Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Touchdown

Shadows are unique, they may faithfully replicate the subject or become a totally different take. So for this installment of Tracy's fun Shadow Shot Sunday, I present the latter. Or maybe not. This week's photos were recent scans from a fun trip to the Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984. It was a great time, but after ten days of vacation/holiday there I had to go home and back to work :>(

The picture is at landing at Chicago on a United Airlines DC-10. And this flight, UA108, was great. I had a seat by the big door over the wing, lots of space and the smoothest ride ever upstairs. The look of sepia and blue would work wonderfully in two fun memes, Looking at the Sky and Sepia Scenes. But what of SSS? This is where a shadow exists, but of what? And where? The wing, no. 2 engine and tail are seen in the shadow before and beyond the wing. It does not jump at the viewer, but ought to show up after a bit of time. If not, the (stock) photo below of a United -10 shows the profile of the items more clearly. I hope...

What I didn't capture that trip was on the flight on the same plane to Hartford. It was at night and the plane flew far above a thunderstorm, and the lightning flashes well below the plane illuminated the sky. No danger, just a fantastic light show at night. See the shadowy world of the photographer at Brisbane's own Hey Harriet!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Lookout!

For Looking at the Sky, we like to show the artistry from above. It is 1984 and I am at Lookout Mountain, the first of the Rockies range just above the hazy sky of metro Denver. Western showman Buffalo Bill is buried on this mount.

To access the summit, you drive on a fun, and smooth switchback state road with wonderfully wide lanes that climbs gradually upwards onto this rocky alp. The swirly sky is seen from the 7300 foot altitude. The rugged ground and scrub is offset by the even bigger clouds. I liked the Denver area when I visited, and the towering Rockies define the horizon to the West.

The artistry from above is endless, check out the variety at Tisha's fun site!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Front Range Sepia

My 1984 trip to the L.A. Olympics began with a few days on the edge of the plains in Denver. I met my sister prior to our trip to LAX, our gateway to the Golden State. Not that the Mile High city was in the stratosphere, but I was used to maybe 250 feet above sea level so had to acclimate myself to the thinner air. What better way to vacation without exertion by driving and snapping the shutter on the Pentax (film) SLR?

Sepia Scenes therefore beckons with a look of stately grandeur. I am south of Denver along I-25, and being used to the hills of Connecticut, none higher than 2400 ft ASL, this unnamed mount is impressive. The golden plain seen in the original below is brilliant. So as to not detract from the majesty of the Rockies, I used an antique edit. The loud prairie grasses are toned down, allowing for a softer gradient from the land to the sky.

The variety of sepia can be found at Mary's monochrome meme!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Olympian Rubies

When we upgraded to Mac Snow Leopard, I inadvertently deleted the HP printer/scanner software. So the web search for software drivers was undertaken, and we are finally back to print and scan. So for Mary's Ruby Tuesday, I am showcasing just scanned small rubies from the 1984 Olympics in L.A.

These views are not huge, sort of slight. But a little or a lot of red works very well, and the Rose Bowl, Olympic artwork and the tiny flags on the equestrian hurdles. That was a fun trip all those years ago, even if I put 712 miles on my rental car in five days to check all the venues in the L.A. basin / Orange County area. Massive traffic the whole time, at any time of the day, on the 405 and Golden State freeways. And I was happy to have the event tickets, so many people at all venues were saying "Need Tickets"...

I am getting ready to digitize the past again, 1000+ last year, with at least that more to go...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Monday Miscellany

Last Monday was a mixture of activity on the MLK holiday and I was not working. The plan today was simple: Bring the check to the van converter for my new/used wheelchair van and bring the kiddies back to the University of Hartford after the winter break.

I thought to bring the camera, and of course, Tracy's fun Shadow Shot Sunday might have been a reason why I chose to bring the digital photographic unit along. Actually, the best :>)

I have been working with the dealer, Advanced Wheels in East Granby, since 1996 - an excellent company to do business with. The plant by the door of their waiting area is a well defined shadow.

The 2008 Dodge will be my new steed, and my current ride has over 156000 miles (252000 km), and is a truck This one is much nicer, is smaller, has lower mileage and uses much less fuel.

The shadow underneath is from the ramp for access. Happily we were offered credit at most favorable terms...The wheelchair driver work will be completed in March.

The university is only about 15 minutes from the dealer. Today was move-back day for students after the 4-5 week break, and both kids were more than ready for much work mixed in with their fun activities, notably the TV station and pep band. A mostly cloudy day, the sun appeared as the students reappeared. This is Cameron's on-capus apartment with sunny shadows...

