Monday, August 30, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Harbor miscellany

Ruby Tuesday arrive with a smattering of normal places and things found along New Haven’s Long Wharf. The view of the harbor, the East Shore neighborhoods and profile of Long Island is nice, of course.

But business and industry are found along with the watery views. There are large fuel farm tanks, waiting to be fed by the ruby tanker parked along 
the opposing shore. Not pretty, but a necessary thing.

Likewise, the tank with the Gateway Terminal logo offers a spot of red as well. No style, but a ruby nevertheless.

On Long Wharf Drive, there is retail of sorts. Notably the food wagon trucks full of goodies that is Ecuadorian, Mexican, Polish and of course hot dogs.

Yet here is a person that sells flags, and rubies are from all over the earth. So this is another look at unique rubies... 

Finally, we see the large betting parlor known as Sports Haven. This is full of large screen showing the horses at work on race tracks. The lettering is perfect for this time of the week. 

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shoreline

Shadow Shot Sunday is hosted by fun Aussie Tracy in Brisbane - and we hope you feel much better this week! 

When the weather cooperates,   shadows occur in expected places (or maybe not). Given that the early part of the week was rainy and gray, the first nice day was yesterday.

I was in New Haven to pick up Cam at Union Station for the 5:30 train. I had time - and the point and shoot had an empty memory card...

I drove around the Long Wharf surveying shadowy specimens. On top, construction of the replacement I-95 Quinnipiac River Bridge. Structural steel offers shapes that work well for SSS. (As an aside, this replacement should have been built 20 years ago - rant over).

This office building is called the Long Wharf Maritime Center, and has a pleasing shape that throws lots of shadows and reflections. I like the scaffolding, adding character (and a slight shadow, too

The pleasing shape of the building is lovely, and the offices facing the water (with much higher rents, no doubt) get a view that is outstanding, that of the harbor, Long Island Sound and the outline of Long Island, NY 12 miles (19 km) away.

A nicer day I have yet to see in august, with delightfully dry air and temperature of 77° (25° C), and a sky blue that sparkled over the shore and carried far inland

Nearby is the humungous IKEA store. The sky, shadow and sun when combined with the distortion from inside the windscreen adds a shadowy glow (if there is such a thing :) to the massive structure. 

I really like this store, the room displays creative in the stylish Swedish designs - and furniture of high quality as it is designed to be put together easily.

The last view is a fair weather menagerie of clouds. This is similar to the meme Looking at the Sky that I participated in yesterday with a similar shot. The question I have is that a shadow on the underside of the cloud? Perhaps I am taking liberties, but it feels like a shadow...

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Sound Skies

Looking at the Sky on Friday arrives as we chronicle the heavens. We capture and post what we so often focus on. 

This afternoon I was going to New Haven to pick up cam at the train station. Being early and having the point-and-shoot with me, I decided to capture New Haven Harbor as I waited. It had been rainy and gray all week until today. The sky sits beautifully over the water and shore facing neighborhoods

When the humidity is strong, the Long Island Sound estuary (the harbor is part of) has a not very attractive brackish gray/brown hue. 

However, when the sky is as blue as this, the water is much bluer, today an almost azure look. Naturally, the harbor has its commercial uses, such as the United Illuminating electrical generating station. 

Yet, the modern power plant does not detract from the stunning fair-weather clouds above it - no man-made anything can take away from the beauty of the heavens...

Near the Long Wharf, the fair-weather clouds accumulate in a stunning collection overhead. 

The combination of dark gray and brilliant blue is appealing as the sun is now hidden for a few moments. The heat and humidity have left the area for a few days, and we are left to enjoy this divine beauty. 

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Seminary

Sepia Scenes is a wonderful meme, a monochrome effect that highlights many subjects, enhancing the  character of many classic items.

Stately is the proper description of this grand building, the St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield. It seems like classic Europe set in modern and suburban Hartford. 

This seminary is for the Archdiocese of Hartford, and is the third of the buidings that housed it. 

St. Thomas opened at its current location in 1930. Although open 80 years, the style is so far removed from the 20th century that 1930 seems like yesterday. The style is described as combining both French and English Collegiate motifs. It was designed by Louis A. Walsh of Waterbury, CT and took two years to complete.

To this American, this massive and ornate look feels like I may be in Europe prior to the existence of the USA. I guess that granite and limestone adds that truly classic look. Sepia seems an edit that is  just right, the feel of old beautiful in monochrome. See Mary’s meme for more stylish monochrome artistry.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Old World vs New

Ruby Tuesday arrives, so the ruby hunt is on!

A simple ruby is what I sought. And I found it on a ride to the U-of-H last Friday. It is the flag,  unfurled in a slight breeze on a delightfully dry and  cooler summer day. 

The place in question is the remarkably olde-world style of the Saint Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield CT. When up here, we have passed by this gothic structure about 1.5 miles from campus - always thinking of a photo meme that would be a fine home for pictures (I am thinking perhaps a future Sepia Scenes). Although I see lots of sepia, there is that hint of red. Thus I located a perfect subject for RT. 

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Stowing the ramp

Shadow Shot Sunday allows us the opportunity to capture shadows. Tracy, from Brisbane in Oz, offers us this fun meme as we search for the shadowy world. 

I had the family Canon point-and-shoot in my possession. I was hoping to find shadow art in my suburban travels. Shadows show up when we least expect it, like today when I saw the back side of my parking place and the van wheelchair ramp, all courtesy of several electric motors, relays, switches and other sundry items.

