Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Patio Pastels

Looking at the Sky on Friday returns, and we look at non-descript skies much of the time. Of course, we watch for bold and unusual color combinations should they show up.

Which does occur. Late summer pink and lavender highlights the view above our patio, and it is quite dramatic. This was the end of the cloudy day where the sun appears just before dark, and illumines the moisture laden sky. A nice end of the day...See more sky than you can imagine at Tisha’s great site!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sepia Scenes - In Training

Sepia Scenes adds a warmth to many a cold and mechanical backdrop. Here is the designated ‘chairvan waiting stop behind Union Station in New Haven.

Not much is colder appearing than huge overhead electrical wires, galvanized steel supports and chain link. Under the gray sky, it is cold indeed. A bit of a light antique adds a few degrees to the ambient feeling here...

A similar view is shown but in a light sepia. Again, the subject is non-descript, but with a warm tone to take away the efficient mechanics. 

Style is an afterthought here as the functional station is busy with Amtrak and Metro North trains all day. But the changing tone of sepia tries to bridge the functional/stylish divide...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Smart and Clean

Ruby Tuesday arrives for the red we may find. anytime, any place or anywhere. Or even by anybody. Allegra captured this gem, a Smart Car in Paris years ago. With Monsieur Propre on its flanks. 

As an advertising device, the ovoid Smart caught my eye, as did the bald symbol known heretofore to us Americans as the ubiquitous Mr Clean. Allegra though this to be a cool frame - and perfect for RT!

I found this video delight - TV ads seem to follow the same format worldwide

Commercialism can be cute in any language...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sunny Soundview

Super meme Shadow Shot Sunday, by Brisbane artiste  Tracy, reappears again, and we are ready! 

Last Sunday I attended my non-profit’s fund raiser, known as a Wheel-a-Thon. In this, teams compete to push a manual wheelchair around a course with ramps, gravelly pavement, grass and the usual cones that define the course. 

I wasn’t a participant, and had no assigned duties. So, point-and-shoot in tow, I looked for shadowy delights - and found them! The cone is shaped perfectly. The photographer less so...This was a perfect morning, starting at a cool 58°F, rising to a satisfying 72°F (22°C) by noon. Dry and blue, shadows were to appear, and not by accident (mostly). The place is in West Haven (CT), alongside the Long Island Sound estuary. The beach and walkway along the shore would soon fill up with people, but early on few were there. That made it easy to capture easy to spot shadows of benches and planters...

I suspected a fine day of capturing shadows when I arrived at the Savin Rock Conference Center. Arcs, angles and foliage combine with the early day sun to showcase the beautiful day.The walkway has a number of flags and banners along its way - and this one with its well-defined shadow.

This view typifies a very nice day, the day to be outside. The West Haven beach is a nice place to be on a sunny day. Happily for us, we are only 20 min away, and before Winter there are other days to hunt shadows on the shore...See lots of shadowy art at Hey Harriet!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Soundview

Autumn is nearly upon us. Yet pleasing weather still exists, in which temperate blue skies still abound.
For Tisha’s Looking at the Sky on Friday, I am at the shoreline in West Haven (CT) for my non-profit employer’s Wheel-a-Thon fund raising event.
However  as an with no assigned duties while there, the camera was put to good use (naturally). This morning was astounding, a crisp and cool morning 58°F (14°C) with the sun rising above the horizon. The body of water is the Long Island Sound estuary that stretches over 100 miles from New York City to the Atlantic. A calm body that has no waves to speak of in good weather.

The blue reflected nicely on the sound, leaving a soft azure color on its surface. The gulls are quiet, seeming to take in the morning brilliance.
Below is maybe an hour later, the darker blue lightening considerably as the sun rises further into the sky. The gull soars above us in the now pale blue heavens. I’m not all that fond of seagulls, but today they are behaving nice for a change. See more at Tisha’s fun meme!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Sepia by the Sea

Sepia Scenes arrives as I attended my non-profit's  fund-raising event. The Wheel-a-Thon was held near the beach on Long Island Sound in West Haven.

The day was beautiful, the blue sky reflecting nicely on the water. Yet this is hardly sepia - but the sand is. The seawalls  and jetties can be accented in this monochrome quite well.

The top photo offers rocks and concrete, and the light antique edit adds a subtle monochrome. And a nice touch here, as the often obnoxious seagulls are making nice in the briny waters...

The next view is all sepia. There is more sand, a weathered wood fence, more passive gulls and  piers. The beach looks fine in this hue.

The high tide (9:15 AM) is now receding. Of course with the miniscule wave action on the sound, the high tide encroaching a mere 6.2 feet (1.9 M). This was a day to savor, the sepia as warm as the late Summer sun. See more sepia at Mary's fun meme... 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - A Banner Day

Sunday was a beautiful day at the beach. Today it is along the beach in West Haven (CT), traversing the walkway just above the sand. 

