Thursday, December 9, 2010

Looking at the Sky - Bahamas 1978

Tisha’s Looking at the Sky on Friday  appears amidst those pre-Winter cold air temperatures. The sky was a lovely blue in CT today - the air mass was quite chilly. 

Yet when I found a certain series of prints from the past, I was ready to scan all. It is, I believe, from the year 1978, and it was a vacation at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Taken by my parents, grandparents and Aunt Terry, it was a week of R&R for the then grown-ups (realizing of course that I am older now than my parents then) under a sunny and warm sky.

Naturally, the prints are fading and grainy, with a touch of tack holes - perhaps it was posted on a cork board. Yet only a quick edit was needed to see and almost feel the balmy Caribbean heavens with their puffy clouds sitting over the azure and turquoise water. Faded of not, I suppose that paradise looks pretty similar all over. And definitely warmer than New England these days...


Kramer said...

THe old images are so much fun, the texture isn't a detriment but an enhancement - we get better with age. (I hope.)

Y. Ikeda said...

What a lovely photo! I like film image. People there were so tanned, BTW!!!
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Anna said...

Lovely shot of paradise! Now you'll have us all dreaming of warmer places.

It is odd to realize you're older than your parents were at a particular time, isn't it? I realized the same thing when scanning in some wedding pictures.

fredamans said...

What a cool old shot!