Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Monochromatic Memories

Shadow Shot Sunday, by Tracy in Brisbane, reappears and the subjects are many - in either the present or the past tense.

On other memes that I participate in, I often go back to old Black and White views. As the scanner has been most useful, monochrome seems to scan better than old and faded color prints from the decade of the 1960s. I am there.

I recently used the top view in a sepia edit for Mary's fun Sepia Scenes - I like it so much, it too reappears. I used the monochrome original scan here. The person, place, and time are nicely captured in this leafy piece. 

The person is my older sister Michele on the day of her first Communion. The place is the family apartment at 203-11 42nd Avenue in now tony Bayside, in the NY City borough of Queens. 

I estimate the time in May 1962. I have very fond (if fading) memories of our three bedroom flat. The trees and shade combine nicely with my older sister's genuine smile!

Below this is my journalist father who, in a bout of participatory journalism, actually flew in a fighter jet with a USAF pilot, and wrote about it. 

The year is 1960, the place is the Nellis Air Force near Las Vegas Nevada. The plane is a Republic F105, referred to as a Thud - hopefully in an affectionate way, and not characteristic of its landing...

This massive jet leaves a massive shadow, the fighter pilot and writer in their flight suits, leaving shadows on the tarmac after a hopefully not nauseous ride for the UPI correspondent. 

Past or present, a fine shadow is always a work of atmospheric artistry. See many more at the meme of Aussie artist Hey Harriet!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Head Coverings

Ruby Tuesday allows us the luxury of lots or little red. Sometimes the smaller amounts stand out significantly more because of the color. 

The reason for red is found in one of the hats that Patti wears these days. Her hair is falling out due to the chemotherapy. So now, fashion necessity is in vogue as Patti has purchased two hats to date, one blue and another red.

We met Connecticut blog friend Linda (Duchess of Norwich) in Waterford, about an hour from our home for conversation and food (in that order). 

Conversing and dining while someone takes our order and delivers same is always fun. Naturally, after desert photo taking while Patti showcases a stylish elegant chapeau is in order.

Allegra catches Patti in the mirror, the ruby hat in view, while I captured friends in a natural pose (wheelchair height). 

Their smiles genuine, friends indeed. We all agreed to meet for seafood at the shore in July, where the end of chemo will be something to raise our glasses to - a toast will be in order! 

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Fruits of the vine

Shadow Shot Sunday by Tracy in sunny Brisbane, arrives again as this week's rain (five days) has abated. This is a good thing.

My longtime friend Mike (since 1969) visited today for an annual ritual, preparing our 5 gallon garden pots and planting summer treats of tomatoes and peppers.

At his home an hour from here, a large vegetable garden showcases his passion for organic gardening. Thus, his help allows for fabulous summer salads for us in two months, hopefully sooner...

The sun was most welcome today. The peat moss is used to shield the tender plants - when soaked with water, the moss can hold up to 40 X its weight with water. Thus, the plants tender roots remain cooler with the soaked mass of moss. 

The seedlings are potted alongside our garage, which for sun is great, the sun falls over the plants all day long, the exposure sending the nourishing UV rays onto the garden. Too much UV may be harmful for us - however, the tomatoes probably think otherwise

The prolific farmer has so many strawberries planted at his abode (used as ground cover), a few plants were uprooted and potted. Sweet berries are always a treat - how do we keep the birds away from our fruit? Perhaps a bird feeder will offer them a diversion... 

Today, the treats to be harvested include, beside strawberries, Basil, tomatoes (Beefsteak, Roma and Sweet 100s) and peppers (JalapeƱos, Cubanelles and Golden Summer). Fresh is always better!

Naturally, shadows were sought, sighted and shot, From the siding on the house to the tender leaves, the variety of changed lighting is all about the flora and grounds.

The usual summer salad of fresh tomatoes, basil and Mozzarella cheese awaits. Dressed lightly with olive oil and perhaps a bit of salt stays in my consciousness all year. Happily, it is soon to be :)
The flat is full of seedlings awaiting their planting. The side yard has no style with such things as last fall's dead leaves.

However devoid of beauty now, the harvest in July and August will offer a gastronomic artistry to our palette. Patience is a virtue as we await Summer's best...

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Puttering around

Ruby Tuesday arrives in a season of green all around. At least in our yard, there is nary a ruby about.

