Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To vote or not to vote...

(This is a slightly edited previous election day post. The sentiments remain...)

In this country, we have a right to vote should we choose to. I have done so since 1976, presidential, state, and local. Voting in CT is easy, for many, the simplicity of filling the bubbles and feeding the ballot into the optical voting machine. The hard part for some is to show up at all. I have a simple view of this, if you didn’t participate in the voting process, don’t whine to me.  A neighborhood school was our polling location - the process completed in mere minutes. So, it is not a hassle to vote in Ansonia - there can be very few mitigating factors.  Voting is but a small price to pay to live in our splendid Republic.


Linda said...

My sentiments exactly, Ralph. If you didn't bother to vote then don't bother to complain as you lost that right when you didn't exercise your voting rights.

I am SO looking forward to no more political commercials!

Patti said...

Good post, my dear.