Monday, November 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Vacation Vignette

Vacations and kids can make for satisfying Ruby Tuesday posts. So I have concluded, anyway...

On the left, we have Allegra in her (Pink Floyd) Roger Waters pose. The giant aviator sunglasses were a trademark of that artist along with the serious expression. It was just before our 2005 trip to the Cape. The aviators were mine, and even I have switched to much less noticeable eye protection these days. I guess we are seeing Allegra the rocker...

To the right, both kids are looking fine in front of the sailboats on the Harbor ("Habah" to the natives). Ruby wear is in view, and they were enjoying the Cape sun. Like I prefaced, ruby, kids and vacations are a perfect trifecta...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - Snoozin' Bruin

Hey Harriet hosts the wonderful Shadow Shot Sunday, where creativity with shadowy things abounds. From today to the ancient past. This view was taken quite awhile ago with my then trusty Pentax K1000 on color film - remember that artistic medium? This picture has been posted before, and remains a favorite of mine...

I snapped this at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska in August 1983. This mammal, known as Ursus Maritimus, chose to not be in its personal pool on this stiflingly humid 102°F (39°C), typical Midwest Summer day. The lazy Polar bear (Polar bore?) seemed to be bothered not by the heat and sweating zoo visitors as he/she avoids his personal pool. The shadows range from the slight vertical ones of the iron fence surrounding the enclosure to the massive underside of our bruin (or is that the topside?)

Shadows seem to appear at opportune moments - we hope to seize them! See the shadowy world of shadow artists at this unique and fun site!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Professional Sleeper

Sepia Scenes softly surrounds sleeping subjects. Alliterative or not, what makes a fine subject for this moving monochrome meme? Could it be a sleeping feline named Linus? When I saw this, I knew right away what my post would be. His tan moo-cow markings are nicely highlighted in sepia, and the bolstering on the back of the recliner is soft enough for this one of the Brothers Furr to sleep and purr with authority. A relaxing and happy Thanksgiving to all of Mary's sepia followers!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Birthday Boy

Ruby Tuesday makes for fine memories. Such as today

November 23, is Cameron's nineteenth birthday. We see him now on his celebratory day in 1999 at age 10. The reds are slight, and they include the logo of the super bowl champ Pittsburgh Steelers, the reflection of that on the table, some cake decorations and his ruby visage.

He is a large kid, not a jock but a thinking man, docile, loyal and great kid. I remember when he was born, and of course I was more a bystander and coach than a participant. It was 8:48 AM the day after Thanksgiving in 1990, and we are as thankful today as we were then. So, happy birthday Cam, you are one of the few remaining good guys!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - Southerly Sunny

An always fun meme is Shadow Shot Sunday, hosted by Hey Harriet. The season in Brisbane now is late Spring. In Ansonia Connecticut it is late Autumn. Obviously we await colder weather, and the days here are getting shorter and shorter. But with the season we are getting the substantial shadows from the south that make long shadows to the North.

I have today off and It is a brilliantly sunny day, and I am on the driveway looking for shadows. I inadvertently was spinning my 'chair on the driveway and saw this. And pushed the shutter button. The result is a long shadow of the photo 'artist' at work. Sort of, anyway...

This railing is along the ramp leading to the front door. The horizontal look is evident here. However, I like the light altering effect on the vertical portion - the railing slats shine brilliantly while the shadow clearly delineates each piece of wood. The long and the short are nicely accented by the sun inspired shadows.

While on the driveway, a shadow emanates from Patti's Hyundai. The shadow of the auto aims to the north. Much like a sundial shadow pointing the way...

Chasing shadows is not my profession, but is a really fun avocation. We were actually on our way to briefly see the kids at the U-of-Hartford and I was merely carrying the camera so we wouldn't forget it. I was not thinking about pictures per se, then these shadowy subjects just appeared. Never let a great shadow get away...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Pink Residue

We all enjoy Tisha's Looking at the Sky. Wonderful views of the heaven we look for in this fun meme. I do not know the conditions of the photo date stamp, but given that it was August, could this be a sunset after a late afternoon storm? I think maybe because often it seems that the moisture laden skies after the wrath interact in soft pastels as the strong sunset appears. Or maybe not, as the umbrella is usually down for T-storms so any wind will provide the lift to allow this patio shade maker to fly away. So, the mystery of the day's conditions in the New Haven area remains. But the upshot here is the wonderful pink heaven that glows just beyond the sliding glass door...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sepia Scenes - By the sea, by the beautiful sea...

Sepia Scenes gives us the opportunity to enhance our photos with the soft brass monochrome. Of course, regular viewers know that given the opportunity, I will go back several (or more) decades to that place known as Atlantic City NJ.

