Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sepia Scenes - More Steubenville

Sepia Scenes showcases sepia steeltown Steubenville Ohio again!

Of course, Grandpa Ralph, my namesake, lived here at 1645 Oregon Avenue from 1926-1981. He sometimes captured on film the essence of the mill town. So this old steel mecca on the Ohio River still jumps at me, especially is sepia. This photo is a washed out view of the early 1950s on my guess Fourth street. The third vehicle on the left is a Packard of the era. Like towns back then, downtown was a hub of activity and street parking was at a premium.

Despite the glare and blur, the sepia gives it an authentic antique style.

Below, it is Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Agnes. Again, the flash tends to washout the shot. Of course, Grandpa had a fine Exa II camera, (built in East Germany in the late 1950s). But he obviously set the SLR for one of the waitstaff to capture the couple, and the old flash bulbs did not diffuse the light well (check the orb on the background mirror). I am guessing early-mid 1960s. The sepia gives yet another layer of class to the earlier era.

I have an affinity for old mill towns these days - Ansonia is one itself. Must have started in these previous times


Nina Xi said...

Thank you for your kind comment at my blog - made me smile!
I like your old pictures, especially the first, of the street, it really suits in sepia.

maryt/theteach said...

Thanks for the photography lesson, Ralph! And the great photos of an era of long ago! Happy Sepia Scenes! :)

JunieRose2005 said...


I always like seeing old pictures like these>



Carolyn Ford said...

A lot of history here, and I think the sepia tone compliments it. Thank you for your visit and also your informative post.

Artlover said...

I like history too and I agree with what you write to the images look great in sepia

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Gotta love all those old cars in the top photo. Parking must have been a bad headache. Now all those cars would be at the mall.

Carletta said...

Each time you visit Steubenville I remember nearby Weirton. The sights and sounds of the area were way different than the rural area of WV where I was raised.
Such nostalgic wishes this evokes for me. I do remember going downtown in my own hometown and the cars lining the streets and the sidewalks filled with everyone shopping and greeting each other and for me stopping in at the local drugstore for a fountain drink with my Grandma.
Thanks for the memories tonight Ralph.
A lovely post!

Robin said...

The shot of the old mill town is perfectly suited to sepia, a real life glimpse into the past.

Marie Höglund said...

Looking great in sepia.

Marice said...

these are such collectibles items and thanks for sharing these to us. and youre right, sepia adds elegance and classyness to these pictures :) nice!

thanks for viewing mine :)

Annie said...

I always so love seeing your Steubenville pictures. Not that I have any history there, but I love the small world reminder that because of my son's choice of grad school, I have connected to two other people (totally separate from his decision to go there) and share this link with them.

I'm sending this post off to Toni and Q right now.


tara said...

Perfect subject for sepias and memoirs are always best in sepia tones.

Jew Wishes said...

Beautiful and poignant images, Ralph. Your grandparents look so lovely in sepia...such a beautiful capture.

I love the street scene. I am fond of old street scenes. This is a beauty, and in sepia it is more illuminating.

Dianne said...

Stuebenville was the birthplace of Dean Martin, I think I'm right

love the street scene

and the family photo is so touching

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Guess what?? My gramma Agnes was married to her second husband( at the age of 85 they got married) his name was Ralph!

Wonderful old shots

Heidi said...

VERY Cool shot! That street scene is so wonderful. And I like that you were named after your grandfather. It is good to keep our history close.
Thanks so much for visiting me. I have had such a crazy couple of days that I wasn't able to get out into the blogging world. Thanks again for stopping by!