Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Equine Edits

Sepia Scenes arrives, and we happily move toward the past for our subjects. 

The past here is a story that is ‘told’ by Lt. Col. David Humphreys, born in nearby Derby Connecticut. 

He has finally mounted his steed Huckleberry and looks resplendent in his Continental Army officer blue coat, not a Loyalist but a superb military official. 

Humphreys was aide to camp for General Washington during the war for independence among other notable pursuits. We all need to look more at our local history, whatever locality we inhabit - there are many persons of history that we don't know, and their individual histories are fascinating 

Actually, this is David Loda of Bolton Connecticut and his steed. He portrays the Colonel in blue (and has a red coat too, if the ‘other side’ needs representation in various Revolutionary reenactments). 

I didn't ask the rider the name of this noble steed, and certainly not the horse. Whatever he goes by, he is a beauty...

The ride is being conducted on the grass behind the Humphrey’s House, the cornerstone of the great Derby Historical Society

The more interesting this is the training session that goes on continuously as the horse is being saddled. Kind of like our cats and dogs that seem to train us – except our kitty is not 800 lbs like this guy. 

Yet, the horse and rider act as one, a true team. A tall and proud team. Sepia edits bring out the nice proportions of this quadruped with hooves.

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Kramer said...

My last cat wasn't 800 pounds but close...

Adore the history.

Robin said...

How fun. I've never been to a reenactment but I love the period actors at Renaissance Festivals so I'd probably enjoy that too, and what a nice bonus that it's your actual local history :).

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Patti said...

this was a fun time, Ralphie ;-)

Huckleberry is a nice horse.