Grandpa liked to take copious numbers of pictures at vacation time, and these are two. The first is the long gone Shelburne hotel. The modern glass and steel hotel/casinos have replaced places like this. I don't know what the fascination was for Grandpa, but he wanted to chronicle it. I am sitting in front of Captain Starn's Yacht Bar. This was probably a dive where the locals imbibed instead of the vacationers - but certainly not the grandkids!. I think that all six (at the time) kids had their individual pictures taken in the same spot, but I have not unearthed them yet to scan. The year for both was 1964, I think.

I used the Antique theme on the I-Photo software, and like the look. Almost the color of the wonderful Jersey Shore sand...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - School Daze

Ruby Tuesday arrives for another week. Any reds are appropriate, so I am turning to the past for my rubies.

Therefore, why not go back to the first day of school, 1995. Cameron's first day. Naturally, Allegra was an old pro at Mead School as it was her third first day, she going into second grade. The rubies are centered around Cam's fine red plaid shorts and the backpacks. The view is at the front door and the mulberry tree - it had produced its fruit by now. The first-day-of-school white shirt would be purple if it hadn't been.

Retrospective rubies, we took these type of pictures until they felt too old to chronicle their first days, say high school. The smiles are genuine, these college kids now had to start somewhere!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - Lobby Luminosity

We often notice the shadows from above to below. However, my ride height being what it is, I tend to see more of them from the other direction.

So, for Hey Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday, I aim a bit higher in this shadowy world. So I go back to the CT Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The tan marble encased lobby is elegant if a bit formal in appearance.

The sun filtering in from the huge skylights gives a lighter contrast to the stone details.

So this seat of state government still has the look of formality and propriety about it. but infused with softness now.

The brilliance of light makes shadows of character that make the immense lobby more manageable and airier. From top to bottom - or the other way around....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Day is done

Looking at the Sky appears this, and we are always happy to showcase the artistry of the many skies we see. The view here is outside our big window in the back. The fiery sunset stands out as the daylight disappears. Yet, the total view offers many moods of this evening, not just the orange but the very dark clouds preceding the glow and the space blue behind it. I don't remember the conditions of this day, if the clouds were part of a front passing through. Whatever it was, we enjoy the look of the sky and expect a fine day tomorrow! See the varieties of great skies at Tisha's great meme!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Neno's Award

I received Neno’s Award from Heidi of the nice blog Cake Crumbs. A considerate award, flattering that a blogging peer has recognized me among the multitude of musings located around the blog universe. A mom extraordinaire, we enjoy her writings about her family. Heidi is a fine artist as well, whose medium is cake instead of canvas, frosting instead of acrylic. To be noted by this wonderful writer and artistic photographer is a fine honor!

I really enjoy blogging, and first in this is actually reading many blogs of many different subjects. I like to learn about different ideas and points of view.

But the enjoyment of writing a blog surpasses that by a mile.
I grew up with my father as a writer as a reporter, travel writer and in public relations. He had a way with words, and perhaps I absorbed some of that skill as I grew. Maybe not, but if you read enough and have an independent mind, you will write about things that not only interest yourself but other readers, too. To blog allows me to open up ideas and thoughts on so many subjects.
The ability to post photos from many eras and write about them is an enjoyable plus.

Neno’s Award shows dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging - to seek the reasons why we all love blogging.
Here are the rules:
1. Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it. 2. Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
3. Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

4. Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

5. Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post. pass this on to others who I feel really likes the same concept of 'loving to blog':

Linda of Are We There Yet. As a blogger in the same state of Connecticut, she is a EMT dispatcher with a love of travel, a passion for history and an enjoyment for chronicling both of these with her Nikon.
Carletta of ‘Round the Bend. A nice writer from West Virginia who photographs wonderful Mountaineer sights.
Patti of Late Bloomer Boomer. Not only is she a wonderful mate, but she is the professional writer around here, and a fine one as well!

Again, I thank Heidi for the recognition!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sepia Scenes - Sandbar

Sepia Scenes allows a warm monochrome in any scene, in any season. Summer work well should we consider the sand itself an almost sepia surface. The look of Kalmus Beach, one of Barnstable's fine beaches on the Cape. The tone is fine here, as there were light clouds set upon a pale gray-blue sky. Sunny but not necessarily bright. The sand is the right color. So the total view is beach-like from the top to the bottom of the frame. Soothing and relaxing, as vacations should be.

At at the edge of the boardwalk is a beach wheelchair with the large balloon tires for easier transport over the sand. I have used these, and sometimes it is just so nice to have your bare toes in the sepia sand. A nice touch, too...

