Monday, May 31, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Parade

Ruby Tuesday arrives on this holiday (in the US) weekend. Since our town parade was held on Sunday, it is my subject for RT. All photos were taken from wheelchair height on the shady side of the street.

Our town has a population of around 18,500, so it is a small town parade in essence. People of all backgrounds arrive for the festivities.

There weren't veterans marching today, a shame. There will be in tomorrow's parade held by the neighboring towns of Derby and Shelton, and being a much larger parade (with the Connecticut Air National Guard providing an aerial fly-by), there will be...

Befitting a small town, there are more of the usual sights, such as high school marching bands and drum corps, whose flag bearers today are resplendent in ruby outfits.

Fire apparatus is a regular fixture in a holiday parade. Like the Eagle Hose Company fire carriage.

Manufactured in 1859, this four-wheel hose wagon with 50 feet of hose was obtained by a group of prominent Ansonians and donated to the city in 1871. The restoration of this rare item cost $50,000 and was completed in 2005.

Of course, a variety of modern fire trucks were to follow the carriage. Naturally, the newer is more effective in fighting a blaze today...

The day was wonderful, dry with blue skies and warm temperatures (84°F / 29°C). The crowd approved of the fine weather.

Of course the balloon and souvenir vendors were there, hawking their wares. I see a little girl perhaps looking at the items in the cart...

Patti, her mom and I attended. we sat under the shadow of buildings on the other side. We three preferred not melting in the sun. However, many chose the sunny side of the street.

There is something special in watching a parade. True, there was nothing elaborate along the lines of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. But that so many townspeople had attended and watched all the marchers in harmony is why even a small parade is a nice time...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Chevy

Given that I am height challenged, my photo perspectives seem to reside at lower altitudes.

Never being one that doesn't appreciate a fine shadow, I often borrow the shadowy works of Patti for Tracy's fun Shadow Shot Sunday.

But on this day in 2008, before I aimed for shadows for SSS, the blend of shadow and reflection jumped up at me. And I happened to have the camera on this day of brilliant autumnal sun. And I like old vehicles, in the air or on the ground. The royal blue canvas adorns this 1964 Chevrolet El Camino (car-truck hybrid, I believe called a Ute in Oz). So the case was made for capturing the photo taker.

Never let a great shadow get away. See more shadowy splendor at Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Bayside Sepia

It is fun to reminisce as we look through old B&W prints of our past. Sepia is a nice enhancement to views of our past, the bronze enhancement adding a warm monochrome to our memories.

So for the host of this fun meme, and Borough of Queens native Mary, I go back into the past - again. And Sepia Scenes is the place to reminisce of a place in time. The apartment at 203-11 42nd Avenue in Queens NYC.

On the left is sister Michele in the center, with sisters Claudia and Sharon to her right. I am guessing that the girls surrounding Michele is Debbie, her little sister Lynn and Patty.

On the right is Michele (second grade) in her school uniform for St. Kevin's School (195th Street I believe) and newborn sis Suzanne Marie. The oldest and the youngest in 1962.

A sepia warmth seems to permeate the warm memories of Bayside. We moved when I was in second grade to East Hartford Connecticut suburbia, yet the concrete canyons around the old apartment seem memorable today...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Kitchen Rubies

Ruby Tuesday arrives again with anticipation. Except for red, the themes are undefined

So, we can choose all the way from serious to silly. or somewhere between the two extremes. Although, at dinner, some might consider that to be serious if not a sacred event.

The rubies are all about. from tomatoes among the cooking squash, the kettle and the counter savers standing behind the range. Ruby accoutrements add a creative style to any dish...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Graduating

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives a week after a most special Sunday, the university graduation of first-born Allegra. No doubt, the ceremonies this day were paramount.

Naturally, rubies, sepia subjects and even shadows figured in the photo taking as well. We both took turns with the camera, but the lovely Patti captured my shadows today. She is either taller or in the passenger seat :>)

Cameron (who also had a part in the ceremony) and I were conversing under the linear shadows - he is the tall one. We seemed to get ahead of Patti, and she had the camera...Allegra before the ceremony, along with a shadowy mortar board in the background. Finally, the Dodge casts a shadow in our path as we are leaving the University.

A special day and adorned with shadows too! See Tracy at Hey Harriet for shadows galore!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sepia Scenes- Grad

Sepia is a soft monochrome that seems to accent the subject well.

So for Sepia Scenes, I focus on recent graduate Allegra.

She seems pleased that she has completed four years of learning, work and fun. Not a look of apprehension, but the look of satisfaction that it has been a great time.

A look of the pride of accomplishment. A smile that she has earned.

Antique and sepia seems just right for the graduate.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Graduation

The firstborn began a new stage in life on Sunday. Allegra has graduated from the University of Hartford. A major milestone has been reached, her learning and experiences have lead to such a wonderful day.

Given that the school's colors are red and white, Mary's Ruby Tuesday is a place to chronicle some of the sights of the event. The day could not have been nicer, blue skies combined with low humidity and a strong sun making a comfortable day for the outside proceedings. 

