Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Concrete Creatures

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives during a period of sun and warmth - much like on a summer vacation - and the unique sights we see in an unfamiliar place, different from the usual day-to-day, where we might not notice.

One year we went to Hyannis on Cape Cod. There was a street exhibit where artists employed their artistic talents to a series of concrete whales. Naturally given my avocation for flying machines (ie: Airhead 55), this example caught my eye. 

This appears to be an iteration of a whale transformed into a WWII style airplane. Naturally, the flippers have been transformed into wings, the tail fluke into an aerodynamic device. 

Are the aerodynamics sufficient to allow flight? I would say no, concrete is pretty heavy when compared to the usual aeroplane aluminum. So on the ground, the shadows on both seem to indicate motion...Shadows add neat effects to any object, real or imagined - see many more at Brisbane's own (and fun) Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Stratospheric (not)

(Reclaimed from the past, I re-edited and re-scanned, and it evokes the past and specifically this era so very well. The sense of style, especially in sepia, that was the 50s seems to have stayed back there...)

Sepia Scenes and the past pair up well as we travel back to 1957 with my predecessors: grandfather (L) and father. They stand on the non-TSA observation deck of the Pittsburgh airport. Dad was to take his TWA flight back home to LaGuardia field in NYC.

Notice how people also dressed up to fly in those days - the elder Ralph even dressed up (minus the tie) to merely drive to the airport! The TWA plane is a Martin 404, a piston engined, propeller turning turbulence magnet bouncing along at an altitude of maybe 12,000 ft (3350 M) above sea level. The bumpiest jet flight today is a mere bump in the sky...

The past may have passed in fact, but the old days still look fine in sepia!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Boardwalk rubies

Ruby Tuesday arrives, and my past beckons.

Today brings us back to the year 1965, the place the Boardwalk in Atlantic City NJ. In those days (I don't know now), bicycles could be rented to cruise the famous wooden walk until 9-10 AM.

The person is a younger sibling of mine, then almost four years of age. The red sweater and tricycle the requisite ruby. The smile is genuine, the seaside morning nice, sunny and the hint of saltwater in the oceanic breezes surround the riders. 

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Casual Canine

Shadow Shot Sunday, is an always fun meme hosted by Brisbane artiste Tracy. Today it is a photo posted before, and remains a favorite of mine.

The place is in northern Minnesota at bucolic (in the summer, that is :) Big Stony Lake, about 210 miles (340 km) from  Minneapolis. The Land of 10,000 Lakes (actually 11,842) has the clearest water I’ve seen (I hear Wisconsin lakes are as well), the perfect place for a waterborne dog to play. The year is 1983, the medium ASA 400 film.

The dog her is Brandy the golden retriever, a member of a relative’s family, and one of the nicest ever. Like all retrievers, this friendly canine loves water, as she appears to be relaxing after chasing the tennis ball into the water. The one throwing the object, however, had better be ready - throw that ball (or branch) into the water fifty times, and the dog would retrieve it and drop it at your feet for the fifty-first to a great dog really is play!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Barn Red

Ruby Tuesday is back, and we look for the reds all about us. 

The pictures were from a previous summer old car show and open house at the Shelton (CT) Historical Society, captured by the lovely Patti. 

The exhibit building is actually in a restored barn of the 1800s. Except for the asphalt ramp, it looks and feels old. 

A barn in ruby stands the test of time. 

As does the restored replica of a Shelton police vehicle of its day, that being 1957.

The rubies on this Chevrolet Delray are the obligatory red ‘cherry top’ light on the roof as well as the red spotlight. 

Todays vehicle have blinding electronic light bars - the simple lighting reflects the times...Rubies show up all over, so see Mary’s fun meme

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Reflective windscreen

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy in (warm) autumnal Brisbane. We see the world often through windows - we need the glass to see outside. Perhaps inside. We aim for light, but often catch appealing glimpses of shadows, too.

It is always good to remember to bring the family point-and-shoot with me for such times as I am waiting. So a leafy car park combined with the backup camera allows for shadows outside to invade the interior.

The view from outside is different. This Dodge is merely a conveyance to go from point to point, we are more interested in the destination. Yet viewed outside-in or inside-out, we happily embrace the shadows as much as the trip...See Hey Harriet for more shadowy elegance!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Spiritual Sepia

Occasionally, Sepia Scenes takes us back in time.

Living in a small town of copper and brass mill town, we have lots of churches. The mid 1800‘s brought many immigrants to areas like this, with the lure of freedom (and plenty of employment). In Ansonia, the patterns of immigration also included the houses of Catholic worship, depending on where you were from over there: St. Joseph’s (Polish), Assumption (Irish) and Holy Rosary (Italian). 
For eastern Europe (such as the areas of present day Ukraine, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, and Romania), the subject today is the St. Peter-St. Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Established in 1898, the present building was opened in 1916.
The basilica style is of Byzantine style, and seems right in sepia. The muted sepia tone detracts all that is around the building and allows us to look and admire the domes, the hallmark of the classic soothing so we can relax. Obviously this is not on film, but the tone suggests how this building may have looked 95 years ago - a classic look that never get old.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Allegra the Bunny

There is nothing like a good book, full of suspense or merely a good story.

Ruby Tuesday brings out daughter Allegra, burrowed into not a rabbit hole, but instead a book about a subject of favor in our home - bunnies.

The story has her full attention it seems. We trust that the tearful cover has a happy ending, but we do not need to know no matter how much much we want to. The story should keep our attention while telling it, and gives us a lesson. If it is not to preachy in tone, it will be a lesson that is well told - therein lies the art of a good writer...

I’d say that Allegra divulges nothing. We will have to read to find out by ourselves...

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Sage of Steubenville

Shadow Shot Sunday is a fun meme hosted by Tracy in Brisbane. The changing light works its artistic magic in a multitude of subjects, places and perhaps even times. 

The subject here is the one I was named for, my grandpa, Ralph, the Sage of Steubenville (Ohio). Some can attest of my many blog posts that include pictured of and by him. Born in 1902 in West Virginia, he was quite intelligent even with only an eighth grade education (perhaps an accomplishment in his place and time) in 1916. So he was more self taught, and this included a trip to the west coast at age 17. 

He was into cameras at a young age, his last one a German made Exa camera from the 1950s (probably today's SLR equivalent of a Nikon D5000). He took pictures and had his taken all the time. These old gems have shadows, reflections and the character of a bigger than life gentleman.

Above, the year is probably 1921, the place is the Manitou Springs in Colorado. He looks the era with his slicked back hair and the well defined shadow. Below, he is about to enter the Shelburne Hotel in Atlantic City, perhaps about 1956. Shadows, reflections and an aura of class is what we all see....

When he passed away in 1981, I was given a box of these prints, and have scanned hundreds of prints in the last couple of years. Shadows abounded back then, too. The coolness of shadows are all around, see more at the always fun meme Hey Harriet!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Cruising

Shadow Shot Sunday, hosted by Oz artist Tracy, arrives on a (finally!) sunny day in the Northeast US. Not as warm as we would prefer, but after the snow, any climatic improvement is most welcome...

Here, Patti captured the driver on a warmer day last year. Green grass and a sunny exposure greet the vehicular occupants as we cruise on CT Route 15 toward Hartford. The Dodge wheelchair minivan has a smooth ride, so shadows and reflections fall gently on the driver and take hold. Not a fast driver, we motivate slightly above the speed limit with the cruise control on. No need to stress, we arrive at our destination with time to spare...

Shadowy poses abound, see them all at the always fun Hey Harriet.