Monday, February 28, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Wheelchair height

Ruby Tuesday arrives, and warm weather rubies were sought for this week’s endeavor. Patti and I went to an outdoor wedding held alongside beautiful Candlewood Lake in western Connecticut. Here, the bride and groom recite their vows. 

This is a nice scene where it was appropriate to stand. Of course with the wheelchair, I don’t participate in such. However, the sidewalk was a place to view the proceedings in my case, to at least see the activity in front of the gazebo. With the camera, naturally...

Rubies are all about at wheelchair height, including the dresses (except the lovely Patti who is in blue), ties on the groomsmen and the flowers. Who’d have thought six or so years later that ruby could possibility enter into things? Whatever your ruby fancy may be, visit Mary’s fun meme for lots more!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Reflective harbor views

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy in warm Brisbane. It arrives for us on a winter’s day of sort-of warmer temps, but with a cold rain that did not take advantage of the closer-to-spring ambience - raw and gray best described the weather. As per usual this season of cold, I think warmer thoughts...

The view chosen here goes back to the very early days of digital photography of 2003. The month here is June, the temperatures feeling warm, the sunset looking even warmer. The place is the New Haven Harbor, at a banquet facility. Patti and I were enjoying the wine (and view) on the deck overlooking the water. The small sailboats are moored to their anchorages. 

The shadows are light and subtle, the pastel skies allowing the colors of the sky to reflect their masts on the calm harbor. Soft shadowy effects that qualify for SSS. Shadows appear in all seasons and places, and can be found at the always artistic Hey Harriet! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Sainted Sepia

Sepia Scenes arrives again, and I present a beautiful  local church. The Three-Saints Orthodox church is located in our compact city of Ansonia. 

This congregation can be traced to the end of the last century with immigrants from Slavic nations in Europe escaping religious, cultural, and political persecution in their native lands.

This congregation was formed in 1895, the original structure built by those émigrés. This building replaced the original church, and was completed in late 1955.

The building is a light sandstone color, highlighted by an antique sepia edit. I like the modern iteration of the structure, with the angular style and the small domes, clad in copper – not unusual, as Ansonia is nicknamed the Copper City. See sepia from all over at Mary’s monochrome meme.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Waterborne

Ruby Tuesday today looks to warmer days and indoor pools at hotels. And perhaps children with less experience and enjoying said indoor pool.

The rubies extend from their sun reddened faces to bits of their swimming attire. Who doesn't  remember the fun family vacations. The smiles are quite genuine - and there is no snow!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Then and Later

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives from Tracy in (usually) sunny Brisbane.

We take a look back, back to a time of new family members from small to tall, petite to grand. I take son Cameron, second born in our family foursome. A large babe when born in 1990, to a person now with two decades of experience.

Mom Patti captured these sequential shadows. He became too large for the swing in short order, probably as the swinging motion put him to sleep. Of course, babies grow when they sleep - we gave him the swing so he could sleep, which ultimately made him too big for the swing. 

Peaceful he seems, a sleeping infant allows a parent to at least catch their breath until the next wakeup cry...
Fast forward almost a couple of decades, and the baby has grown up somewhat. Now a college student and much larger than the small Cam - in size and even more so in intellect.

The shadows fall all about the second, and even the first born Allegra who shields her eyes from a strong autumnal sun. Then and now, the memories are happily captured...

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Winters Past

Ruby Tuesday arrives again, and of course this has been a winter to remember, for the right reasons: too much snow and cold! Yet, there has been a nice warmup in temperatures, hopefully enough to obliterate the snow without massive flooding. And the snowy alps that line our street have receded to the point that two cars can now pass in opposite direction, safely...

Yet, as spring inches ever closer, we ought not forget the impact of winter snows. This pic has been used before, but is appropriate as ever. Son Cameron is clad in his warm ruby parka as he pushes our small Toro snow thrower down the driveway. The gray of winter is offset by the brilliance of red (and though unseen, any Toro is red, too). The seasons will change, really!

Winter is not complete. The day of the latest snow I have known was April 6, 1982, the Tuesday before Easter that year. There was a 12 inch (30 cm) blizzard. So it can happen again, although I remain optimistic!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Shade, grills and such

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives amid the mid-winter season of cold. Of course, the days are expanding slightly,  and the sun is getting stronger - alas, the temperatures are still cold. 