Shadows are plentiful, the oval openings on the aluminum surface of the ramp leaving pleasing light patterns on the driveway. Okay, this is really a car park. I think we drive on the wrong side, too...Happily a sequential shadow shot shoot ensued and I now have a post! Naturally, the photographer though he should be involved in the picture too - bare knees and all. It was a wonderful day of blue sky, low humidity and nice temperature of 86° F (30° C). Never to worry, shadows abound! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Crowdless

Tisha’s Looking on the Sky on Friday returns as the Summer season seems to be winding up 

A cloudy day on Nantucket Sound is equally as beautiful as a sunny day. Less chance of sunburn, and certainly room to spread out. Not being a tanning fool, I prefer a slight overcast and cooler temperatures. Given a breeze onto the beach, the briny sea air is invigorating. I see a total of two persons on the beach and three sailboards on the water. Long past my time of tanning on the beach, this is a nice sand, sea and especially sky on a day to relax...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Would you like a side order of fur?

Sepia Scenes returns again for monochrome mirth, courtesy of friendly, furry and family feline Linus. 

Not one to beg, he gives subtle and nuanced hints that he wants either 1.) food or 2.) attention. perhaps some of each. 

Is he using his allure to compel us to surrender a bit of human food for his amusement? 

He seems to be a decent patron at the table, patiently waiting instead of complaining about the poor service. Certainly not the food, as this was 7:28 AM and breakfast. Perhaps he would like a bran flake or some egg white...

His sepia countenance is pleasant as he relaxes at the table. Monsieur Furr seems to have a striking grasp of manners, patiently waiting his turn quietly.

Antique (top) and a light sepia (below) accent his sepia markings. Begging never seemed so cute...

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Urchins

Little rubies are on our minds as these rubies are now much bigger. Growing in age often intrudes with our memories - but they are still great kids, just not as small...

For Mary's Ruby Tuesday this week, I return to the scanned prints of yore. 

Such as (maybe) six-week old Cameron and just turned two Allegra. She was not fond of the camera in this era, but seems to be hiding a smile. What is amusing Cam is unknown to the grown-ups. Maybe he was smiling for photographer / mom Patti. Who can say, but cute is as cute does...

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Steeple in Sepia

Sepia Scenes arrives again, and this monochrome may be stylish, warm, mellow. Any or all.

Sepia and steeples is a combination that works well, and what do we see in New England often in town centers are Congregational churches in white.

This is our church, completed in 1837, the First Congregational Church of Derby (CT). The look of the past, stately being the best description of the look of the village worship hall.

I added a light sepia which showcases the vertical motif from steps to steeple. I like the feel of a warm sepia to make soft the stark vertical look. Soothing, the Puritan look of stern has eased considerably,. See more sepia at Mary’s stylish meme.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shadowing the Impala

Shadow Shot Sunday returns, and we participants search and find shadows, often in unexpected subjects and places. Like this previously posted beauty. I love old cars and their styling excess. Such as this beautiful 1960 Chevrolet. The outrageous winged fins in the rear leave perfect shadows nestled inside the intricate contours...

In the middle of the stylish Impala, the subtle shadow starts near the door and increases in size as the wing widens toward the rear. Also, the wheel is covered in part by a shadow, as is the underside of the Impala...

American cars back then were styled, often to give the impression of motion while standing still. Look at the white contrail following behind the jet moving along the flanks. Cars are much better these days than back then - but not at all stylish as this. As blogger Carletta noted: "I never really put the jet/contrail idea together... I guess I've seen it and not really 'seen' it. That's pretty neat!" Gotta love that 1960 style!

Subtle shadows occur up front too, mostly over chrome bars in the grille. And underneath the massive vehicle as well. This old car show was a fun time, and shadows were a great byproduct of the exhibits. Shadow hunting never gets old! 

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Flying North for the Spring

Looking at the Sky on Friday arrives as we scan the heavens as often as possible

Allegra nicely photographed for me the views from above on the way home from the NCAA tournament. Sadly, the Lady Hawks lost... 

The players, cheerleaders, coaches and band flew back to Hartford. Happily, darling daughter delivered nice views from behind the wing on the MD-82 jet. The higher we fly the bluer the sky. 

At cruise, the sun bursts over a deep blue morning sky with the clouds below on the 'horizon'. What is so nice is the brilliant silvery accent on the starboard side wing so bright, so brilliant. 

Thanks again, kid! 

Of course the doting dad tracked this flight, too (see below). We were at church, but the flight tracker followed her safe journey home. A real Airhead I must be...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Coverage

Sepia Scenes is a fun meme from Mary in beautiful Whitestone. A soft monochrome that adds softness to anything. Here is is an outdoor restaurant, the patrons sitting under awnings and umbrellas. The sepia sky is mysterious, are the coverings to protect us from a sepia rain? Actually no, the sky was a humid blue. So the sepia changes our perceptions from the real to the 'what if'. See more sepia at this fun meme.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Exit Stage Right

The simplest geometric rubies often show up when lest expected - if we aren't paying attention.

So for Ruby Tuesday, I looked back to Allegra's graduation, knowing that the U-of-Hartford's school colors are white and red. 

Voila, this is one that fits perfectly! It is the stage for the main ceremony taken the day before the event. Back then, we were paying attention to the smiles of the graduates above. With a ruby red carpet underfoot, just perfect Mary's fun meme!