Thursday, October 7, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Harvest Sky

Looking at the Sky on Friday usually has us looking up to a blue heavenly sky. That is, when the weather allows a nice heavenly view. Last Saturday was the town’s Harvest Festival, and after a week of plenty and gray upstairs, we were ready for crisp and dry temperatures, and a sky of unparalleled blue. Food, crafts, live music and a happy crowd are what we hope for at such events, and we were not disappointed. 

I am focusing on the banner as they showcase the lovely sky, a deep blue beauty. It is fair to say that a fun time was had by all - except in the top left  frame, as we see a now lost balloon floating away the poor child who lost it and we see it floating away. The parents could always buy another one, so the disappointment was hopefully brief. See many beautiful skies at Tisha’s fun meme!


Kramer said...

I like the way the you use the blue "frame," and such a crystal clear blue sky, too.

Kim, USA said...

The sky is so blue love it!
Blue sky Reflection