Monday, February 14, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Winters Past

Ruby Tuesday arrives again, and of course this has been a winter to remember, for the right reasons: too much snow and cold! Yet, there has been a nice warmup in temperatures, hopefully enough to obliterate the snow without massive flooding. And the snowy alps that line our street have receded to the point that two cars can now pass in opposite direction, safely...

Yet, as spring inches ever closer, we ought not forget the impact of winter snows. This pic has been used before, but is appropriate as ever. Son Cameron is clad in his warm ruby parka as he pushes our small Toro snow thrower down the driveway. The gray of winter is offset by the brilliance of red (and though unseen, any Toro is red, too). The seasons will change, really!

Winter is not complete. The day of the latest snow I have known was April 6, 1982, the Tuesday before Easter that year. There was a 12 inch (30 cm) blizzard. So it can happen again, although I remain optimistic!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Leora said...

Oh, I feel like I should apologize when I say I love snow! I've enjoyed this snowy winter. Cameron looks like he knows what he is doing.

Birgitta - foto CHIP said...

Happy Valentine Day to you Ralph.
We also got the cold back but fortunately not snow here in Lund. Soon I am going to Budapest and I hope it is warmer there :)

bj said...

I came by Ruby Tues. early to link and you weren't there. I wondered if all was well. So so glad to see your visit and know things must be ok. :)
Thanks so much for your kind words..if you had stayed awhile longer, I would have made you a hot waffle with the maple syrup you must love. :))

Love this photo of your son in his ruby coat. Brrrr...all that snow looks sooo cold.
Yes, Mr. Sweet's birthday is April 10th and one year (can't remember which one, now), it snowed 4 inches out here on the plains of West Texas. April can be mighty cold and snowy. Like you, I want to think the cold is over with, tho.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and to your Patty.

Felisol said...

Hi, Ralph,
I agree, too much snow is not a blessing when one has to shovel it away from the driveway.
It makes wondeful pictures though, like yours.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and Patty too.
from felisol

chubskulit said...

I love how you caught the snow up in the air!

Carletta said...

Love that Cameron is framed to the side so that you can see the blowing snow as he makes his own little 'white out'.
I hope you guys don't get much more snow this winter. I think you have had more than enough.

Marie said...

Wow! Looks lika a snowstorm ;-) Love the ruby against the white.

Dianne said...

he's a good kid :)
and the traffic can see him

I remember having Yankees opening day tickets and it snowed

JunieRose2005 said...

That's a fantastic picture!

Robin said...

I remember that last snowstorm in 1982 - snow on Passover was unreal! Stay warm Ralph, warmer days (and the return of Summer Stock Sunday!) will be here before we know it :).

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Patti said...

Snow, snow, go away!

YOu are so precise with the cm measurement. ;-)

stacet said...

I remember all of that cold,freezing weather and lots of snow back when I lived in NY. I do not miss it.