On a recent warm and sunny day, I hunt for photo meme subjects around the homestead. carting around the point-and-shoot

Moving to and ‘fro, skies, shadows and reflections jump at me. Then, finally, a hint of red that allows for the requisite a lot or a little ruby.

Granted it is not a precious gemstone, merely a utilitarian polycarbonate taillight lens on my van. Useful in function, perfect in hue.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - 25 plus

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives in a momentous week - 25 years of wedded bliss with the always lovely Patti. The celebration this week was low-key, dinner at Antonio's, a new and untried restaurant in Ansonia. Excellent service and food and most excellently, our toast to a milestone. 

We marvel at how beautiful the day was, low humidity and 72° F (22° C), blue skies and nothing sunnier than Patti's radiance nor more brilliant than her dress. The day of 10 May 1986 was the nicest day yet!

Here, someone was getting to the church on time. I did not take this photo, as I was safely inside the church, per custom, awaiting the bride. But the excitement of the day begins at the ceremony - subjects and shadows, from limo driver to the attendants, are ready to begin anew.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Sandy Sepia

Sepia Scenes returns, and I look back to the past to different people, times and places.

The scan here has deteriorated over time, the photo faded and not sharp. Yet it is an intriguing take.

The people include my father as a child, his mother (Grandma V.) to the right and perhaps his grandmother - which side I am uncertain. Let's assume he at age 4, about 1931.

The place is a beach. I don't imagine it is Atlantic City or Brigantine NJ, as I don't think they dreove that far until the Pennsylvania Turnpike was opened in 1940. I couldn't imagine driving the old US 30 over the Allegheny Mountains. 

Perhaps a local Ohio lake or even a beach on Lake Erie. Wherever it may be, the light antique adds a true look of the past, faded as it may be.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - 25 and more

Ruby Tuesday arrives around 25th anniversary of the wedding of myself and the always lovely Patti. It seems a milestone, yet not really that long ago. The day in Ansonia, 10 May 1986, was glorious, 72° F (22°C), sunny with low humidity and billowy clouds not nearly as brilliant as the bride's dress. A day that began the happy-ever-after life together. Twenty-five fine years. We celebrate quietly at a restaurant tomorrow, and look forward to bigger celebrations later in the Summer after completion of the chemo and radiation. A blink of an eye, always the best of times!

Our first dance was to this by the incomparable Lionel Richie - still remember the moment...


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Hedging

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives again courtesy of Tracy in Brisbane. This week on the calendar gives a true feeling of spring, and the shadows that result of the season. 

Those who remember the unusually snowy past winter up here know of our complaints of the frozen precip. So. lest we forget that the weather does change seasonally, I present the same scene (sort of) showing a seasonal comparison of winter vs. spring...

The results are stark!

The item in question is what we refer to as a pivoting hedge. lining the corner that is formed by the driveway and street in our neighborhood in the Ansonia Uplands.

When we moved here in 1991, the original was scrawny, even when full of leaves. The crabgrass competed for the ground moisture and won.

So, we added a weed block and covered it with mulch most years and it grew into its present state. It has grown so much, the visibility while backing out of the driveway onto the street can be a challenge...

Pictures (1) and (2) were taken on 5 May 2011, the leaves are filling out the shrubbery nicely on this day.

The bottom shot, seen in an earlier SSS, was take on 27 December 2010 after a 15 in/38 cm blizzard of furious winds and pelting snow.

After the complaining, we still knew that the bare branches and limbs would fill in in a few months. As is the custom in May up North, the days change to the nice ones we finally enjoy. 

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Giddyup, place (or show)

Ruby Tuesday brings us on a quest for ruby reds in any and perhaps, all places. It pays to have the digital device ready to deploy as needed.

A landmark along I-95 and the Long Wharf in New Haven, is the circular betting parlor known a Sports Haven, simulcasting live horse races from various horse racing tracks.You see the customers all walking in with their laptops to properly assess and handicap each race, horse and conditions from dry to muddy. There seems to be a science to it, depending on the bettor, the horse, track, etc.

I only played the ponies once at the old Waterford Park in West Virginia decades ago (obviously, I lost). The sight I remember is the many losing betting slips that carpeted the floor. I suppose that the actual winners here are few - see Mary's fun meme where all winners post rubies!