With wonderful views of Long Island Sound under the fair blue sky, photo memes spring to mind.
But what of Ruby Tuesday? The sky is blue and the sand is sepia. Were there rubies to be found on a beautiful day? 

The Savin Rock Conference Center is the place, and behold, a banner in red is just fine for RT, and I dare say that a shrub and tree in the frame contribute subtle accent to the bold ruby flag.

The character of this ruby banner changes a bit when seen from the inside of the venue. Not the message, but the setting. Outside the sky seems limitless, however the blinds indicate a bit of obstruction. 

So I present both views, preferring neither to the other...see lots more ruby at Mary's meme!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Marble Mosaic

I truly enjoy Shadow Shot Sunday, from Tracy in beautiful Brisbane in the land of Oz. Shadows and reflections add a wonderful character to any scene.

And if the shadowy effects fall upon a material that is accented well, such as polished marble, al the better!

This is the marble clad lobby of the State of Connecticut Legislative Building in Hartford. Opened in 1988. it is the seat of legislative action in the state. I have posted about this building before, but I enjoy the look every time I enter the lobby of this grand edifice. 

The shadows and reflections fall upon this intricate marble floor in its gorgeous 3-D style that emanates from the solar burst inside. Does the rest of the floor rotate around the sun, or is it the other way around? 

The marble does extend upward as well as outward. The material is softer here, a nearly sepia marble monochrome. 

Equally lovely, here the state seal and motto stand out so well. The motto is 'Qui Transtulit Sustinet' - He Who Transplanted Still Sustains

I like the shadows that are the result of the indirect lighting - which accounts for the reflections, too. An amazing style. See more shadowy artistry at Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sepia Scenes - 100 by any means

Sepia Scenes has reached a milestone of import - 100 posts! A goal some of us aspire to is to be read at all. We don’t think of quantifying anything ahead of securing readers, and don’t consider  the numbers. 

Yet 100 is a number that is impressive in any setting. A century of posts means that Sepia Scenes is a fixture that lets us photographers (from professional to hacks) dabble in a soft monochrome. The idea is a 100-themed post as mentioned last week: 
So next week you'll post 100 things 
or some thing that equals 100 things, okay?
So my sepia post follows the requested theme - sort of. The building is the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court Building in Hartford. Where is 100 here? Well, this beautiful if imposing building has met the goal - it was completed and opened in 1910. That’s 100 - years? Right? 
I captured this marvelous structure when at the state capitol just across the street. The columns, the arches and granite are always a natural for sepia.
So Mary, congratulations on 100! Keep it up, and we shall celebrate the second century of sepia...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - First Day 1998

Ruby Tuesday often sends me back days, weeks, months, even eons as I look for rubies of all sizes. Such as college grad Allegra and current collegian Cameron. 

However, they were younger once and rubies seem to appear quite often when little.

Keeping with the scholastic theme, this is the first day of school in 1998. Allegra begins fifth grade, Cameron third. Rubies appear for Allegra in her pink socks and backpack and Cam - his cheeks have a ruby glow.

This is probably the first first day that the backpacks weren't Disney merchandising, but big-kid backpacks. And it was the last year of Allegra wearing a jumper or dress on the first day - the bigger they get, the more input in wardrobe they assumed...See ruby in all places at Mary's meme!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Pâtisserie

Shadow Shot Sunday by Brisbane native Tracy is a fun meme that descends like the shade falls from a tree - especially on a sunny day.

However, overcast days (like today in southern Connecticut) add a qualifier to any shot - can enough of a shadow show up to allow for an SSS post?

With just enough light outside, I think so. This is one of these wonderful and quirky places to dine simply with no pretensions. This being the La Petite France Cafe in Hyannis on the Cape...

Our intrepid Maître d'Hôtel stands in the corner, waiting to provide exceptional service while not being intrusive. True, there is a slight arrogance in his demeanor - service without a smile maybe, but service nevertheless...

Actually, this was a place for a simple early morning breakfast. To enjoy an authentic baguette, the basic yet fabulous long thin loaf of French bread. No yeast, small yet with that chewy crust. 

Served warm, naturally, and pulled apart to place real butter on the insides (Margarine? Au contraire!). With a strong cup of coffee, we sit at the outdoor tables as the vacation town's Main Street is devoid of the tourists who will arrive later in the morning...

Shadows exist on a cloudy day, we have to look into the alcove and under the eaves to find them, which we do with a breakfast of carbs and butterfat - what's better than that??

See so many shadows at the meme of our favorite fun Aussie, Hey Harriet!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Colorful confusion

Looking at the Sky on Friday   allows us the latitude to capture the beautiful essence  from upstairs

This years ago picture showcases a summer sky in a bold pink, I believe after the rains fell during a thunderstorm. This is a color that is hard to describe, but we enjoy trying to define a hue that defies categories. 

With the front approaching, a little bit of sunlight diffuses into wonderfully wild colors...

On the ground sits a car that is referred to as ‘Champagne’ under normal daytime skies. 

