Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Lighthouse Looks

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Brisbane resident Tracy. We who constantly look for states of altered lighting are ready. We see shadows and such often, and are happy to post.

This was taken by a family member, I believe Allegra. This would be in the back seat of our previous Ford van, and in the sandbar known as Cape Cod a few years ago.

This is the famous Chatham Lighthouse in the beautiful town of the same name. This is the third of the original Chatham structures, built in 1881. It is still a US Coast Guard approved light, and has been updated to 2.8 million candlepower aerobeacons. A real classic, still.

We actually took a vacation drive to look at lighthouses, foregoing the typical suntan quest. So learning on vacation is always fine. And as I look back, shadows turned up - I suppose the quest for shadows is almost instinctive...See shadowy views always at Hey Harriet!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking at the Sky - On angel wings

Looking at the Sky on Friday is so much fun, with the photos taken by us - or others. Sometimes, if someone is going somewhere, perhaps they may kindly take a frame or two on my behalf, please

Today, it is Allegra who took some nice sky shots in a trip she made to Duke University in March for the NCAA women's basketball tournament. 

Thus it is the Miami Air  737 charter flight from Hartford (BDL) to Raleigh NC (RDU). The top photo shows the climb from BDL from Runway 24. Now I wouldn't be called Airhead, nor a doting dad, and not know these things as I tracked the flight. It had to be that runway for takeoff, based on the climb-out after takeoff. An incredulous first Allegra asked me how I knew, and we checked the chart (right)

Well, following airplanes in the sky is a sort of avocation for me :>)

The final approach into Raleigh is shown. Even 500 miles away, the pleasant sky looked nearly the same down there, too. As I recall, it felt like Spring under fair skies (and smooth flying according to the picture taker). Thanks kiddo for the LATSOF pictures!

See others who have chronicle the heavens above at Tisha's meme 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Companion Blog

I am seriously considering a way, any way to find some way to make income by and for myself. Yet disabilities can often be a hinderance to employ.

Not to complain, but I face challenges in this. But I will not make excuses, there all biased, etc. My current employment is at a non-profit that I believe will be defunded due to Connecticut's severe budget deficit deficit. And soon (should I hope??). Not to fear...

I want to get away from employers, preferring instead to use my smarts (in my humble opinion :>) to live on side jobs and the written word. I just need the nerve to break away from where I've been. This new blog is known as Lapareau Consult.

I only need to stay positive and use my strengths to my advantage...for once!

Sepia Scenes - Futon Feline

Sepia Scenes allows us to search for subjects for the subtle and soft monochrome. Speaking of soft, how about furry Linus, sleeping softly on the futon. Not to disturb the tired kitty, so I merely applied a light antique tone that enhances his sepia moo-cow markings perfectly. See Mary's fun meme.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Summer Harvest

Ruby Tuesday arrives courtesy of mary. We aim for reds of any shade to participate in the fun.

These are simple reds today. I went to a farmer's market on friday, and thought that a nutritious dinner was finally in store.

Yellow squash, a Vidalia onion, a purple bell pepper and the ruby of large grape tomatoes that were purchased.

The veggies were roasted at 400° F (204° C), and to perfection. The wine was red, not an expensive one, but we used the balloon glasses anyway. Ambience cannot be overstated! See more red at Mary's site...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Haven Shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday is a fun avocation, as shadows abound in every nook.

Earlier, Patti and I were driving through New Haven and the older architecture offers a style just perfect for patterns of light and shade.

The church of St. Mary looks substantial with the ambient lighting, the stone and stained glass lovely. This gothic structure was built in 1874, replacing the original building destroyed by fire in 1848.

It was a nice day, not too hot and with the windows down on the Dodge driving around the edge of Yale University.

This is a typical city view with a walk/don't walk light, a utility pole full of advertisements, and an iron fence surrounding a monument.

This is the Broadway Civil War monument that was dedicated in 1905. It sits 32 feet tall and was built at a then cost of about $5000. 

The inscription reads in part: “Erected by the joint contributions of the state of Associations of 1st Conn. Light Battery and 6th, 7th and 10th Conn. Vols. as a sacred and perpetual memorial to men who suffered and died that the republic might live: 1861-1865.” 

The shadows fall onto the infantryman as he scans the horizon on both frames...
This building was featured in another post recently. However, I love the style and architecture of a begone era, so post it again. And the intricate shadows that fall upon it.

This is on the old campus of Yale, the building Welch hall, a freshman dorm. This 1891 beauty is full of slate, brick, dormers, turrets and windows surrounded by arches. A fine style that is not built any more, no doubt due to cost considerations...

The final downtown picture before we trek back to suburbia is the New Haven GreenThe green sits as the middle square of the original nine square grid the city laid out in 1638. As in the past, the sun and shade allow this to be an urban oasis.