Chasing shadows are a fun avocation, see the wide (and) wild variety at this excellent meme!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Back to School

Looking at the Sky allows us to check the many moods of the heavens. I offer here a prosaic look at the sky - of what mood? Well, I brought our kiddos back to the University of Hartford after their extended holiday break. It was a fun time for all, but Allegra and Cameron were ready to return to their busy lives at school.

This is a view outside of Allegra's campus apartment. It had been cloudy most of the day, but notice that on the day of the arrival of students on the extended break, the look of the sun had started to appear. The gray clouds are dissipating as the next semester is about to begin. Let the sun and blue be the things that portend a fine four months of studies and learning...

While utilizing the Canon point-and-shoot during the move, I heard a buzzing upstairs looked and pushed the shutter button. It may be a metaphor for the kids to fly high and soar, etc. (not that I am that poetic, of course :>) I tend to notice things like airplanes, even little single engined ones like this. So, it probably had more to do with my blog name being Airhead...See the wonders of sky artists at Tisha's most excellent meme!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Land_o_Lakes

It is the Summer of 1959 somewhere in the land of sky blue water, the gorgeous state of Minnesota. I may be a park in the Twin Cities area, and some of the family are enjoying a nice warm day. The monochrome seems a natural for Mary's Sepia Scenes.

The participants, L-R: Aunt Terry, me (age 4), Michele, Claudia, Grandma V. and dad. I don't know what the statue is (Hiawatha and Minnehaha?), but its bronze tone a natural for sepia, too. I just noticed the leaves above. Grandpa did not aim for the swirly in-motion look of the foliage with his German Exa SLR camera. But the effect is stunning, almost a kaleidoscope in style. I didn't even see the swirl until about ten minutes ago...See sepia in many iterations at this fun meme.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Dueling Mascots

A conference of mascots is not something we see every day. So I don't think that these fellows are actually having an argument. But since they do not talk in a language we understand (ie: silence), who can say??

Happily the mascots are festooned in the favorite color for this day each week, they are perfect subjects for Mary's always fun Ruby Tuesday

At a college basketball game last week, we captured a pair of furry mascots Rocky from the New Britain (CT) Rock cats, Class AA - Minnesota Twins, and the always smiling Howie Hawk, the lovable mascot of the University of Hartford. The cross promotional mascots of marketing are a perfect pairing for RT - right??

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Cityscape

We search for the shadowy world for Hey Harriet's always delightful Shadow Shot Sunday.

Hartford is the capitol city of the Constitution State, Connecticut. On our way home from the University of Hartford from a basketball game where Allegra and Cameron play in the pep band. I love the wheelchair seating there on the floor with excellent views of the game in process.

On our way home, I commissioned the ever lovely Patti to take these shadowy photos while I was maneuvering the barn sized Ford van (full disclosure). The pictures were my idea, as as driving with the hand controls left no limb ready to shoot away...Safety may be boring, but when on the road, sound policy :>)

On the left, it looks like one building, but it is a two buildings that reflect the old (1880's) house dwarfed by the newish (1962) Cathedral of St. Joseph. The shadow sits around the old as the sun illumines the new. On the right, the view of the modern building canyons leaves shadows up to the fifth floor of the Bank of America building (L) and the 'Gold' building. Shadows and tall buildings seem to be mutually inclusive...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Sunless Son

We hope that family vacations are sunny and bright. That doesn't mean that clouds shall cast a pall on our week away from home. The clam and seafood chowdah on the Cape tastes just a fine with or without the solar orb overhead.

Given that, for Looking at the Sky we see a fun day mixed with an oceanic gray over the younger Cameron. The smile is genuine and the clouds don't prevent him from looking like a tourist in the Hawaiian shirt. It is comfortably warm under the cloudy canopy. Where the biggest and most important family decision on vacation is "where are we going to dinner tonight", any day without rain is relaxing indeed...

Join many sky seeking artists in Tisha's fun photo meme!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Arctic Suburbia

The soft monochrome of sepia is an antidote to winter gray. In an illusory sort of way, anyway.

Mary's great Sepia Scenes is a fine venue to improve the dank winter look. The sky now is cloudy, with no hints of blue nor sun to offer a bit of hope. So it looks as well as feels cold.

