Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Small Monument

Sepia Scenes reappears, and for today, I saw a small monument at the Derby Day street fair. I had not seen this granite marker before. It sits on the town green just above a stone retaining wall that lines the sidewalk. It jumped at me for the first time as we were looking for a place to place our purchased street fair food. 

Being in a wheelchair, I saw this war memorial for Derby natives. Since I was seated it was noticed - I wonder if those that stroll along the sidewalk, being taller than me, would have notices as easily as I? A light antique edit seems to warm up that cold granite a bit. Sepia at its finest can be found at Mary's sepia meme

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Street festivals

Ruby Tuesday moves is into the season of warm weather activities - the things that we cannot do in the cold of winter. 

We enjoy the many street fairs in the small burgs that surround us. We are in urban territory, but the towns are at least small and manageable. 

Saturday it was our neighboring town of Derby, CT - population 13,000.

Today is known as Derby Day, started out gray and misty but turned into a nice day of massively blue heavens. Naturally, the point and shoot was used by Patti and myself as we hunted more meme material. 

We see the usual items appear on days like this - people of all ages, vendors of wares, and food, such as a delectable sausage and pepper sandwich enjoyed by us. Not haute cuisine, but it was good.

Rubies for today are found on the signpost - simple directions to where we may like to go. Nothing extraordinary, but simple rubies appear in the misty morn. A lot or a little red is the minimum requirement, Rubies always abound at Mary's fun meme!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Spectrum Shadows

Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy, down under in the beautiful land of Oz. We are in the warm summer season, so outdoor browsing is in order. Although my moniker is airhead (Patti thinks carhead might be more appropriate), viewing old cars it is.

The Father's Day car show was held at the impressive and nearby (15 minutes) Shelton History Center. A place of restored old structures and old and leafy trees. Obviously, a place where shadows might jump out at any and all photographers.

My subjects in shadow are of high class (1928 Rolls-Royce) vs lower (1957 Chevrolet Bel Air). Not a perfect comparison of cars, eras and price points. Yet, shadows appear and are equally cool on either...

The Chevy on top is a loving restoration, the color called Dusk Pearl in its day. A lovely hue, light and subtle, the shadows gracing its flanks. The Rolls is a bold blue, but the  boldest thing here is the classic RR radiator grille. Shadows fall in and around each vertical bar, reflections glow from the brilliant front bumper.

Smaller items on each offer shadowy style, too. The Rolls offers on top of that bold radiator shell the classic Flying Lady mascot, a.k.a The Spirit of Ecstasy. There are no works of art like this on today's cars, the stainless steel sculpture adds a stately and touch. 

The subtle styles of the 1920s don't shout at the viewer - those that can afford these motorcars preferred the understated and quiet elegant touch...

The 1950s American cars look bold, the details less quiet and really far away from understated. 

Chrome, gold anodized grille and a busy bumper full of different pieces take our eyes all over the place. I like both of these vehicles, each representing a different strata in society - the great equalizer of both are the shadows, which defy class, open to all... See an abundance of shadows at the great Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Equine Edits

Sepia Scenes arrives, and we happily move toward the past for our subjects. 

The past here is a story that is ‘told’ by Lt. Col. David Humphreys, born in nearby Derby Connecticut. 

He has finally mounted his steed Huckleberry and looks resplendent in his Continental Army officer blue coat, not a Loyalist but a superb military official. 

Humphreys was aide to camp for General Washington during the war for independence among other notable pursuits. We all need to look more at our local history, whatever locality we inhabit - there are many persons of history that we don't know, and their individual histories are fascinating 

Actually, this is David Loda of Bolton Connecticut and his steed. He portrays the Colonel in blue (and has a red coat too, if the ‘other side’ needs representation in various Revolutionary reenactments). 

I didn't ask the rider the name of this noble steed, and certainly not the horse. Whatever he goes by, he is a beauty...

The ride is being conducted on the grass behind the Humphrey’s House, the cornerstone of the great Derby Historical Society

The more interesting this is the training session that goes on continuously as the horse is being saddled. Kind of like our cats and dogs that seem to train us – except our kitty is not 800 lbs like this guy. 

Yet, the horse and rider act as one, a true team. A tall and proud team. Sepia edits bring out the nice proportions of this quadruped with hooves.

See sepia in all iterations at Mary's fun meme.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Pickup of yore

Ruby Tuesday brings the lovely Patti and me to a Father’s Day open house and old car show. Camera in hand, the quest for meme material is now on.

The venue today is the great Shelton (CT) Historical Society. This is a nice homestead museum, with an 1800s farm house, a barn red barn full of artifacts, and large old trees. 

So, the vehicles are arranged in the warmer June sun and cooler leafy shade. Ideal for walking and rolling...

This restoration is beautiful, preserving the original and now antique bodywork. The changes are unseen and underneath.

A modern engine, suspension and brakes are great upgrades. So the classic blend of geometric upright lines is contrasted with the arcs and curves of the old fenders. And given the choice of the bold ruby hue, the subject for this week’s post is now set...

The trailer and finely crafted woodwork on the truck and trailer are outstanding, the lettering exquisite and the chrome shinier than the finest polished mirror are beautiful detailing.

The look of love exists in this truck. People that own and show old cars are friendly and enjoy showing off their prized restorations. So, a fun day was had by the both of us (no kids on Father’s Day, as Allegra was working and Cameron at college). 

Have fun with ruby reds at Mary’s fun meme!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day reminiscing

(The following is an edit of a post on this occasion in 2009. The sentiments remain as always...)

Father’s Day is upon us for another year. To many, this may be one of those 'artificial' holidays. Maybe, but I have always enjoyed the role of the dad, and see the pleasure in the role throughout the years. 

