Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Street Fair

The Summer street fair season is in full swing as June comes to a close.

Perhaps the lively color red can be captured here and there for Mary's always fun Ruby Tuesday

Today it is the small city next to us, that being Derby CT, pop. 13,000

Derby is an older mill town as is our domicile Ansonia, which itself was part of Derby until 1893. The weather was a hazy and warm 88°F (31°C).

Yet the heat did not keep people from a closed off Elizabeth Street and the expansive (and shaded) city green.

Vendors of crafts, foodstuffs, home improvement contractors lined the street and green. Music on the street and the gazebo. Pony rides for the little ones.

And of course in this election year 2010, the obligatory candidates for Connecticut governor visited. It comes with the territory at events like this...

Really though, Patti, Allegra and I came for something to nosh on...

And this is the raison d'ĂȘtre to visit a fair like this. But what?

There was Polish (piroges, sauerkraut), Thai, Crepes, sausage and peppers, hot dogs, corn dogs, ice cream, popcorn, smoothies, pizza and fried dough - the usual at least in these parts.

I had pizza, the ladies fried dough. (A higher calorie count, of course :>)

There were a few fresh squeezed lemonade stands - our drink of choice, and delicious on this steamy day.

It was a fun time, even with the crowds. Days like this bring out everyone, and there are no class distinctions - people like to congregate on a nice day together, and I saw no problems about (several Derby PD bicycle officers mingled around though)

So we had a fine time, although all that sun did tire us out upon our arrival home.

Local rubies were to be captured except - we had no battery power in our camera. It seems that we fully discharged both sets of rechargeable batteries when we went to Boston, and forgot to recharge them. Happily we were able to commission Allegra to take a few shots for us. Thanks kid!

See lots more Rubies at Mary's fine meme!


maryt/theteach said...

Hey Ralph, how far from Queens is Derby? I'd love to celebrate and nosh on Derby Day... :)

Rambling Woods said...

Local fairs are the best..glad it didn't rain and that you were able to get out and have a good time Ralph.... Michelle

chubskulit said...

The opera house shot is making me smile!

Ruby Tuesday

Jim said...

Thanks to Allegra! She saved the day, for Dad and for all of us. It is amazing how those old mill towns survive. I lived in Manchester, N.H. in another life. It used to be a mill town also.
Did you know that the stuff you eat standing up has no calories that count?
Happy RT! I am 'out of pocket' but did post this week. Next week probably not. But maybe.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

love street fairs and their fare

EG Wow said...

Good old-timey fun! The fresh lemonade sounds great...especially if the temperature was 31°C!

Felisol said...

I love great fairs. Like you say; everybody's out there, all having fun.
Normally we have to wait till August for these events. June is simply too cold.
I envy your 30 degrees.

bj said...

O, I love this kind of thing. I see lots and lots of rubies...thanks to your sweet Allegra.:)
So glad ya'll had such a great time.
xo bj

stan said...

Thanks for sharing the festivities. I alawys look forward to such street parties back home.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Your place sounds like there is so much fun over there.

Yes, if not for the miles we can go anywhere even I walk for a day. Well, people survived in those days where transportation was made on foot.

Thanks for the warm reception of our Ettamogah Pub. I am also curious to get inside there one day. One day I hope.

Not into drinking but the homemade meals ala Oz are truly superb especially the Truckie Meal.

ellen b said...

sounds like some great food to nosh on. I love perogie! Glad you had some back up for the photos!!

Greyscale Territory said...

Your Derby Day celebration sounds like heaps of fun! A mill town means a flour mill? (I'm not familiar with the term!) Love the sign strung across the street! Great shots from Allegra!

Robin said...

How fun, I love street fairs - and fair food too! Grab me a chili dog, would you?

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Dianne said...

I love the banner shot!
and that happy sun at the opera house

Patti said...

We had fun! And I even got to meet the paranormal folks!

The lemonade was delish.

Anonymous said...

Great fair! It seems you had a great day out.

nonizamboni said...

Loved reading about your Derby Days and all the great nosh. I'd say Allegra saved the day!
p.s. Now I know your connection to MN--do you and your fam visit?

Kris said...

You almost made me want to go to a fair like that now, and I usually abhor all sorts of crowds. But you described the day and atmosphere so well and 'summery'! :) Nice post and photos.

Ann said...

You had a great day, and makes me wish I could swap places as it is miserably cold here in NEw Zealand.