The light sepia seems to highlight the icicles hanging from the gutter. So an enhancement of the seasonal and unattractive is in order - and sepia warms the scene in our minds, anyway...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Snow Cycling

Ruby Tuesday this week is another idea provided by my Brother Chris (aka: CP) in the foothills of the snowy Wasatch Mountains north of Salt Lake City. It snows out there much of the Winter, with wonderful skiing (alas I wouldn't know :>)

He commutes to his place of employ as often as possible by bicycle. So he has his knobby 'snow' tires on his bike, with the proper lighting to be street legal. He is a tough guy, a swimmer when younger and the high altitude conditioning these days.

He noted in communication that now he gets what Ruby Tuesday is about. The original Ruby Tuesday suggested by CP was inspired by the University of Utah. The reds are subtle at first glance. Until the generator that lights the light is activated by furious pedaling motions. Thanks for the idea Bro!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - More Fore

We merely wish for warmth, the cold extending South to Central Florida and the Gulf Coast. Cold where not expected and ridiculous where. So from vacations past, we draw the warmth of the sun for Hey Harriet's fab Shadow Shot Sunday. At a less-than-perfect wheelchair height, we capture two who are hard at play. Patti (L) and Cameron at the old fashioned Main Street Mini Golf in Hyannis. After Golf, we would retire across the street for a cone of frozen ice cream to cool down a bit. The look of the summer sun is above the duffers as they putt, I feel a little better about the weather now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Steubenville Summer Skies

The past skies often tell a story. So for Looking at the Sky, we see the weather evolve over two days in these non-descript skies. Patti and I travelled to a college reunion to the steel mill town of Steubenville Ohio.

July 1999 was a seriously hot/humid month. It was all over the northern tier, and here was no exception. The top shot is on Friday among the hilly Ohio River city. The humidity was quite high and was forming some large thunderheads that sat just above the street. About 99°F (37°C) makes for mountainous cloud formations...

By Sunday, the heat departed. About 20° lower than Friday, the clouds are now the scattered fair-weather type that float lazily over the land. The lower humidity felt much better, the weekend change in the atmosphere welcomed.

There is nothing earth shattering about the pictures per-se, but as I remember the time, the change in the weather pattern then was most welcome. The changed sky tells the tale...

See Tisha's fun meme for the ever-changing character of the heavens...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Seasonal Sepia (2)

For the monochrome memeSepia Scenes, I return to the seasonal views of yore.

This is the final and oldest snowy picture of 115 Wickham Drive in East Hartford CT. It is around Christmas 1963, with snow on our landscape-less front yard. I think that it is Grandpa in the window, already having set the exposure on his Exa SLR camera. I guess that our Dad took the picture with the kids at play...

Note the car covered in snow, it is a SIMCA, a really obscure French auto in the USA, although millions were made. Dad did wear a beret...

Contrast the above view of Winter with the look of Summer. At the best vacations of my youth, the island sandbar of Brigantine, this in 1968. My opinion is that New Jersey has among the best beaches around (let the arguments begin!). The soft sand is a powdery sepia that invites your toes to sprint their way to the salty surf of the Atlantic.

Given some of the startled faces, the kids seem to think the water is a bit cold. A better kind of cold than the frigid Winter of 2010...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Winter is old...

Living in a four-season climate, the variations in temperatures are expected. And welcomed sometimes. But not for me, not today anyway. The incessant snow showers were to leave a trace, yet we have accumulated 4 inches through the day. Some trace...

Therefore, for Mary's Ruby Tuesday, a look at the past of a warmer day, the anthesis of the windswept landscape of today.

It is a garden of annuals planted by the lovely Patti. There is enough Summer rubies to allow us to conveniently forget the current conditions. It is an odd psychology where a look at the summer makes us feel warmer. Of course our new furnace is making the atmosphere inside feel a bit more temperate, too...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - More of Winter...

Shadow Shot Sunday is a fun way to explore the shadowy side of people and/or places. I find myself looking at the past, for sentimental reasons. Like with our children of four or more years ago. They are posing on a wintery shadows in the back yard. The shadows add a fun look to a wonderful if cold day. The shadows are a true enhancement to a snowy backdrop. Ahh, to be young and at play, forgetting about the cold...

Snow angels, anyone??

This old and faded print is a companion to one posted on Looking at the Sky yesterday - that previous picture was meant to show the beautiful sky set against the snow. The day is 8 February, 1978 after the biggest snowfall (30" - 77 cm) that I have seen. This shot shows a shadow formed when four adult kids had to shovel the frozen precip somewhere, anywhere. The suburban alp looks impressive above and on the driveway. The great shadow allows for offbeat art and a sore back.

Note the snow shovel that was abandoned in the snow and the auto that was unearthed...

Shadows abound! Visit the many shadow artists at Hey Harriet's fun meme!