The blessed events in December 1988 (left) and November 1990. We start with the blank canvas as parents, but really have no experience in our roles as parents, but hope to get the child to learn, to listen and to instill values that will allow them to thrive as they grow. 
The pleasure today is to see them at as they have grown -parents need to give them the room to experience and grow. So I enjoy today and see this loyal pair as a joy then and now. Happy Father's day to all dads!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Icy Start

Shadow Shot Sunday is hosted by Tracy in almost winter Brisbane. A bit nicer in Oz and NZ in their cold season, at least compared to the northern clime on our continent and in our neighborhoods.

Shadows appear irregardless of the season, and are happily captured digitally these days. Or on the ancient medium of film - which this was captured on, I think about 1998. Scanned, the blemishes are at least overtaken by the overall brilliance of the day. Given the upright level standing perspective, obviously taken by Patti. 

This is a look down view our street in the Ansonia Uplands, on an early winter morn. The bare branches with the shine may indicate a frozen dew settled on the limbs, which are now awaiting the sun to dissipate the icy coating. 

A long winter sun allows shadows to fall as they aim for the intrepid photographer. Yet, the sun will make a cold day seem a bit warmer, the blue sky brilliantly showcasing the solar orb above. No matter the season, shadows are just begging to be captured - an enjoyable quest. See many more at the aforementioned Hey Harriet!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Caramel Kitty

This week, Sepia Scenes showcases the soft, sepia, sleeping sleuth known here as Linus. An indoor cat that is also an intrepid hunter of the occasional moth. 

It must be tough living he endures, as the ten-minute hunt turns into a two-hour snooze. Is it metabolism, or laziness? He will not say. However, he looks peaceful as he snoozes. Not much to edit here, his caramelized (almost sepia) moo-cow markings set the pace for this fun Wednesday meme.

He can't work that hard on the hunt to earn 15+ hours of shuteye every day. Ask him that question, but only after he wakes up. Providing you have that much time to wait...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Citrusy

Shadow Shot Sunday, by Tracy in Brisbane, arrives again, and shadows of subtlety or complexity allow us to happily pursue this quest.

Here is the result of the always lovely Patti capturing me while prepping a meal, I think was lemon chicken. Brown the poultry, remove and add lemon juice and broth to the skillet - and juice from real fruit (not bottled) is called for here.

But what of the shadow? The most subtle shadow emerges, and that is the thin handle of the wooden spoon that stirs the sauce of citrus slices in an orbital motion, prior to our bon app├ętit.

Shadows hunting can be a fun pursuit and can be found at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Suburban

Sepia Scenes is back, and the past beckons yet again! Any B&W monochrome from an era where a sepia edit is fine. It is early 1964 in winter, but a day where cold does not impede kids playing outside. The place is the suburbs on Wickham Drive in East Hartford, CT. 

I stand astride my Columbia single-speed bicycle, where details of the era abound, from children playing jump rope; the unused tricycle sits on the drive; the neighbor's 1958 Rambler is parked; our family vehicle, a 1963 VW microbus is behind the play; and behind the rope is the back end of a unique second car, the French made Simca Arondeis parked. 

The past comes alive here in sepia. And I remember lots of it still...Sepia works in any era, so see more at Mary's monochrome meme!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Siblings again

Ruby Tuesday looks at memories past. Such as family vacations as a 12-year old. The place here is in the not-quite-a-resort known as Steubenville Ohio.

The time is July 1967. We sit on the front steps at 1645 Oregon Avenue, my grandparents Villers home. Grandpa had taken a rare color photo. The scan reproduction is not of good quality, yet the rubies stand out, faded print or not.

My mother's mother, Grandma Scott lived with mom's sister in nearby Mingo Junction. So, places to sleep were available for all nine persons of our then clan. Nothing extraordinary, but still exciting to twelve-year old me, especially in the trip out in our very slow (a mere 50 horsepower) 1963 VW Microbus - I got to sit in the front seat both ways...

Ruby, a lot or a little, is what is called for. So, see the attention grabbing red at Mary's fun meme!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Surrounded

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy in Brisbane.

And it arrives on a beautiful day. Under a pleasant day of blue skies, a low 71°F (22°C) and devoid of the massive humidity earlier this week. 
In a local car park, I disembark from the van onto the asphalt lot, point and shoot Canon in tow. Set at 'auto', charged batteries and with plenty of space on the SD card...

Thus, a day of sunshine allows for a multitude of shadows and reflections.

Such as the typical disabled icon that delineates particular parking spaces.

As if I were on a dock with a baited line, I would instead be fishing for shadows...

Despite the Dodge being encrusted with pollen, the ‘wheelchairs' and crosshatch stripes reflect well onto the dark blue flanks of the vehicle. 

And given the multiple shapes that make up a modern vehicle, we see that the wheelchair guy may show up in multiple places, as in the top view.

This was a day to savor in the fresh cool air in under a sunny orb. 

As such, several perspectives were sought, scrutinized, shot and saved. Perhaps mundane subjects, but always perfect for SSS.

Shadows and sun are a stylish combination, all happily captured on the nicest of days. So, see much more in the way of shadow art at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Charles Span

I like soaring vehicular spans. Be it old, massive and iron (the Queensboro) or modern and sleek, a graceful bridge stands out. Its functionality is the main reason for its looks, yet a stylish form may result from that function.

So for Sepia Scenes, I present a monochrome edit of the most stylish Zakim Memorial Bridge spanning the Charles River in Boston. Its graceful linear geometry looks so nice either under a blue or a sepia sky. We are on the Somerville side as I-93 south towers over us on its way to the Hub.

See sepia in so many ways at Mary's monochrome meme!