Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Snow Plus

Shadow Shot Sunday, hosted by fun Aussie Tracy, reappears. Our hunt for the sometimes elusive prey can be intensive, but with much diligence we capture one or two...

I am not trying to speed up ths seasons. Autumn is here and the trend is cool, not yet the cold of Winter. Irregardless of season, shadows appear. Such as ice flowing from the roof gutter. The sun highlights the frozen water, but the shadow peers around the cold side of the garage. 

Also, not a shadow, but the ice seems to end in a hand with a finger pointing toward the snowy ground...

Shrubs in the winter don’t spring to mind, ever it seems. We usually think of ornamental decorations such as these as three season items: Perhaps in the spring when in bloom, maybe in the summer when full, possibly in the autumn with colorful foliage.

But the winter, it appears with shadow settling upon freshly fallen snow. Patti captured this on the ramp just outside the door. The illumination adds the desired shadowy effects from the light outside the front door. The view is stark, almost a B&W view. Snow, while not always welcome, can be appealing in a shadowy sense. See lots more at Hey Harriet!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Bradley Point

Looking at the Sky on Friday is always fun. Not that it is work to scan the heavens - it becomes more a labor of love. Saving the frame of our savoring the view is a pleasing pastime. This is a view on a warm September day of Bradley Point on Long Island Sound in nearby West Haven CT. The blue sky begets a blue sound. In the upcoming chill of Winter, a view like this will keep me awaiting the beautiful and warmer days along the Sound. See the beauty above at Tisha’s meme!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Terriffic Trio

(This was posted pre-Sepia Scenes. It seems so perfect in Sepia, I have edited it only slightly...)
I have only slight memories of many things when I was young, so the past comes alive on film. The picture I have here is one I remember quite well since a kid - it was framed on a wall of our living room (42nd Ave, Bayside Queens) and family room in (Wickham Drive, East Hartford). It is my father (Ralph II, left) lounging alongside Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I would guess about 1954, and in Atlantic City where my father was a reporter for the Atlantic City Press
Obviously the photo was staged, but the lowly reporter did have an audience with Martin and Lewis, the then hottest team in entertainment before their breakup in 1956. A unique photo this is. As the picture has aged, I sharpened added the antique edit which adds to its aged authenticity. A view at a different era.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Nautical land rubies

Ruby Tuesday arrives, and red is the theme. When in doubt, old and unique autos work welI for this, as they were on my RT radar when I saw them...
This top item is an Amphicar, made in (then West) Germany from 1961-1965. This is neat, check the twin propellers underneath, the exhaust sits above the waterline, and per US Coast Guard regulations, it is full of floatation devices. This car is even has a Connecticut boat registration.
A compromise that works neither well as a boat or a car, it is still quite cool...

Perhaps a land yacht instead is more your idea. Perhaps this 1961 ruby Chevrolet Impala. Built in an age of great size, compared to the diminutive Amphicar this is a a container ship compared to a canoe. Acres of sheet metal, you probably need a Coast Guard license to berth it into its slip parking space. Stylish and a stunning ruby.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sir Humphrey

Shadow Shot Sunday, by Tracy, arrives again, and we look high and low for shadowy subjects. Perhaps inanimate, maybe organic, not to mention fluffy.

For the latter, the daytime sun and attendant shadows fall over our late furry friend Sir Humphrey of Upland. Despite the name, he was royalty only in his own mind...He arrived in our home in 1999, a fluffy feline if there ever was a fluffy feline. He had the features of a Maine Coon, although at 12 lb. (5.5 kg). he was considerably smaller. The fur captures us, fluffy on top and nubby underneath. The predominant color was gray, yet a sepia mocha showed up in the light. A nice fellow and family companion. 

Shadowy hints abound as he surveys the front yard for predators (real and imagined). Although, he seemed to know when the camera was focused on him for a winsome pose. Such talent! See lots of shadowy figures at Hey Harriet!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Steeple Cloudburst

Looking at the Sky on Friday returns, and many times a steeple in the sky often adds an accent to the heavens.

The dramatic cloudy sky sits above the  lovely Three Saints Orthodox Church located in our town of Ansonia, CT.  This building, that replaced an earlier structure that was destroyed by fire, in 1955. This church traces its heritage to the end of the 1800s with immigrants fleeing the Slavic nations to escape religious persecution. 

The sky is mostly cloudy with its blue-gray hue. The billowy cloud sits near the peak as if it was tethered to the cross on the tall steeple. A divine feel to me...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Shattered shutter

Sepia Scenes returns, and we look for subjects that are intriguing yet can even be improved by the addition of this soft monochrome.

