Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Street festivals

Ruby Tuesday moves is into the season of warm weather activities - the things that we cannot do in the cold of winter. 

We enjoy the many street fairs in the small burgs that surround us. We are in urban territory, but the towns are at least small and manageable. 

Saturday it was our neighboring town of Derby, CT - population 13,000.

Today is known as Derby Day, started out gray and misty but turned into a nice day of massively blue heavens. Naturally, the point and shoot was used by Patti and myself as we hunted more meme material. 

We see the usual items appear on days like this - people of all ages, vendors of wares, and food, such as a delectable sausage and pepper sandwich enjoyed by us. Not haute cuisine, but it was good.

Rubies for today are found on the signpost - simple directions to where we may like to go. Nothing extraordinary, but simple rubies appear in the misty morn. A lot or a little red is the minimum requirement, Rubies always abound at Mary's fun meme!


Patti said...

It's good how we can share nice with the camera. ;-)

Leora said...

I do love street fairs. The signs make it seem like a welcoming one.

Ms. Becky said...

I love duck races! I see they put that sign at the bottom, and the restrooms get top billing. guess that's a good thing! hope you had a great time Ralph. thanks for sharing the day!

bj said...

We have street fairs here on the 4th of July...lots of fun.
Hope you and Patti enjoyed the day.

nonizamboni said...

As small town as apple pie! There's one here in July.
p.s. Note, if you will, the most important arrow was placed at the top :O)

Robin said...

I love street fairs, such a great way to spend a summer's day. Love the friendly casualness of the sign too.

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DrillerAA09 said...

Farmer's markets, street fairs, they're all great fun. Love the photo. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Felisol said...

The street fair has such a friendly, laid back tone.
I'd gladly join in there.
In my mind, probably from the many American TV series and movies, America is consisting of these mastodon cities.
The people I have learned to know in blog land very often lives in towns like my own.
How much more human and relaxing.
Have a nice summer, both you and Patti.

Dianne said...

the sign is fantastic
I love the duck :)

Liz said...

Love the signs.

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chubskulit said...

When I hear about derby, the thing that comes to mind is cockfighting. That's usually the term being used at my country when they are having the said event. Love that sign, one post for all. Thanks a lot for the visit Ralph!

Kim, USA said...

I like that sign it says it all! ^_^

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