Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sepia Scenes - St. Paul Scholastic

For this week's Sepia Scenes, I naturally turn to the scanned world of the past. The time is early 1959, the place is in St. Paul Minnesota, and we are at either St, Catherine's or the College of St. Thomas, both in the capitol city. 

This is my father and his sister, known to us as Aunt Terry, a freshman at the former (notice that collegiate clothing was far more formal in those days than now where all-day sleepwear rules...)

This is the classic look of a university we imagined as kids, with its neoclassical style. Nearby Yale University still has this look. It seems a cold day in the Twin Cities, but at least the snow has melted...See more sepia at Mary's fine meme

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pic Story - Animal at work

Tina’s meme Pic Story is fun – Tina gives us the theme of the week, and we search for the subject. This week, it is animals, and a departed family member is my choice.

This subject this week is our late feline friend, Sir Humphrey of Upland. He is sitting on what we referred to as 'His Magic Pink Carpet'. 

This is actually a pink bathroom rug situated at the bottom of the ramp leading into the garage. We don't know why, but he seemed to enjoy just sitting, lounging or sleeping on it. We do not sense comfort here as humans, but to a cat – well, who are we to try to figure out the mind of a cat?

A content kitty for sure…

Ruby Tuesday - Erosion yet to be

For Ruby Tuesday, Mary's excellent meme, I am going back a few weeks to the beach walk astride Long Island Sound in West haven, CT. The flags sitting on the poles are a ruby that works well I'd say.

The beaches as I understand have eroded substantially in this past weekend's tropical storm that arrived at high tide, although I haven't seen the damage yet.We live about eight miles from this beach as the grackle flies, but did not lose electricity, just a branch or two. Happily for us, but not for the 700,000 customers in Connecticut (out of a population of 3.5 million) who did. 

This pic for today's meme, a look at the activities along the beach in times of better weather and activity.

See more rubies in good weather or not at this fun meme!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tina's WW - Linus sleeps (again)

Sepia Scenes - Operatic antique

Sepia Scenes returns, and we never tire of  the artistry that this monochrome provides. Obviously, the subject also contributes to the artistic ambience of the frame. 

The Sterling Opera House in Derby CT has been chronicled by myself and Patti before. However this 1889 beauty is still stunning, the former entertainment venue lovely.  Some say the place is haunted, or spirit filled. For that alone, the highlighting of this building in an antique edit is warranted.

See Mary for for sepia artistry!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pic Story - Harbor Contrasts

Pic Story is a stylish meme that arrives courtesy of Tina. We use our cameras to take the picture that tells the story...The theme this week is Water

The place is New Haven Harbor, and the captures were caught, same day, from the Long Wharf. Although the water is a stylish blue, the bigger purpose is commerce. 

On top, the fuel farm and the large ship parked port show the business side of the waterway. Commerce needs the water to deliver and pick up the useful goods that make the world work. 

Naturally, the huge fuel tanks are the opposite of beautiful...

Yet should we take a look to the south (our right), the places alongside the water change from industrial  view to residential that leads to Lighthouse Point Park on the east shore. 

It now looks much more pleasant on the harbor, the blue sky and water are quieter. What is more interesting is that the top and bottom view are only about 1 mile (1.6 km) apart. The character changes quickly... A transformation has seemed to occur on a nice April day. 

Ruby Tuesday - The end of summer

Ruby Tuesday arrives near the end of the American summer, and we know that Autumn awaits. In fact, Cameron is going back to the U-of-Hartford on Sunday, so the calendar may still say 'Summer', but our thoughts say otherwise... 

I believe the year is 1964, as there were six kids - baby Christopher was born at the end of August. The place is in front of the Sea Gull cottages in beautiful Brigantine, NJ. Naturally patriarch Grandpa is part of this, surrounded by smiling grandchildren. It seems that none of the kids dressed up for this take - so the look of he brood was part of a fun vacation at the beach.