The program is a ruby, for instance. The names of the 1400 degree recipients of all levels from all levels undergraduate to doctoral degreed programs. Balloons add a festive air on a day to celebrate.

Rubies abound with the orders for all to get in line for this one special day.

The proud girls pose after the diploma was received. The smiles are genuine, the feeling ebullient, the day an unqualified
Congratulations to Allegra, she earned her cum laude diploma with hard work, diligence and a curiosity to learn new things. Our firstborn continues to grow...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Drive Time

Shadows occur with regularity - happily, if we pay attention, we are able to capture them all, unique or mundane.

Happily, Shadow Shot Sunday allows us the opportunity to display our finds. Of course, the finds I showcase here really are 'ours' - as I drive, the always lovely Patti takes the shadowy pictures.

On top, we have just exited the Charter Oak Bridge entering the capitol city of Hartford, the shady sides of the buildings add the requisite shadowy texture to the panorama. Patti always knows the best time to engage the shutter button...

Continuing south on Route 15 toward our abode in the Ansonia Uplands, we are near the entrance to the tunnel under the West Rock Ridge The shadows here are up-close and immediate as we aim toward the portal of the crossing, itself appearing as one.

A nice day it always is alongside lovely mate (and photographer) Patti. Shadow hunting is a fun avocation. See much more at the fun meme hosted by Tracy, aka: Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Random Ride

A while ago, Patti and I were passing through the Steel City, Pittsburgh. Since Sepia Scenes seems to add a soft monochrome that enhances older pictures, I add this random mix of scenery.

I believe this to be the Fort Pitt Bridge (I-279 North) passing the late (not) lamented Thee Rivers Stadium. The cables support the bridge roadway. An eclectic mix of subjects, topped off by the driver's profile. Odd it seems to see me in shadowy pose, it is like a Hitchcock cameo in his films - the signature.

The soft sepia seems to soften the view while the driver seems oblivious to the steel city sights as he peers straight ahead...See sepia in many iterations at Mary's site!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Happy Anniversary

It never gets old. Being married to the beautiful and ageless Patti.

The day was one Saturday May 10, 1986. From the beautiful ceremony at the First Baptist Church in Ansonia to the reception at the Harrison Inn in Southbury, it was a day to savor...a day to remember.

It was one of those perfect early May days, temp around 71, blue skies, and absolutely no humidity. When Patti and I met through an arranged meeting on January 30, 1985 at the Steak and Sword restaurant, could we have envisioned only fifteen months later, the beginning of our twenty-four years together.

So much has occurred since then, and there have been setbacks. Much like lost income, wheelchairs and the like. But together any bumps have ultimately been smoothed. But those are only the externals...being together meant that we could be a team and get through it. As we have - and continue to.

A wonderful life has ensued with my companion and best friend. Happy Anniversary Patti!

Rubies are seen in the seen altar drapery and carpeting at the church...and in our hearts!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Foodie shadows

Shadows seem to appear in the natural lighting quite readily, shadows falling with depth and character under a brilliant sun.

However, for Shadow Shot Sunday this week, I look for artificial light and shadows of lower strength from indoor artificial lighting. Food works well as a subject for shadows.

Here is a table setting for a fish soup we made that has been described before. A few shadows emerge due to the candle and not-so-bright ambient lighting. I guess that the shadows are barely noticeable, but perfect for a relaxing mood composed of food, wine, candlelight and conversation. The shadows define the mood tonight.

Shadowy art abounds, see more at Tracy's excellent meme Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Golden sepia

Sepia Scenes salutes sumer sights. The past returns us to Big Stony Lake in northern Minnesota. A subject from the past reappears, and it is Golden Retriever Brandy. Not my dog, but a nicer dog you couldn’t find. The land of sky-blue water is a great place for any retriever. Throw the branch or ball into the lake, and she would happily oblige. You could make that throw 100 times, and she would still return it...This is a mild antique edit of a most pleasant and wet golden canine sitting under the sun. See sepia artistry at Mary’s great meme!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Red sky at night...

Ruby Tuesday arrives this week, and ruby reds exist all about. Here is the L.A. Coliseum one evening during the 1984 Olympics.

This was scanned from a print taken from a Pentax K1000, I imagine with ASA 400 film and the flash only, without a tripod nor shutter release. The age of the print changes the colors in the picture I would guess.

The print offers some definite rubies under the arches and the red Olympic ring. An odd sort of burgundy glow seems to compose the night sky over this venue, and the flame is more red than orange in its glow.. It was not planned, yet the ruby effects make for an interesting scene

See more and more ruby artistry at Mary's meme!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowy Siblings

Shadow Shot Sunday allows us to seek out shadows, big or small, young or old.

Our kids, the erstwhile Allegra and Cameron, have lived in and out of the world of shadows - just like the kids with more experience (aka: the parents)

These are a kind of the younger vs. the older points of reference. The tree induced shadows are Cam's very first day of Kindergarten, Allegra second grade (1995). The day is bright, the shadows deep.

The way bigger pair is in 2007. The shadows are more subtle, the sun just as bright as when they were younger. There may be a metaphor at work here...

Shadows as an artistic medium are everywhere, so please see Hey Harriet to see lots more!