Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sepia Scenes - Dunes

Sepia Scenes, the monochrome meme,  arrives from Mary in NYC. Summer is the season, and the days are warm and we like to go to the beach.

A power wheelchair and sand often pair badlyare. Not wanting to sink up to the top of the wheels. So, the preferred course is for me to stop in time.

Patti captured me safely on the ramp of wood from the beach below. I am content to watch the proceedings from above, the briny breeze of the Atlantic a treat. The old print scanned well, and the sepia sandy scene was merely edited in a light antique. Sepia surrounds here, and see more sepia scenarios at this fun meme!


fredamans said...

I can imagine how that sucked not to be on the beach, but thankfully you fell into the arms of love. This was a powerful shot.

bj said...

Ah...this is a great photo, Ralph.
By seeing so many of your olden photos, it seems you have been around the water and beach most of your life. How blessed! I've lived on the plains of West Texas all my LOOONG life and yearn for sand and sea. :)