There is ruby showing through the wet sand, so the qualification for RT is met...See more ruby gems at Mary's always fun meme!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Bayside babes and belles

Tracy from Brisbane engages us by hosting the fun Shadow Shot Sunday. We look for the shadowy things, and since I have been following the fun, I see the changed lighting in pictures that have been looked at endlessly…

These views have been seen before, the time is April 1957 (the date stamp on each picture), the place being our first apartment at 204-07 35th Avenue in Bayside, Queens, New York City. 

The film was, I believe, was Kodak Tri-X, and the views of this medium is as always, classic.

The players in the sequences are myself (aged almost two), Michele (three), Aunt Terry (fifteen) and Grandma Agnes (ageless, at her request :). 

For he grownups, fashion was the order of the day, judging by the smartly styled suits they were wearing. 

Michele and I were dressed appropriately nice for our first trip into the City (Manhattan). I obviously cannot remember the visit, but the many and very tall buildings must have left quite an impression to the two and three year olds...I don't know if Michele is still getting dressed - a mystery...

The springtime sun allows for noticeable, if subtle shadows. The eaves of the front door and light fixture are obvious.

Subtler are the shadows the hat shadow and hair that falls over Terry’s face. Harder to see, but real, are the young faces turned in such a way that shadows occur our cheeks.

The look of the day is so well shown on the ladies – although, sitting down in those slender outfits may have proven a challenge…

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Dunes

Sepia Scenes, the monochrome meme,  arrives from Mary in NYC. Summer is the season, and the days are warm and we like to go to the beach.

A power wheelchair and sand often pair badlyare. Not wanting to sink up to the top of the wheels. So, the preferred course is for me to stop in time.

Patti captured me safely on the ramp of wood from the beach below. I am content to watch the proceedings from above, the briny breeze of the Atlantic a treat. The old print scanned well, and the sepia sandy scene was merely edited in a light antique. Sepia surrounds here, and see more sepia scenarios at this fun meme!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pic Story - Harbor Horizons

For Tina’s stylish and fun meme Pic Story, we hope that a picture does speak those thousand words as the saying goes. This week, the theme is the sky.

There are a number of subjects on the frame that also includes water and land. Yet, the sky seems equally present yet is more the reason for this beautiful scene. The day is in West Haven CT on the beach walk along New Haven Harbor. A pleasant day of sun and nice temperature of 72°F (22°C).

The sky of blue plays a major role here, as on a cloudy day, the the waters of the harbor and nearby Long Island Sound have a grayish color. However with the blue sky, the waters are now a satisfying blue. So, the sky is the most important thing of all here, adding a style all its own...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Orleans Scramble

Ruby Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by Mary in NYC. The look of a lot or a little red is the mere requirement. I am not sure that this qualifies as either. However, it is attention getting to say the least.

The place is a cloudy and overcast day on Cape Cod. This was scanned from a print that was photographed on a quiet day at the beach.

Minus the crowds of sun worshipers, the beach is practically ours alone. Given the blue-gray misty clouds and sepia sand, the monochrome  look is apparent. 

Yet the youngster clad in red stands out so well, the ruby blur is of Cameron running for the photographer, most likely Patti (power wheelchairs and sand do not mix well :)

Thus, the brilliance of ruby overtakes all the bland aspects of a cloudy day at the beach...Visit Mary for more ruby views.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday - Tropical Shadows

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy down under in Brisbane. The shadowy world today appears in a sub-tropical exposure, sunny and hot. Although the teal water laps onto the shore, the heated solar orb above compels us to find any available shade to cool down - even though the lone chair has now moved out of the shade...

The time is 1986, the place is Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The always lovely Patti and I are not really sunbirds, and we seek shade under trees and umbrellas for protection sans SPF 45 sunblock. So the minimal shade provided by the tropical trees is welcoming.

The old print was scanned, and despite the not-so-optimal effects of age, the azure Bahamian cay, blue sky and shadows jump at us. Another visit someday...see shadows in any climate at the always fun Hey Harriet!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Tidal Kids

Sepia Scenes takes me back to my youth, the days of sun, surf and family vacations, The year is 1961, the place in the Atlantic surf at Brigantine, NJ. 