Earlier this year, I stumbled over a number of old B&W prints taken by Grandpa, the photographic Sage of Steubenville. I scanned many from the 1939 World’s Fair, held in then bucolic Flushing Meadows in the NYC borough of Queens. Some include my dad as a then 11 year old.

This one jumped at me. I believe that  this is a photo of a photo, perhaps a postcard. Yet the speed of the impact can almost still be felt by the viewer. Given that the photo was B&W and faded, a light antique adds a bit of character to this unique frame.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Eastern Ruby Dining

Ruby Tuesday arrives after a one-week hiatus. And I am happy to participate again! 

Today, it is one of our favorite Chinese 
restaurants, the wonderful and delicious Fortune Pavilion in Derby CT. Sitting in a suburban strip center, the dining room is very nice with pink tablecloths and attentive service and excellent food (I once had a spicy fried calamari there that was wonderful). Not inexpensive compared to the basic take out, and their take out is higher priced - but still a value. 

Beyond the food, the storefront is full of ruby, and a worthy RT subject. The dragon, lettering and planters are bold rubies as they face a strong southern Autumnal sky. 

Not to imply that the seagulls on the roof were to be on the menu, though. For me, Gull Hunan Style or Szechuan Seagull seem a bit too ambitious for me! 

Actually, the birds were in no harm as they were merely props on this RT post...for pleny of ruby and more, visit Mary's fun meme!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Style Influences Shadow

Shadow Shot Sunday from Brisbane's own Tracy, arrives on beautiful days in October. There were a car shows in the past two weeks that I couldn’t resist, and both on beautiful sunny days.

Soon  the old-car restorers and aficionados will park their babies in advance of winter snow and ice melting road salt turn their pride and joys into the rusty heaps they may have once been. 

Since old US autos are full of interesting details, I was looking for some of their equally styled shadows...

To start, the sun is highlighting a bold ruby 1961 Chevy Impala SS. The first item is an item on the hood (bonnet), a stylized shark fin in shadow and reflection. The next view is the side trim in the rear. The sweeping chrome molding is curvaceous, highlighted underneath by a similar shadow. Nothing is styled like this any more, anywhere.

A 1956 Ford Fairlane convertible sits under a brilliant sun. The front bumper, resplendent in a  very bright sun. The shiny appendage nearly obscures the wheeled photographer and the other admirers. What's not to like here with wild styling and a deep turquoise hue. A stunner!

This model had the optional Thunderbird V-8, the most powerful available then. In these days, the auto maker liked to show off the buyer who shunned their cheapskate urges and bought the more expensive engine. So they created an emblem of success that you, the astute buyer, could show off. Hence, the stylish Thunderbird V-8 emblem adorning its flanks. It seems a jet in motion with a lovely trailing shadow...
If you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style!" Doc Brown, Back to the Future

A few decades later, I saw a 1982 DeLorean, the gull winged sports car of the early 1980s. Of course, many of us have seen the Back to the Future film trilogy, where this was the star. 
(I believe that this one runs on unleaded petrol, unlike the plutonium used in the movie). I hope, as I was pretty close to it... The door opened up into a great shadow, and Patti noticed when you flip this frame, the shadow looks almost like a face. Cool...a nice effect I didn’t plan! See more at Brisbane's own Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sepia Shots - Steeples and Such

Mary’s Sepia Scenes arrives for this fine edit. I figure that stone and sepia seems to work well, often the older the better. And in old mill towns such as Ansonia, churches of a certain era, sepia subjects appear quite readily.

I first showcase Christ Episcopal Church on South Cliff Street, directly across the street from the classic Ansonia Library. The cornerstone was laid in late 1896 and the church opened and consecrated in 1900. The building was constructed of Ansonia granite, quarried at Potter’s Quarry in Ansonia. 
This English Gothic church lends itself wonderfully in the slightly darkened sepia edit…

The First Congregational Church is next door to the previous subject. Founded in 1850, this building, opened in 1865, replaced an earlier wood structure. The façade of this gothic edifice was built of stone quarried in nearby Seymour. Interestingly, the stained glass windows are Tiffany. 
Anson G. Phelps, the founder of Ansonia, donated the land for the church. 

The picture was taken on my behalf by the lovely Patti (thanks, as always). The light antique showcases the shape and blue skies of a beautiful day. See sepia steeples and much more at Mary’s site!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Street Fair

Shadow Shot Sundayhosted by Tracy in (hopefully) sunny Brisbane, arrives and as it is Autumn up North. Unlike Oz, where it is Spring, we are losing the sunshine, which portends the cold of Winter.

The shadows get longer as the sun is further to the south. So a fine  subject to start includes the Ansonia City Hall. As our small city only has 19,000 inhabitants, the building is grand but on a smaller scale. In this view, the tree has an immense shadow, and I am not sure as to what is blocking the southerly sun.