Naturally, we in a four-season climate in the colder latitudes await the warmth of Spring. But why stop there? 

Summer is what we crave, the time relaxing outside on a warm day is to savor...Preferably a day of low humidity and comfortably warm temperatures (80°F/27°C). 

Perhaps after the patio and furniture are washed and the umbrella is raised. And a large bag of charcoal has been purchased, loaded and lighted soon after...

The new charcoal grille was quite inexpensive, $35 at Ocean State Job Lot, an excellent place for inexpensive seconds. Not of high quality, but cheap, functional and ready for Summer fare.

Shade is warranted under the sun, and the canopy of trees down the backyard hill near the patio add stylish shadows amidst the foliage.

Orange and gray coals signify that temperatures have been reached, and the cooking ought to commence 

Shadows range from large to subtle in all frames. Dinner ought to be ready reasonably soon, the main items the olive-oil coated bread grilled just so. Today, it is pork tenderloin, marinated in oil, lime juice, peppercorns, garlic and crushed red pepper. This simple marinade would work with so many things like chicken or thick cut zucchini or eggplant, too. 

A bit of imagination and a hot grille allows for great in the shade. All we need to do is to dream...See more shadowy poses at Brisbane’s own Hey Harriet!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Details, details

Shadow Shot Sunday, by Tracy in Brisbane, arrives after a (seemingly) endless pattern of frozen precipitation. Obviously, the weather is an immovable object, impervious to our wishes.

So, I turn to the ideal day for me, a sunny early autumn day. The kind that does not involve outerwear or long sleeves, and headgear is optional. The event in question is a local old car show, the viewers myself and daughter Allegra. 
I enjoy old cars - with the wheelchair, I wont be driving them. Just enjoying the days of great looks is style, detail and shadow...

The view above is a 1964 Chevy El Camino, a car-like truck (a Ute in NZ/Oz; the Holden SS-V Ute is stunning :). Style and function work well here, although this pristine  example doesn’t probably carry hay bales or manure in its bed these days...

Back then, not just the sheetmetal was styled, the details were to. To the delight of shadow chasers! The 1955 Ford has a shadowy V-8 badge, and highly chromed trim that highlights the shadow hunter and huntress (thrice)

The heady days of the mid-to-late 1960's indicated that horsepower was king. That and the low gasoline/petrol prices then meant that going fast was no problem.

Chevrolets offered fast cars with big engines that went! The badge on the electric blue car indicated the mighty 427 engine. Speed is what the gearheads wanted. I actually preferred the shadow that occurred! 
The term in use around 1970 for a certain class of car in the US was musclecar. Cars that went fast, such as the this one were, in power and the detailing here. Such as this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.

What is more cartoonish than an air scoop on the hood/bonnet that is an air-breathing shark. Odd today, although when I was 15 (at the time), the ridiculous now was really cool then. 

The hood scoop offers a shadow, and the hood tie-down offers a subject, reflection and shadow. The southern leaning sun makes for great shadows!

Finally, the details extend all over the vehicles, from the acres of body steel to the usual - a wing mirror. It is embossed with the Chevrolet 'bow-tie' emblem.

The not clandestine khaki-clad photo taker shows up, too...

At events like this, shadow shots are always on my mind. I seek shadows - and they find me every time!

Follow your shadowy instincts at this so-fun meme from Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Winter will not quit

Sepia Scenes arrives on another winter day, in a week and season of too much frozen precipitation. In my years, I haven't seen this much snow. Even in color, the monochrome white snow looks and feels cold.

But not without a hint of beauty. However, a bit of editing with a hint of sepia, the views are enhanced a bit. Maybe a bit warmer. At least the glare of the snow is muted slightly.

The view above is last Thursday after the driveway was shoveled. The snowy alp in the foreground is where the snow of the day went, on top of the three previous snowstorms...

The look is from wheelchair height. I estimate that snow pile to be over 4 feet (122 cm) tall. Backing out of the driveway and making left turns are made with care, as it is impossible to see over the snow.

The view below was taken behind the front door about an hour ago. Last night it was sleet, now it is freezing rain. I hope to get out of the house sometime.

The snow by the railings is tall because two men shovel the snow 3-4 feet off the roof yesterday. The sepia changes the mood slightly, just warming things up slightly. It would be nice if the sepia melted it all...See more soothing sepia at Mary's meme!