The briny waves are crashing onto the soft and powdery sepia sand. Aunt Terry is watching four of us five children (L-R: Claudia, Michele, Sharon and myself at 6) enjoying the water. Michele had the best ride in the inner tube I would imagine...

Sepia is a fine enhancement of a fun day, and in any era. See many sepia gems at Mary's fine meme

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pic Story Putt-putt

Pic Story, by Tina, is a fun, where we post to a theme. Today’s theme is green, and I have a fun illustration of that hue.

The family is at the classic Main St. Mini-Golf in Hyannis on Cape Cod. A summer morning of fun is just made for the family, playing 18-hole round of putt-putt golf. The ‘fairway’ is carpeted in green and outside the playing surface even has real grass.

At wheelchair height, I capture son Cameron as he putts the ball toward the hole – hopefully the ball falls in the fewest tries :)  And if not, today’s game is more fun than competitive, so who cares? 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - In the shop

Ruby Tuesday arrives and the direction of the post depends on the subject being offered for the week. It could be a thoroughly ruby subject that fills the frame, an artistic look at such as roses or other flowers in our favorite RT hue. Or instead, keeping within the theme of a lot or a little red... 

I'll go with the minimal this week. Recently, I took the minivan to my wheelchair van dealer for specialized service. I brought the camera along, and as my van (foreground) had ruby in the taillight. Other rubies arrived in the form of fire extinguishers and the taillight of the other van. Simple reds thus comply...

Follow more ruby exploits at Mary's bold meme!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday arrives courtesy of Tracy in Brisbane. It is Summer up north, and we enjoy the weather and lack of snow. Shadows are plentiful in any season. Of course, the more sultry days of the season give us a reason to study and enjoy the lighting outdoors.

Patti, Allegra and I attended the excellent street fair Derby Day in June. It has had recognition in various posts, yet more pictures (I think that all may have been taken by me and not borrowed from the lovely Patti :)

Patti worked the booth for the Valley Arts Council . They offer a tee-shirt that recognizes and markets the organization. Hanging off the booth, shadows fall nicely onto this article of artistic clothing…

Although covered in a misty murk in the morning, the weather in the afternoon was delightful, a dry 79°F (26° C).

Blue skies and billowy air weather clouds, it was neither too cool nor so warm that shade on the town green was far away.

I moved around the green looking for shadowy events. Given the limitations of the simple point-and-shoot and my director’s chair, things seem far away in the actually closer gazebo. Here is the NYC and CT based doo-wop group The Sentinels, and the older oldies were covered very well.

They performed an outstanding version of The Stroll by doo-wop Canadians, The Diamonds (1958). Judging by their look, they were enjoying their performance

The green provided a cover of shade, the vendors sitting comfortably under the canopy of trees.

A nice day, entertainment and other goodies awaited the visitors. Such as food that we should not consume every day, such as the outstanding Italian sausage and pepper sandwiches we consumed. A tasty treat, and even the vendor tested the sausages with a meat thermometer for safety.

A fun day was had by all, and naturally the prospect of finding and capturing shadows an allure! See the shadowy world an their delights at the always fun Hey Harriet

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Urchins

They grow fast, so for Sepia Scenes, Allegra and Cameron are little. The year, I am guessing, is 1994, aged five and three. Not exactly baby faces, but quite young. The sepia seems to soften the frame and thus their faces. The look is of still small kids, and they pose for mom Patti. Scanned from a print, they look good in pictures then. Actually, they still do. Little kids, though have that glow of youth. See Mary's fun meme for more sepia!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Running for the roses

Ruby Tuesday, fun in red, returns. Our many scanned prints of the past offer ruby in many iterations.

To our left is the older of our two children, Allegra. We are in the first summer at our home in the Ansonia Uplands in 1991.

Our daughter is maybe 30 months in age, wearing a pink shirt that says I Am the Big Sister, which she was to brother Cameron around 7 months. So she is the older and presumably wiser of the pair...

The roses off the patio were prolific back then, The red is brilliant either due to the sun of the day or the degradation of the print. Nevertheless, the meme theme is preserved, if not the platinum blonde hair of the day...See many rubies at Mary's site!