Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - First Day 1998

Ruby Tuesday often sends me back days, weeks, months, even eons as I look for rubies of all sizes. Such as college grad Allegra and current collegian Cameron. 

However, they were younger once and rubies seem to appear quite often when little.

Keeping with the scholastic theme, this is the first day of school in 1998. Allegra begins fifth grade, Cameron third. Rubies appear for Allegra in her pink socks and backpack and Cam - his cheeks have a ruby glow.

This is probably the first first day that the backpacks weren't Disney merchandising, but big-kid backpacks. And it was the last year of Allegra wearing a jumper or dress on the first day - the bigger they get, the more input in wardrobe they assumed...See ruby in all places at Mary's meme!


reg said...

The dreaded back to school, These two look like they are good and ready to get going !!!

Felisol said...

Your children always look so harmonious and happy together.
Ruby cheek and ruby lips like two little angels.

bj said...

awww, they are so cute, Ralph.
Isn't if amazing how fast the time goes...seems I went to bed one night and my kids wer 10 and 5. Next morning, they were 46 and 41..

Now, my grands are growing faster than my kids did. *sigh

EG Wow said...

Both kids were so cute when they were in grade school. Isn't it nice they are still making you feel proud all these years later?

Joops said...

It's really great to have pictures on all the milestones of our children, doesn't it?
I soon see myself like you, looking back at those photos.

My Ruby Tuesday

Carletta said...

Those backpacks look awfully full for the first day of school! :)
Hope Allegra is off to a great career and that Cameron enjoys his year.

Looking back has rubbed off on Mary this week. ;)
You always make me want to get out the photo boxes. (I haven't been good at album making.)

Dianne said...

I always love seeing the kids, at any and all ages :)

chubskulit said...

Love those pure and innocent smiles of Cameron and Allegra. It's always a delight to look back into their young photos isn't it?

Marites said...

i actually like the old pictures you post for RT. It somehow conjures some kind of nostalgia. Nice rubies.

DrillerAA09 said...

The grand kids look forward to each new school year with much more enthusiasm than I ever did. Have a wonderful RT.

@nemonen said...

Nothing is as the first school day. Nice photo on the kids. I suppose they are ready.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

in the old photo
kids on the first day of school
eagerly smiling

Your Lover

Auntie E said...

They just grow up too fast. Oh but we can still think of them like this photo, Our babies.
My Ruby Link for you

Anonymous said...

School photos: always a classic but so nice to look at. Many expectations in those eyes.

Manang Kim said...

I love back to school because everything is new. Those smiles indicates they are happy to be back to school. ^_^ Happy Tuesday!
Red Tractor

Robin said...

Gotta love back to school shots - they always show you exactly what the kids are thinking about it all.

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Pagan Sphinx said...

They grow so fast!

Pagan Sphinx Ruby Tuesday

JunieRose2005 said...

Love your Ruby picture! :)

I always like seeing the back to school shots- the 1st day, especially!

(I have a lot of those!)