Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Companion Blog

I am seriously considering a way, any way to find some way to make income by and for myself. Yet disabilities can often be a hinderance to employ.

Not to complain, but I face challenges in this. But I will not make excuses, there all biased, etc. My current employment is at a non-profit that I believe will be defunded due to Connecticut's severe budget deficit deficit. And soon (should I hope??). Not to fear...

I want to get away from employers, preferring instead to use my smarts (in my humble opinion :>) to live on side jobs and the written word. I just need the nerve to break away from where I've been. This new blog is known as Lapareau Consult.

I only need to stay positive and use my strengths to my advantage...for once!

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ruthi said...

Your positive attitude is your ultimate weapon to achieve anything. I admire your faith in the world in general. Keep it up.

Have you considered monetizing your blog? When I was out of work for 1 1/2 years, blogging helped me survived and was able to pay some of my bills.