The foliage is merely starting to change, but seasonal cols was forgotten on this brilliant and beautiful 66° (19° Cday. 

The roof parapet and long overhang is full of details, leaving a deep shadow upstairs. Below, is the facade of the beautiful building, which was completed in 1905. Harvest decorations line the steps, the shadows fall toward the North. (it should be noted that the building was not wheelchair accessible until the second addition with an elevator was completed in 1993). The woodwork inside is as ornate and lovely as the outside.

Further up Main Street is the Obsidium building. It is of neoclassical Greek style, and itself was opened as the Ansonia Savings Bank in 1900. It has been restored, and is massive if quite elegant. And the shadows sit nicely under and over the front of thbuilding.

Early autumn is a favorite time of mine, and we will enjoy the ever weakening sun as much as possible. And keep looking for shadows in any and all places. See Hey Harriet for many more!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Harvest Sky

Looking at the Sky on Friday usually has us looking up to a blue heavenly sky. That is, when the weather allows a nice heavenly view. Last Saturday was the town’s Harvest Festival, and after a week of plenty and gray upstairs, we were ready for crisp and dry temperatures, and a sky of unparalleled blue. Food, crafts, live music and a happy crowd are what we hope for at such events, and we were not disappointed. 

I am focusing on the banner as they showcase the lovely sky, a deep blue beauty. It is fair to say that a fun time was had by all - except in the top left  frame, as we see a now lost balloon floating away the poor child who lost it and we see it floating away. The parents could always buy another one, so the disappointment was hopefully brief. See many beautiful skies at Tisha’s fun meme!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sepia Scenes - Antique Columns

Sepia Scenes beckons us toward this soft tone. Many a subject can be enhanced by the addition of this monochrome.

However, something old with classical architectural themes seems a natural for a subtle edit.

Last Saturday was our town's Harvest Festival, and a glorious day of blue sky, sunshine and a dry 66° (19° C). The subject of my scene is found on upper Main Street. It is known these days as Obsidium, which houses attorney and business offices. It has three vaults and 25-foot high ceilings inside - a lovely restoration by the Ansonia based lighthouse restoration non-profit Beacon Preservation.

The style is neoclassical Greek, and ornate in detail, especially in its columns. This was the Ansonia Savings Bank, and its style suggests strength, just what you want to see as you deposit your savings. Above left and right windows are inscribed the years 1862 and 1900. This says that the bank was chartered in 1862 and the building was opened in 1900.

An antique tone was the only edit to the photo. Sepia merely enhances the quiet dignity of this stately structure. See more sepia tones at Mary’s meme!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Retro Style

Ruby Tuesday arrives again, and red is the raison d’être for today. And it will be easy to comply today.

Saturday, I saw this gem at a local street fair. It is a Dodge pickup, I didn’t get the year but believe it to be from 1937 in a brilliant hue. It is beautifully restored sitting under a cool Autumn day. 

The style back then was full of elegant details such as the chrome grille. And the wheel hub-cap had the Dodge prominently spelled out in red as well. And the personalized CT license plate announces this as BABY (must be love :) 

For Felisol, yes it does have a chrome ram nearly leaping off the top of the bonnet/hood. A style from the past you remember well. Yet another slice of style that is common in those days. See lots of rubies at Mary’s site!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday - Steeples and stone

Shadow Shot Sunday, by Tracy in sunny Brisbane, is upon us again. Thus we happily scurry about in our pursuit of shadows.

The always lovely Patti captured today’s photos as she drove around our small city of Ansonia in the pursuit of shadowy captures of churches in the community. There are quite a few given our small size and waves of immigration throughout the 1800s.

This first building is the Church of the Resurrection, an Anglican Catholic Church. To American eyes, it has a traditional style of a house of worship on the English isle. With classic shadows falling upon it.

This is the massive Church of the Assumption. This gothic style building was completed in 1900. Where the first church has a small profile, this is quite large with the foundation being 183 ft long X 115 ft wide, its spire 95 ft tall (in metric, 35 X 56 X 59 M). 

The shadows is muted by the sun, although there is something unique and perhaps spiritual as the sun seems to be rising above the roof...

Nothing seems to compare with the past when it comes to well constructed stonework, large and yet artfully designed building

The final view is the First Baptist Church, about a mile from our home. Although this building is modern in design (1973), it is actually a congregation that began in 1870. The shadows fall upon the angular steeple.

Of course, this is the church that Patti and I were married in in 1986. No shadows have fallen on us, merely on the building here.

Thanks to Patti for providing such fine shadows in the city of our residence, all captured so nicely! See more shadowy art in all iterations at Hey Harriet!