Shadows are all around, especially in an urban environment. But shadowy art occurs everywhere, so check out much more at Hey Harriet

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Harborside

Looking at the Sky on Friday is a treat - our avocation often is, well...looking at the sky. In this digital age, we are able to capture and keep memories so easily.

It is a June wedding two years ago. The reception is at Amarante's Sea Cliff on New Haven Harbor. The setting sun that is setting in a dramatic fashion from under a gray deck of clouds (no rain on the wedding :>)

The sky scene is not the only thing worth remembering, there is of course the lovely Patti under the same sky earlier. The sky is thus a nice backdrop to all the surrounding beauty. See more sky at Tisha's fine meme!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sepia scenes - New as Old

The look of the past, the shapes, styles and detailing evokes a charm, where the architect aimed for a stately elegance. I usually see period photographs (made off glass plates) of such dwellings in a faded bronze, a perfect hue.

So for Sepia Scenes, I thought I'd try to capture that style while in real time. Patti captured this house on a nice street in New Haven. I would guess that it was built somewhere between 1880-1890. The turret on the roof with its hexagon (my guess) dome is my favorite detail.

To attempt to capture the old look, I eliminated the utility lines to make the scene feel old. The wire that remains is nearly hidden between the second and third floors. You can see it, although it almost seems like a styling element. With the sepia and the matte edges, it adds a bit of age to the frame. See more and more sepia at Mary's meme!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Red Reading Room

Red abounds in the old towns we live in, often in the older public buildings.

For Ruby Tuesday, I choose another local library with unique architecture and a ruby facade, this being in nearby Shelton.  

Completed in 1894, Plumb Memorial offers a Victorian beauty and style that is grand with beautiful detailing.

The trim is a nice red stone that adds a nice accent to the archway and draws our eyes to the tall and narrow windows.

Like the Ansonia Library, in those days it was always nice that wealthy benefactors found a way to build a 'free' library. 

So learning could continue in an era where these industrial towns concentrated on industry for many instead of education for only the few. So libraries were quite important back then, and they looked important also...See more ruby red at Mary's meme

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Traveling

The world of shadows know no bounds, showing up in unexpected places, and ways too. 

So for Shadow Shot Sunday, this old print, seen before, captured my shadowy imagination. 

It is ten years ago on the Henry Hudson Parkway approach to the beautiful George Washington Bridge (GWB) across the Hudson River to New Jersey, opened in 1931. Two things stand out: a stuffed bear enjoying the view and the horizontal appearing shadow that is actually a windshield (windscreen?) wiper - that is the unexpected shadow taken by then co-pilot Cameron... 

Earlier on the same drive to Pennsylvania, we entered the tree lined border to New York along the picturesque Hutchinson River Parkway. 

A pretty road that is of an old and quite poor design. However on a Sunday morning without the hordes of commuters, it really is a nice drive. Plenty of trees to cast shadows across the four lanes.

The aforementioned bear, named Henry, is more easily spotted here.

Later that same trip, this was captured by the co-pilot of that day, the lovely Patti. 

I am curious about the effects that are climbing diagonally on the windscreen. Are they shadows? Perhaps reflections? either/or maybe neither/nor.

I do like the way they appear on the print. I wonder what the bear thought?

See the artistry of the shadowy world at Hey Harriet!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Sandbar Siblings

The fun of any vacation should not be dependent on the weather. Such as under a low ceiling of a briny Atlantic mist. With three of my favorite people captured on film.

Looking at the Sky on Friday today showcases much younger (2001) children on Cape Cod's Nauset Beach  with Mom. The entire beach was ours, as the usual fair-weather beach patrons opted to stay away. More sand and surf for us.

The sky has a blue-gray hue that is quite attractive. The smiles on these three add a sunny quality to the frame if not the sky. See skies of all kinds at Tisha's fun meme.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Colorado High

I like the look of a soothing monochrome on an old photo. So Sepia Scenes arrives nicely this week. The picture is my guess from 1920 or 1921. The subject, of course, is Grandpa, at an age of maybe 20 years. The place I believe to be Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs. As a young man, I knew he spent a couple of years in California before returning back to Steubenville.

Perhaps a made a stop off here, after the long train climb over the Sierras and Rockies from the Golden State. I guess the spring water was bottled there, and Grandpa stood nearly at tall as the container. A gentleman who always seemed cool.

See more sepia at Mary's meme!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Vacationing

Ruby Tuesday often sends me to the past for ruby red highlights. Today, we look back at a family vacation in 1999 - the hotel was in Groton CT.

A nautical vacation spot including the great Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport and the USS Nautilus Museum at the US Sub Base, all excellent venues especially with ten year old Allegra and eight year old Cameron. A learning vacation the kids loved.

Really, though, the prime exhibit for fun is at the suite hotel and of course, the pool. Rubies are in the swimwear and the No Lifeguard on Duty sign. Of course we watched them have a great time, which parents always find rewarding.

