory card - I am glad I remembered these...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Late Summer at the LOB

Looking at the Sky is a wonderful meme, and I enjoy scouting out appropriate sky views when I am able.

And since I was at the CT State Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Tuesday, I was able to see the heavens around the L.O.B. and the 


The last time I took pictures around here it was cold 30ºF (-1ºC). Tuesday it was a beautiful 76ºF (24ºC) with fair-weather clouds around.

The Capitol looks impressive, as always, under its gold 

Not all are from the outside: the glass roof allows the blue and white filter nicely for those in the marble clad lobby

The door to the walkway between the LOB and Capitol sits under this rotunda. As before, the natural light and skies wash over this space...This was a nice day to sit in on the Long Term Planning Committee meeting. Not to participate, but observe. After the meeting, a photo shoot at the LOB and Capitol. Happily, I am glad I thought to have fresh batteries and an empty memory card in the Canon...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Legislatively Sepia

Sepia Scenes arrives again, and this week it will be easy. This morning I was at the CT Legislative Office Building in Hartford. This impressive building opened in 1989, and the lobby is dramatic with a huge glass ceiling, beautiful woodwork and even more impressive, tan, gray and brown granite all over. The granite lends itself to sepia tones.There is a brass swan..,or eagle. A bird sitting upon a marble column.

We see the state state symbol chiseled in the stone above.

The view from the third floor mezzanine...

and the lobby floor show a sunburst of granite.

And why not offer a sepia take on the rear...

and front of my 152,000 mile steed? Ford called this color Light Saddle, a sepia tan, as it sits on a coveted outside parking space.I had fun today, about two hours sitting in a legislative committee meting, and 90 minutes of photo taking. Looking at the Sky on Friday will be well represented with more takes from today, and even Shadow Shots - work and play can coexist!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Humphrey Celebrates

Ruby Tuesday offers a little red today. The light red heart on Allegra's first toybox satisfied the ruby, although you wouldn't know that his collar was a smart red Tartan.

Yes, it was a birthday party for Sir Humphrey - we used to do that, Although we do not know the date, he was born in 1998, so his fourth is being observed.

Obviously, he could care less, the cake was for the staff that feted him and responded to every of his desires (eating, litter box maintenance, skritching and right now attention). Okay, the celebration here was for the benefit of the humans, hence the cake.

He was sooo easy to buy for!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Harbor Lights

Looking at the Sky gives us many choices to present: stormy, sunny, gray or blue. Or any subtle combination of all - if these choices were on a multiple choice test, you would check 'E' for all of the above...

I like the pastels above, and the reflections looking West on the New Haven Harbor. The calm surface and the sailboats tied to their anchorages looks relaxing. Of course I would prefer to be on the calm harbor than sailing on 30 foot seas!

To see more beautiful images, see Tisha's great meme!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Illusory Sound Sepia

Sepia Scenes arrives again, and I am happy that we have our DSL back. Patti recounted our ordeal earlier. Happily, AT&T fixed whatever needed to be fixed, so all is happy in the Uplands blogosphere...

Here is another view from the Wheel-a-Thon. Taken on the West Haven beach walk, the landmark in the distance is Long Island Sound and the Southwest Ledge Lighthouse near the entrance to the shipping channel of New Haven Harbor.

Why the title? We know the view is of water. However, the soft sepia adds some texture to the surface. And, to me anyway, gives a different take on the flat surface. With a bit of imagination, though, the scape could almost be a wheat field in the Dakotas. An almost amber wave of grain, with the only twist being silos shaped like a lighthouse and sailboat on the horizon. Merely a different perspective...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Slightly Ruby

I was looking for the obvious for Ruby Tuesday, namely red. A little bit of said color is from a fund raiser from where I work, The CDR (Center for Disability Rights) in West Haven holds the annual Wheel-A-Thon on the walkway along New Haven Harbor. It is acourse where wheelchairs are used on a course, and participants solicit donations. Eight teams with over 100 participants too part. Alas, I missed the activity as I was busy tallying up the day's donations on my work MacBook. The action all happened behind me at the registration table.

And I was not able to get the pictures off my phone, where the 24 persons of a local Target store were resplendent in redTarget T-shirts. A shame to miss these team rubies. I looked for available rubies from the lunch. Like the red event cards on the bagged lunch, the tablecloth beneath my Italian combo sandwich (food donated by a local deli) and and the ruby flowers on the very active beach walk. Plenty of ruby around, I just had to look a bit harder...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Cure for Winter Blues

It is always a shame to miss Looking at the Sky, Tisha'a heavenly meme, as I did last week. We complain about the cold weather in the Winter, so I have dusted off an old print from late December almost 30 years ago. The warm December sky near Jensen Beach Florida shows up very well here, and a couple of fishermen surf casting on the rocks looks inviting. A non-Northern look in the subtropical Sunshine State. And I remember the Delta Airlines flight arriving at Bradley Field (Hartford) a few days later, the ambient air temperature was 16°F (-9°C) with two fresh inches of snow on the ground. The sunny vacation was over! Nice skies while it lasted...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Sepia Summer Skies

Sepia Scenes draws me back to old prints of airplanes in the air and on the ground as I captured a pair non-descript planes.

The sepia conversion
is not a big change from the originals, as the murky and humid summer skies were laden with moisture at New Haven (top) and Newark (bottom). These skies meant bumps when climbing and descending, and a blah view from below (but interesting looks inside the cloud)

The sepia gives a softer
glow to the gray, the steamy mundane views bit warmer (glow that is) of a steamy summer day.

Nothing special, but the mundane cloudy skies can be enhanced... Murk can be (and usually is) far more inviting in sepia!