Monday, December 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Holiday Heirlooms

Ruby Tuesday this week continues my nostalgic look at Christmas. The Christmas holiday is arriving quickly, and since this is a holiday for kids of all ages, we go back to Christmas morning 1993, with Allegra (almost 5) and Cameron (just turned 3). Santa was generous that season, and rubies are all around. A Radio Flyer wagon, a bowling set, a 'tool' kit, Snow White and the Dwarfs offer plenty of red.

Their sleepers also have a bit of ruby in their patterns. Let us not forget the Mickey ornament on the tree either. The two of them are happy and excited. The perfect family holiday!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New year in advance to all participants of Mary's always fun Ruby Tuesday!


ilanadavita said...

Yes, that's a lot of red.
One thing I have been wondering for a while. Have you scanned all these photos or do you scan more as you post on your blog.

Ladyinblue said...

Absolutly red :)
Merry Christmas

maryt/theteach said...

Ralph, the kids are just surrounded in RED! Happy Holidays and Happy Ruby Tuesday! Come back to Ruby Tuesday to sign in or if you can't I'll assign you a number for our giveaway! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Leora said...

Your kids have such nice smiles. Especially Allegra. She looks thrilled!

Felisol said...

Your children are a perfect image of the Christmas joy we all want to see, when shopping around like mad men the last days before Christmas.
This joy is our reward.
A merry Christmas to you and your family.
From Felisol

Diane AZ said...

These pictures are perfect for Ruby Tuesday ! Even the stockings Allegra and Cameron are holding up have Santa's red suit. :)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Wonderful red memories, Ralph!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Jim said...

Hey Ralph, I love your kids and the Radio Flyer. I've had three in my life, the current one is in the garage now.
Happy RT! Thank you for visiting and your nice comment about some of my clan. :-)
And Merry Christmas to you and Patti. I know you are white up there, we are brown (had some frost last Saturday).

bj said... usual, Ralph, I am loving your rubys...I remember like it was yesterday when SANTA brought my boy a Ruby Radio Flyer...he is now 45 and a granddad..bwaaaaaa!!
Happy Ruby and such a merry and bright Christmas to you and your lovely family.
xo bj beat me linking up...AGAIN !! :o)

chubskulit said...

Wow those are precious moments of your darlings.

Merry Christmas, here is my RT post.

Ellie Vellie said...

Happy faces! Lovely stockings. My mom made the stocking for my boys and they are very dear to me. On the tree in my house there are ornaments from every year my hubby and I were together and it is so wonderful to go down memory lane. Teddy bears and tiny hands painted on a cheap paper plate - such a joy. Merry Christmas.

eden said...

Woww, they look so excited and happy and lots of red there too.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Paz said...

Christmas with kids is the BEST. Love all the red. I love the look of happiness on their faces.


Joops said...

That's the best part of Christmas, seeing our children's smiling faces.

My Festive Rubies says Merry Christmas.

storyteller said...

What WONDERFUL memories reflected in these ruby photos of Christmases past! Wishing you a joyous holiday with your family this year ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

The Cunning Runt said...

What beautiful children!

Merry Christmas, Ralph, to you and your family.

luna miranda said...

these are wonderful Christmas memories! thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

Now THAT is a perfect little red wagon, and all filled up with toys, too. What more could children ask for?

Dianne said...

the stockings are wonderful
and the children are precious
they truly are beautiful!!

Marice said...

great photos Ralph! lots of rubies! and both of them are so cute! :)

u may view mine here

Jew Wishes said...

What lovely and nostalgic photos. The Radio Flyers...oh my...I remember so well getting one, decades back. LOL.

Have a wonderful and bright holiday season, filled with joy and love.

Helena said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing your memories of Christmas past with us. :)

Happy Holidays!

Auntie E said...

Great Stockings and look like wonderful memories.
Happy Ruby Tuesday.
Mine is up: Ruby in the Snow
Link in my name