Thursday, September 9, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Colorful confusion

Looking at the Sky on Friday   allows us the latitude to capture the beautiful essence  from upstairs

This years ago picture showcases a summer sky in a bold pink, I believe after the rains fell during a thunderstorm. This is a color that is hard to describe, but we enjoy trying to define a hue that defies categories. 

With the front approaching, a little bit of sunlight diffuses into wonderfully wild colors...

On the ground sits a car that is referred to as ‘Champagne’ under normal daytime skies. 

Normally a sort of tan, the bold sky ads a trace of pink that was lacking. 

Not at bold as upstairs, but a pleasingly different shade that enhances the styling. Looking above is a pastime to continue. See more sky at Tisha’s meme!


Dimple said...

One gorgeous sky! I love when God paints in unnameable colors!

Anna said...

That's a great color. It looks good in the sky and on the car!

Liz said...

Wonderful shot! I'm enjoying this week's different sky colors.


Liz @ A Simple Life

MamaKo said...

Now this is different, i didn't see any blue shade or white. I love the color.

fredamans said...

That hue is amazing!!! Wonderful shots!

Manang Kim said...

The first shot looks magical to me. Great shot!
Cloudy Sky

bettyl said...

What an amazing color!

bj said...

I LOVE this sky.
I didn't know about this meme and I am so excited to find it. I am always taking photos of the sky and I can share them.
See ya there sometime...:)