See ruby artistry at Mary's excellent and fun meme!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Gallery Shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday is a wonderfully fun meme hosted by Aussie Brisbane artist Tracy. The shadowy and reflective artistry is all over the place - we participants thus get the opportunity to play along.

This week I am happy to highlight blog friend Linda of Are we there Yet. It is fun to have a fellow blogger from not-too-far away Norwich, CT, merely 60 miles (97 km) and one hour away.

A photo artist in my opinion, capturing wonderful shots of Connecticut with her Nikon D-60. And, often involving the P&W Railroad, Yantic, Amanda and Jamie.

A cool blog friend, always with artistic shadowy possibilities...

So being so close, we were excited that Linda had a photo that was part of an exhibit in fairly close to us West Hartford. Linda has made it into that world of the showcased, the recognized, the artiste.

She chose a fine framed photo of the stone towers of the always beautiful and artistic Brooklyn Bridge, opened in 1883.

The stone arches dissipate the western light with such elegance and style. The look is just right to crop and center into a matted frame. Perfect for what turned into a stuffy and crowded exhibit. At 55, I was even feeling young in this environment...

Art is so often what is captured in the moment. And what works is not how the bridge is captured - but that it was captured so well with the D-60.

I would hope that the artist considers the total view, the look in the corner that is not defined by the frame or matting. However by the look, the artistry and perfectly captured by the artist. I am sure she agrees!

Blogging is fun, and having a blog friend of ours so close, the meetings are also fun. So Linda, perhaps Patti, I and you need to meet in Waterford for an always excellent meeting for conversation and food (in that order :>)

For more shadows and art from around the earth, please see this always fun site at Hey Harriet!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Intercoastal Image

Looking at the Sky on Friday is a treat, as we view what naturally captures our attention upstairs (and regularly, in my case...)

This is an old winter picture in late December alongside the Intercoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County Florida. The fair weather clouds are few, and the azure hue above amplifies the blue on the water below. This snowbird liked the warmer winter, temperature and of course sky.

See Tisha's fun meme for more heavenly looks!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Stratospheric

Sepia Scenes arrives again, this marvelous soft monochrome is such an easy-on-the-eyes addition to many photos.

In August 1984, I was on a United DC-10 winging toward Chicago. One of the best flights ever, smooth, two aisles to roam, few people. A nice ride, indeed. Sepia is so calming, so even minus the normal blue above, the sepia sky allows us to continue the easy glide above it all.

That's how I see the mild bronze hue above and below this big wing. See Mary's fun and artistic meme for more sepia poses...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Variety is the Spice

Ruby Tuesday arrives this week, and the four-day (for me) weekend offers bits of red here and there.

To drive anywhere requires the key to be switched into the ON position. I notice the variety of reds that sit in front of me. So, the mix of red warning lights are tested at start up. So away we go... 

Patti the passenger is always helpful as I navigate and pilot the Dodge while looking for pictures as we are in motion.

This is Welch Hall of the old campus of Yale University in New Haven. This building, a freshman dorm, on College Street offers a red brick that covers this 1891 beauty. Arches and turrets are always stylish, totally lacking in modern buildings.

The old campus at Yale offers architectural gems from bygone eras. One day this summer, when then is less heat and humidity, and before school begins in August, a trek around Yale for photo meme subjects (rubies, sepia, sky and shadows naturally) will be taken in earnest...

At Michele's picnic in East Hartford on July 3, between courses and before the local fireworks, activities for the small children are available.

Such as the fun Slip 'N Slide. This classic has been available since 1961. So parents in the know always bring swimware along with the obligatory two changes of clothing to a summer event.

Brother-in-law Bill is a fun guy, so as his granddaughter was getting wet, pa-pa joined in the fun. There is probably a sound reason that the suggested weight limit should be adhered to (heavier weight = more bruises), but Bill was quite graceful as he landed belly first with an elegant slide...Reds abound, so capturing them is never a challenge. See ruby art at Mary's great site!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Capitol

The changing exposures in the heavens add a different set of character depending on the time of day. Naturally, the shadows are altered awell.

So for Tracy's excellent Shadow Shot Sunday, I look at a grand structure at two points in time on the same day, as done recently. The change can be dramatic.

The day was in March 2009 as I was rolling along the promenade that leads to the Connecticut state Capitol building in Hartford. It was a brilliant day with sun and blue - although it was a cold morning 28°F (-2 °C) with a stout wind all day - check the blue state flag at both times as they are unfurled in the late winter breeze.

The 9:00 AM shadow (above) adds a depth of shadow to the capitol that eliminates any sheen from the marble exterior. As well as the gold dome looks as if the light switch were turned off.

About 1:40 in the afternoon, the look is transformed as the southern sun adds a brilliant luster to the view. And now the gold dome is now beautifully alight. The transformation is complete...

The building is in a Victorian Gothic style. Construction began in 1871, and it was opened for the General Assembly in January 1879. The interior is equally beautiful, with marble and columns that are stunning. Shadows add a changing artistry to many things.