Monday, August 22, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - The end of summer

Ruby Tuesday arrives near the end of the American summer, and we know that Autumn awaits. In fact, Cameron is going back to the U-of-Hartford on Sunday, so the calendar may still say 'Summer', but our thoughts say otherwise... 

I believe the year is 1964, as there were six kids - baby Christopher was born at the end of August. The place is in front of the Sea Gull cottages in beautiful Brigantine, NJ. Naturally patriarch Grandpa is part of this, surrounded by smiling grandchildren. It seems that none of the kids dressed up for this take - so the look of he brood was part of a fun vacation at the beach.

There is ruby showing through the wet sand, so the qualification for RT is met...See more ruby gems at Mary's always fun meme!


EG Wow said...

I always enjoy your family photos, Ralph!

bj said...

I do love these photos with your grandpa and the beach. It must have been a wonderful time for all you kids.:)

Ruby Tues. isn't up yet..and I have 2 for this week.
One involves a giveaway that I thought you and Patti might come on over and see if you might like it. :)
xo bj
Both posts on my page today will be linked with RT but only the post about salad is where to be sure and leave a comment. :)

Patti said...

So many sisters!

You must have been ecstatic to finally get a brother, Ralphie.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Kramer said...

Amazing family photos, upper east coast?

Liz said...

What a beautiful family photo.

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Gemma Wiseman said...

A gorgeous happy photo! Love the touch of sand drying on the little girl's swimsuit bottom right!

Carletta said...

Grandpa's face tells us all is right in his world on this day surrounded by all those smiling grandchildren. The love certainly shines on those faces.
LOVELY photo Ralph!

nonizamboni said...

What a perfect summer capture! Beach fun, big smiles, Grandpa, swimsuits and sand--it just doesn't get any better. Thanks for sharing your family photos and congrats for being the 'ruby' in the pic.