Normally a sort of tan, the bold sky ads a trace of pink that was lacking. 

Not at bold as upstairs, but a pleasingly different shade that enhances the styling. Looking above is a pastime to continue. See more sky at Tisha’s meme!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Tunnel Vision

Sepia Scenes returns, and we continue the search for subjects that may be enhanced by this warming monochrome. Today it is a tunnel bored through an outcropping called West Rock between New Haven and Hamden. 

This seven-mile long ridge that tops out at a height 700 feet (215 m), and consists of trap rock with a vertical motif, and what warms up well in Sepia but gray rock? The rock itself is part of the Metacomet that extends from Long island Sound to Vermont. And what warms up gray rock better than Sepia?

We are now Inside the West Rock / Heroes Tunnel that carries CT Route 15 through the ridge since 1949. 

CT Roads describes the tunnel as follows: “The 1,200-ft dual-bore facility is the only highway tunnel in New England going through a land feature. The hill at West Rock State Park isn't particularly tall, but tunneling through it proved to be the best choice… The tunnel was built in less than a year for $2.5 million ($25 million today)…it’s hard to conceive of a tunnel being built that cheaply from scratch today”

Unlike the grand tunnels like the Lincoln and Holland in NYC, the low cost meant no stylish additions like off-white ceramic wall tiles to brighten up the interior. So, a light antique sepia improves on the usual gray concrete I’d say…

Mary, we all await the 100th Sepia Scenes!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Speed of Sound

The past comes alive in Mary’s Ruby Tuesday. From a long ago air show, the grainy print shows the minimalist ruby. I am not certain of the WWII plane, a North American Aviation T-6 Texan perhaps. I think this is a representation of the rising sun of the Japanese Navy Mitsubushi Zero fighter. 

Often the T-6 was painted and utilized to represent the Japanese aircraft in movies, and more of the American planes remained in flying condition after the war. As it is not a jet, it moves slower through the air, and easier to capture. A little bit of red always works well for RT!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Beach Bums

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives at the unofficial ‘end of the summer’ in the US. We haven’t been on vacation due to college costs, numerous job changes and the like. 

However, we look forward to visiting Cape Cod again next year. And we always had a fine time at the beach. Certainly the parents preferred to avoid the sun, sitting in the shadowy shade and enjoying the briny breezes off Nantucket Sound. So we reminisce.

I relax here after the pleasant and helpful lifeguards at Craigville Beach in Hyannis after here helped me get into the beach wheelchair and push me to my preferred place on the beach. In fact, the lifeguard walking away provided me with the umbrella I am sitting under - very attentive and very nice  personnel...

Yes, the shadows found me under the umbrella, and merely sitting near the saltwater is a great beach day for me. 

Of course, family beaches are the most fun for children. Not being directly on the ocean, the water on this Sound a warm for New England 75°F (24°C), and kids (all ages...) enjoy the brine. 

Cameron here is aged 13, and ready for fun - and he left an impressive shadow before heading in... See shadows from all seasons at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Massive yet delicate

Looking at the Sky on Friday reappears this week and the heavens beckon from us our cameras and  our attention...

I enjoy a fair-weather sky, especially after the heat and humidity this summer (to be gone and replaced by mid 70s temps this weekend). 

My subject is the lovely St Thomas Seminary outside Hartford. Resplendent in its Gothic architecture. Imposing and elegant, this granite structure fills the frame in sepia splendor...

However, as big as the buildings are, they are dwarfed by large fair weather clouds that seem to be descending upon the four spires atop the tower. 

Yet the blue predominates above and beyond the earth’s horizon. Looking at the sky never ever gets old. See more sky at Tisha’s meme...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Vehicular Geography

Note: This is an edited repost from earlier with a few edits. I never tire of looking at how travel was in the old days. Gravel roads? I wouldn’t miss them even if I did remember them...)

Sepia Scenes is a great meme where we can add the subtle sepia as we imagine the past

I have posted much about Grandpa. He was brilliant, but in West Virginia in 1916, eighth-grade was probably a milestone - the end of his formal education.

However, he learned by doing. If not geography in a classroom setting, how about getting in the car, family in tow, and traveling around the USA to learn about the country? Grandpa photographed signs to show that he actually had been there...

I like seeing new sites, even if they are local. The term 'flyover country' indicates the way to get places today. 

In the real old days, to get home from Denver to Ohio, you may have passed through Kansas in a car without A/C on a dusty US 24 in part. The top view is from 1937 I guess, my father about ten (note the camera). Below, it is dad and Aunt Terry, and it is 1947. I would guess that this is US 40 East at the Maryland-Delaware line (17.18 miles per this source), maybe aiming toward the Villers favorite vacation spot, Atlantic City.

Sepia seems to tone down the glare from the original B-W prints, and the antique look seems to add to the ambience and mystique of the past. Follow the nice sepia edits at Mary's meme!