See soothing sepia tones at Mary's great meme!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Renovating

Ruby Tuesday allows us to post lovely rubies, the artistic subtle reds of life.

But not here! Instead of perfect, I am 'showcasing' the mundane, the imperfect, the work-in-progress that portends nice things to arrive.

After the work is done, that is!

Four years ago, we were having our kitchen redone to accomodate the wheelchair. The counters were lowered, 'chair roll-under access to the range and sink, and a new floor.

To get there from here, of course, we all had the opportunity to live among the construction. Really, the best ruby here in the transitional mess is the Porter + Cable air compressor that facilitated the nailer. Lesser rubies include the red parts of the broom and the orange extension cord.

No style here, but the look of the anticipated kitchen update. Although messy, we could picture the time when the kitchen would be completed....

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shadow Shot sunday - Wedding Captures

Shadow Shot Sunday, hosted by Hey Harriet, has us looking for shadowy subjects. Small or tall. I offer the former...

At a beautiful outdoor wedding some years ago, I was looking for photos among the attendees along beautiful Candlewood Lake in CT. As I sit somewhat shorter in my wheelchair, sitting a full 53 inches (140 cm) above the ground. My mother who was 58 inches, would be taller than me right now. I am vertically challenged...

So, this odd shot is a result of my taking the photo in said wheelchair. It’s not easy for me to get a steady shot while using the LCD display. Therefore I need to balance the camera where I am safely positioned in the wheelchair while steadying the device and using the viewfinder - and pushing the shutter. With all of this this multitasking, I sometimes miss things...

I was trying to get a photo of Patti and her newspaper colleagues. The results are plainly seen, the lovely ladies captured, just not completely - but the shadows were captured perfectly! By the way, the lovely Patti is in blue...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking at the Sky - Summer Has Passed

Since it is mid-Autumn, and as it gets cold enough in any upcoming Winter, I looks to a past summer for warmth. True, it is not really cold now, but in imaginary anticipation, I look to Cape Cod, the beach, the ferry coming back from the Islands and the Summer sky. Not to complain about winter, we have it quite soft compared to anyone living in say, Alberta or Saskatchewan where it is truly cold in the season. So as we head toward to frigid skies, Tisha's wonderful meme Looking at the Sky, we can look at ours and the other great photo artists as they show us the beauty of the vast heavens above. Whatever the season!

~ Dona Nobis Pacem ~

This is the entry for the Blog Blast For Peace, hosted by Mimi. Sharp eyed viewers will know that this was posted a year ago. Like Patti, we were working on proper photo software for our new Mac Mini, and are working on it. However, we do want to participate, and we are.

Future peace is the desire, the goal. And why not, as we see our kids Allegra and Cameron in earlier times. Over the years, they have not been taught to hate, but the parental units try to stress peaceful behaviors. We protected, cared for and loved them. Children are brought into our lives and we work to supply them with proper values. But in this world, hatred and warring are learned behaviors...but peace, as commanded by God, is the ideal. If we want peace, especially for our children, we need to practice it. So it, too, will be a learned behavior...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sepia Scenes- Seasonal Shift

Sepia Scenes is a fun meme hosted by Mary the Teach. Today I offer a seasonal mix of several years ago.

The view is of the railing on our front ramp and an autumnal harvest pumpkin. And this one offers a smile, albeit painted. It looks like Fall and Winter in the same frame. A light sepia is the mood, lessening the glare of the stark winter precip and adding a slight tone that accents the burnt orange gourd. A soft, subtle, seasonal and sepia alteration.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Remembering 1968

Ruby Tuesday often compels me to reminisce, to work at capturing the past. Alas, many of the color prints in my possession are fading, the Kodacolor disintegrating. The scans offer no improvement nor restoration possibilities. At least I captured the moment in digital.

We are in 1968 or 1969, judging by the style of the youngest in the family, Christopher, age 4. The late 1960s style is prevalent in his jacket. Starting about now, plaid was to ruin the view until maybe 1981. But it was the look of the day, and it is in red. Combined with the 1964 red VW taillights, retro rubies are in vogue...

Faded this print is, but Grandpa liked visiting us in Connecticut, and to visit the 'typical' New England things, like the old Cider Mill in Glastonbury. In those days, unpasteurized and very cloudy cider was what we consumed, and since it wasn't sold year round, we bought it primarily in the Fall. Today pasteurized and nearly clear cider can be purchased in any supermarket, at any time.

Anyway, he liked to visit this place when town. The reds are faded, but the sign was like the building, painted barn red. His shirt might have been red, too. All retro rubies...